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APOC staff files complaint against Edgmon (Updated with complaint against Bill Thomas as well)

Alaska Public Offices Commission staff is also charging Haines Republican Rep. Bill Thomas with transferring too much money from his 2008 campaign to his 2010 re-election effort.

All state House candidates are only allowed to carry $5,000 from one campaign to the next. APOC says its audit shows Thomas carried over $15,291 --- putting him $10,291 over the limit.

The Thomas complaint isn’t being addressed at this week’s APOC meeting so doesn't appear on the agenda, unlike the Edgmon complaint. But there’s a reference to it in APOC’s latest newsletter, which says that a staff report is due Feb. 4.

APOC is also continuing to investigate a separate complaint that was made by blogger Linda Kellen Biegel against Thomas.


Original post --

From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage --

Rep. Bryce Edgmon carried over too much money from his 2008 campaign to his re-election bid this fall, according to a complaint by staffers for the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

State House candidates are only allowed to carry over $5,000 from one campaign to the next. APOC said its audit showed Edgmon, a Democrat from Dillingham, transferred $11,010.

“This resulted in an apparent violation wherein the campaign carried over $6,010 in violation of the statute,” said a memo from APOC attorney Amy Robinson.

APOC commissioners will consider the matter at a meeting this week.

There are a variety of things candidates can do with unused campaign money, including donations to a political party or charity. Some can be used for a public office expense account.

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