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Frank Bailey book: “Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man” (Updated)

From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage –

Frank Bailey is jumping on the Sarah Palin book bandwagon with his own upcoming tome entitled: “Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man.”

For those who don’t remember Frank Bailey, he was the “Troopergate” figure who was Palin’s close aide and director of boards and commissions.

He's best known for calling a state trooper lieutenant and complaining about trooper Mike Wooten (Palin’s ex-brother-in-law), saying Palin and her husband couldn’t understand why Wooten still had a job.

Bailey also was the subject of a separate ethics investigation into whether improper influence was used to win a state job for a Palin campaign supporter. Bailey had an "improper motivation" to get the supporter a job, concluded investigator Tim Petumenos, who recommended Bailey get ethics training.

Bailey is writing the book with two co-authors, Joy Morgan and her daughter, Christiana Grace. Both are public relations pros who live in Southern California. Grace apparently met Bailey in college and they've remained friends.

The web site for the book describes it as being “from the unique perspective of one of Palin’s three inner circle.”

(UPDATED -- the web site crashed from all the hits so it's been moved to

Morgan told me that, while the publisher "has not been determined," the plan is for the book to come out in approximately three months. Morgan wouldn't provide any details on the contents other than to say “the book is factual and documented and it’s going to be very accurate.”

She said Bailey, who resigned from his state job this summer “to pursue other opportunities,” won’t do interviews until the book is out.

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