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What's your walk schedule?

Do you walk your dogs at the same time(s) every day? Is it first thing in the morning? After work? Some other convenient time? Does that walk schedule work for you and your dogs well?

I've worked a second shift for so long that I forgot how difficult it must be for people who work morning shifts. For me, I wake up at 10 or 11 and don't have to be to work, typically, until 3:30. Plenty of time to give the dogs a satisfying walk before work. When I get off work, the park is empty and it's nice to take a second walk after midnight by ourselves. It's really the perfect shift for dogs.

But how about those of you who work mornings? Are morning walks important? Is it a grind trying to get up early enough to allow for the walk?

I ask because my dogs live for "morning" walks. When I wake up (or often, slightly before!) they are chomping at the bit to get outside. I don't blame them. Other than trips to the yard, it's been 8 or 10 hours since they last walked. And if I were to skip a morning walk, it would be 16-20 hours between walks. I have no doubt they would tear down the house.

How does it work for you?

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