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Kid Event

The kid's drumming circle is led by a fun-loving drum teacher who provides encouragement and a steady beat. Drumming circles encourage creative expression and creativity through music in a safe and welcoming environment. So kids can bang and whoop and make some noise- it’s encouraged at GrassRoots. Drums provided. Free and open to the public.

GrassRoots Fair Trade Store
1300 W. Northern Lights - in between REI and Title Wave
(907) 854-2786

The Kid's Drumming Circle is every other Saturday - the next few dates are June 6th and June 20th.

Jordan Hanson, who works with Grassroots, was kind enough to provide a review of last week’s drumming circle, as I was out of state and unable to experience it with my children. Below is the review:

“We didn't know what to expect with the first drumming circle, but my kids (3 and 1 1/2) had a complete ball! There was a wide age group from babies and toddlers to 11 year-olds. In addition to drums, there were also various percussion instruments available for everyone to try (even parents got in on the fun). The drumming leader started out with fun, easy drumming games that were good for all-ages., including a fun pass-the-drum activity that allowed each child to do a "freestyle" drum solo. Most of the younger kids faded out after the first half-hour or so which allowed the older kids to do some more complicated drumming exercises. It was a lot of fun, very carefree and laid-back, with just enough structure to keep everyone reigned in. A great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.”

If you have a review of a kid event in Alaska, please share it.

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