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Commercial fishing is a bedrock industry in Alaska, and has been for more than a century. Every year scores of fishermen net millions of migrating salmon, challenge the icy Bering Sea to trap king crabs, lay miles and miles of baited hooks for halibut, and scoop up enough pollock for a zillion fish sticks. And when fishermen aren't out fishing, they're usually talking about fishing. That's what this blog by Wesley Loy has been all about for the two years he has written it.

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Palin hires $80,000 fish adviser

The state has hired Cora Crome of Petersburg as “fisheries coordinator,” according to Mike Nizich, deputy chief of staff for Gov. Sarah Palin.

“She will be coordinating the fish policy cabinet and the oceans policy cabinet and be the go-to person in the governor’s office on all fish issues,” Nizich said in an e-mail.

The job pays $80,000 a year, he said. Crome starts Wednesday.

Crome is a former executive director of the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association, a commercial fishing trade group.

Alan Austerman, who was fisheries adviser to Palin’s predecessor, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, has registered as a lobbyist for the North Pacific Scallop Cooperative, according to the Alaska Budget Report, a Juneau political newsletter. The lobbying gig will pay Austerman $5,000 a year, the newsletter reported.

  3     January 29, 2009 - 3:48pm | z7mh

رواية حب- قصص

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  2     May 13, 2007 - 5:40pm | Cravenmoorehead

Fish advisor??

Advise this...after being driven out of the fishing industry,because politicians ruined the only true competitive industry in Alaska, just to line their pockets with $$, I think its about time the advisors wake up, and be prideful in your state, and say...maybe if I was a volunteer, and just let the state take up expenses....Hey kinna like the old days!! This is when working family's had pride in fishing...made enough $$ in the summer, to be prideful in off time. Being raised in this industry, we use to have pride, morals and honor...working for skippers... as crew...leading to engineer, then relief, and then capt. Now, advisors, polititians and corrupt government has PRIVATIZED what was once a honorable and highly prized compitition between men, in the most daring, occupations known on this planet. How fitting...advisors did this too?? Being raised next to the birth of crabbing, halibut and salmon advances in technology has made it safer...but now then...with 286 boats fishing out west, in the 80. What will happen to Sand Point, King cove, False Pass, Perrinville, ...we use to spend thousands at these villages...Were you advising the industry to take these boats out of commission, let the pie be split up...and buy the old crabbers, let them rest on the couch, have someone else fish the pie, hire illeagles as deck hands....then wipe the villages off the map??? As for me..I have fished EVERY fishery in your state,(25 years)...only to see man's greed kill every moral and positive element of compitition, and fun out of existance. Advise that you should have focused on price per # for the best wild product, of salmon when you were trying to build markets...reds should easily be at 1.25 dock. Advise on have ruined family's legacys and faith in honest fisherman, making them like you, BENNY...$$$ for pride.

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  1     May 7, 2007 - 10:58pm | akwapsc

Worth every penny

This fine young woman will do a terrific job with the 3rd floor.
She has the experience, the smarts, the deck experience from well over a decade of commercial fishing with her father.

She has worked with the Council folks, sat on the AP. She'll be adept at coordinating the big picture stuff with Kevin Adams over at Commerce and Bruce Schactler at ASMI. She is a team player and a hard worker. For the past 2 years she has run the UFA Subsistence Program and for the past half dozen years, she was Executive Director of Petersburg Vessel Owners Association.

And most of all, she is a Slaven. The 2nd eldest daughter of Gary Slaven, the legend from Petersburg.

What's more to say?
Another exceptional choice from Governor Palin to add to the list of great cabinet and commissioner choices that she has made thus far.


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  May 10, 2007 - 5:50am | jtgranger

F/V Penny Point

Should have studied that Penny bobbyt?

"The war is never won, by the weak or the stong, but he who hold on to the end."

Seems that Major General of President Lincoln, could have been right, but of course well have to see, in the end.

Like that Copper with, Miles and Childs, Sherman And Scott, and all those other great Republicans.

I guess when William
Seward "Advanced North" he didn't need that LLC motto from his Skippers Ship of State.

Almost forgot General Sheridan's glacier too, seems that artist Nancy T Stonington, knew about that penny, bobbyT.

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  May 9, 2007 - 6:58am | onemanfromalaska


Who cares what a clown thinks. Just bobbyglees comments on this selection raise "red flags". Us as in Alaskans. Give me a break.One can only be suspect of this selection, if the once credible UFA supports her. And to mention a pathetic scumbag like Bruce Schactler. Let's add this up,200 men screwed the state out of it's resources, which leaves approximately 300,000 men, just in Alaska. Glad I am not in your corner. Day by Day bobbyglee the Feds are inching there way towards your door. We will demand justice, something obviously you deem to be in your pocket. The title of your comment should have read "Worth every yen". Good luck, that is what you are dealing with. Oh by the way, have you been getting paid a little more than your other members that you negotiate for? Might just be a thought to ponder, since we will find out.

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  May 8, 2007 - 3:18pm | staufen

Oooohhh the 3d floor, Petersburg's inner sanctum

Bobby T - you just never quit.
Let's not comment any further on Cora except to say she has the parochialism you covet.

Instead, let's revisit your decades long brown-nosing of the Stevens' family.

Can you now answer the question:
What part of toast don't you get?

The burnt part.

Sorry, but we knew you couldn't figure out the answer.

You owe Ray Metcalfe an apology!

Again, knock off the hero worship, as you truly mess it up everytime you try that mirror.

Alice says hi from the other side.

Music Courtesy of Quantico: "Bad Boy ...What ya gonna do"

Stay tuned!

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  May 9, 2007 - 4:12pm | adnak

Going down with the shi...slip...ship

Thorstenson, McCabe, Zuanich, Stevens, Murkowski and Thompson have exemplified the oligarchic scum that has screwed hardworking fishing families, coastal villages, and sacrificial crewmembers, in their never-ending greedy quest for more money and power in Alaska fisheries.

ol·i·gar·chy (ŏl'ĭ-gär'kē, ō'lĭ-) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. ol·i·gar·chies

1. Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families.
2. Those making up such a government.
2. A state governed by a few persons.

Imagine what an industry we could of had without these types feathering their own nests?
Think of all the small processors and start-ups that were illegally screwed into the dirt by these folks and their masters?

And now the sunshine has finally caught up to them, and lots of the aforementioned and their scum allies are going to spend some time in the Graybar Hotel.

Many, many fishers have dreamt of this day. If you don't believe that, then just have the guts to do a popularity poll around the fleets.
The majority of the people who fish hate you. They hate you for what you have done to their communities, their families, their kids.
What are you going to tell your kids while you sit in jail, when does the awakening come?

This is a cleaning out time in government and Alaska Fisheries, from the scandals of the Bush Administration to the Fish Councils the chickenshi... have come home to roost in jail.

Like the end of fishwheels, big changes are coming in the transparency of Alaska politics and fisheries!
What joy for this hardworking family fishermen, his community of deckhands(many out of work crabbers, and soon to be screwed groundfishers?) to see the VERY high(take another hit off the pipe like the old days Skipper!)headed of to jail and out of power.

37 days until BobbyT's reign is over with UFA, and how many days to jail?

When are you going to start that countdown homie, or should we start it for you?

Wish I could add my name here, but of course I'm screwed over a barrel and need a market for my fish this year.
My wife has begged me not to speak out so we can keep our family fed.
Speak out and there goes my kids college money.

Company store anyone?

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