Howwwwl-oween Costume Content rules

It's time for our 2010 Dog Blog Howwwwl-oween Costume Contest. Put fear into the competition with your Haunted Husky, Frightful Sight Hound or Terror of a Terrier, or just dazzle them with your Princess Pug.

The prize category is for Alaskans only, but if you're from out of state, don't fret: The contest is all in fun, and there will be honorary awards from the judges and a People's Choice Award.

Here are the rules:
HOW TO ENTER: Upload a picture of your pooch in costume before midnight Thursday, Oct. 28th. Enter as many times as you like. Hint: While there are no rules on costumes, the judges in the past have been drawn to homemade designs.

PRIZE: The winner, to be announced on Halloween Day, will receive a studio portrait of the winning dog, in costume or not. There may be other prizes to be announced.

Daily News employees and their immediate families are not eligible for the prize but may enter for fun.

- 2009 Contest winner: Morgan the Devil

- 2008 Contest winners: Tails of Mother Goose and Echo the Scuba Diver

- 2008 entries