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Glorious winter fun

It’s been an awesome winter so far in Alaska.

Of course, winter “officially” arrived just this week; and what a start – lunar eclipse, full moon on solstice, fresh snow earlier in the week. However, we’ve enjoyed weeks of winter weather and activities before Dec. 21.

Gina, Ginzee and I have been making regular trips to the multi-use trials for ski days. Gina took Ginzee on her longest ski yet on Tuesday, and the puppy spent most of the night knocked out in front of the fire. (Side note: Gina was the first skier on freshly-groomed trails. I’m pretty jealous.)

And this morning I had another nice bike commute to work. But man was it cold: -2 at work in Midtown Anchorage, -13 when I rode past the Campbell Creek Science Center. Factor in my own personal wind chill from riding and it got to at least -25 on one portion of the ride.

My toes are still thawing out.

Winter’s awesome.

-- Steve

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