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Alaskans Can Now Vote Electronically

October 22, 2012, Anchorage, AK - Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell announced that as of today, Alaskan voters can receive and return their election ballots electronically.

The online ballot transmission system allows Alaskan voters anywhere in the world to request their ballot by e-mail or fax, and receive their ballot electronically within 24 to 48 hours. They then have the option to return their ballot via the secure web-based ballot return system, by mail or by fax.

"Job number one in my office and the Division of Elections is to make sure every Alaskan, whether they're in Akiak or Afghanistan, can vote," Lt. Gov. Treadwell said.

This system was launched late September for military and overseas voters (UOCAVA voters), who are allowed to select an electronic ballot delivery method anytime throughout the calendar year. Non-UOCAVA voters must wait until 15 days prior to the election to apply for electronic ballot delivery, in accordance with Alaska state law.

The Alaska Division of Elections website contains a direct link to the application for online ballot delivery here:

Application for online ballot delivery

Simply fill out the form, then mail, e-mail or fax it back to the Division. The Division will deliver an election ballot via the method specified on the form (either e-mail or fax) within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the application. The ballot can mailed, faxed, or sent digitally via the secure online ballot return system.

This electronic ballot delivery system was developed by Scytl, a company dedicated to electronic voting technology and electoral modernization. The State of Alaska conducted a bid and procurement process that included a thorough review of Scytl's technology and security measures. Platforms for Alaska's online ballot transmission are hosted in a dedicated secure data center behind a layer of redundant firewalls under constant physical and application monitoring to ensure the security of the system, voter privacy, and election integrity.

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