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2012 Howl-oween Costume Contest begins

Zoe the Zebra: The 2011 champ. Zoe, a Jack Russell terrier, is actually the two-time defending champion. Owner Holly Kennedy dyes the mostly white dog's hair.Zoe the Zebra: The 2011 champ. Zoe, a Jack Russell terrier, is actually the two-time defending champion. Owner Holly Kennedy dyes the mostly white dog's hair.

It's time for our Sixth Annual Dog Blog Howl-oween Costume Contest -- your chance to turn that Great Dane into a giraffe, that husky into a football player or that pug into a pugilist.

This year, the entry deadline has been extended to midnight Wednesday, Oct. 31. That will allow you to snap some pictures on Halloween when you may be dressing them up anyway. The winner will be announced the following Sunday on the blog.

As with the last three years, the prize category is for Alaskans only, but if you're from out of state, don't fret: The contest is all in fun, and there will be honorary awards from the judges and a People's Choice Award.

Here are the rules:

Post a photo of your pooch in costume before midnight Wednesday, Oct. 31. The winner will be announced Sunday, Nov. 4. Enter as many times as you like, but only one picture per dog will be judged. Hint: While there are no rules on costumes, the judges in the past have been drawn to homemade designs. Photos can be touched up but not altered with picture-editing software.

PRIZE: A studio photo session of the winning dog's costume with an Anchorage Daily News photographer.

Check out 2012 entries as they roll in

View the 2011 entries

2011 winners and totals

Just remember, costumes are for humans to have fun with, and our dogs don't always embrace them. Find one that's safe, and don't keep them dressed up for longer than the photo shoot if he or she is looking stressed.

* Daily News employees and their immediate families are not eligible for the prize but may enter for fun.

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