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Take the Risk!

Well, I know we've talked about about VBACs before, but I just have to say that there is a lot to overcome with a VBAC and it is possible! I recently had a client who flew into Anchorage from a different part of Alaska. She wanted to VBAC where she would be supported. This is key in a VBAC. With her determination and education in hand, she went into a lengthy labor.

Fears while in labor can prevent progress. Sometimes it is good to vocalize any fears that are on your mind while you are birthing your baby. This gets them out and on the table, and then you can make peace with them. The fear of a big baby is often common or the fear that your body can't do this, or even the fear of getting stuck where your last labor turned into a Cesarean. All of these must be worked through either in advance or during birth. Not only did this women work through all of these fears and every negative voice that told her she couldn't do this, but she pushed that out a baby close to ten pounds in less than twenty minutes!

After the birth, she remarked that it was worth the risks that she took. There are many risks involved in childbirth and in the choices that you make. Sometimes it's your education against someone else's. Sometimes it's breaking with family tradition to find your own birth journey. Sometimes, its the risk that the partner takes in listening to the mom. In this field, if you don't make the choices for yourself, they will be made for you. Take the Risks, it's worth it!

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