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Palin vetoes HB 4001

Here's an early version of tomorrow's story:

A bill that sought to block the state from giving public employee benefits such as health insurance to same sex couples is dead -- vetoed by Gov. Sarah Palin Thursday.
On Dec. 19, the Alaska Supreme Court directed the state to offer benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees. Palin, a Republican who does not support gay marriage, said she was forced to make her first veto because the court’s ruling made the bill unconstitutional.
“Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office,” Palin said in a prepared statement Thursday night.
For supporters, the Supreme Court ruling was considered a victory for gay rights and civil liberties. To opponents, it equated same-sex partners with married couples despite the state’s ban on gay marriage.
The Legislature passed a bill in a November special session that would have barred the commissioner of administration from taking action on the new benefits plan.
Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, sponsored the bill. In a phone interview Thursday, he said Palin faced a constitutional dilemma but that he’s still disappointed by her veto.
“I would have like to have seen her stand up to the courts,” Coghill said.
The statement from the Palin administration said the veto doesn’t mean Palin suddenly agrees with the Supreme Court, which ruled that the state has to offer the benefits starting Jan. 1.
“It is the Governor’s intention to work with the legislature and to give the people of Alaska an opportunity to express their wishes and intentions whether these benefits should continue,” the statement said.
Coghill said he’s interested in a new plan that would allow state employees to designate one person -- maybe a same-sex partner, but also possibly a family member or roommate -- who would be eligible for state-paid benefits. But the employee would have to pay to add that person to their benefits.
On Dec. 20, Palin signed a bill that calls for the public to vote on whether or not there should be a constitutional amendment denying benefits to same-sex couples.
Palin’s veto wasn’t a sure thing, said Allison Mendel, a private lawywer who handled an Alaska Civil Liberties Union lawsuite that led to the Supreme Court ruling.
“There was a lot of doubt. And she put off doing it for awhile, obviously studying the issue.”

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  5     December 31, 2006 - 9:57am | Gypsyprincess

Civil Disobedience?

Anybody have any reaction to Representative Coghill and Kelly's
response to Governor Palin's veto?
Rep. Coghill said that if the Governor or somebody from the administration went to jail because they were in contempt of court that Alaskans would wake up. I always thought that the underpinning of civil disobedience was a willingness on the part of a person who violated an "evil" law to face the consequences of his actions-not that someone else should face the consequences. Looks like it is going to be an interesting session-forget the gasline and concentrate instead on who is sleeping with whom. And, BTW, I do not agree with the Court's decision, and believe that a constitutional amendment is appropriate-something the legislature never put on the ballot when it had the opportunity to do so. I also believe that the legislature may have the option of simply not funding the benefits. As I understand it, the Supreme Court has no constitutional authority to order the legislature to fund anything.

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  January 1, 2007 - 1:48pm | bmcdaniel9

My impression

Coghill and Kelley's incredible comments seethed with hatred of homosexuals. What possible reasonable assumption could their passion be based on?

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  December 31, 2006 - 10:31am | Black3

As it stands,

the Executive Branch would remain obligated to continue to provide "dependent" coverage for all unionized employees on the State Plan until the coverage could be changed through collective bargaining processes; no small job! Any action by the Leg or even the People to change the coverage rules would only apply to non-union employees for the foreseeable future.

As I predicted in another thread, the State will ultimately change its mandated eligibility to "employee only" and dependent/spouse/SO coverage will be a buy up. I don't know the workforce demographics anymore, but the largest impact will largely be in the general government unit with all its lower level employees, many of whom are single mothers. They are in a union sponsored plan, so it becomes a matter of how much ASEA can get the State to pay and whether the Legislature will approve it.

The mandatory spouse/dependent coverage caused the State to heavily subsidize healthcare wherever there was a large concentration of State employees, something that benefited all Alaskans. That will soon end.

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  December 31, 2006 - 12:15pm | alaskapat528

State Health Benefits

I am an employee of the State and I have the single health plan which costs me about $50 per month. I didn't insure my husband because he has his own coverage through his employment. However, if I did insure him it would cost me about $151 a month for the family plan. I sure as hell don't wany my costs going up over this ridiculous issue. It's like this: If you are same sex partners then each carry their own insurance through their own employment. And if one isn't working, well get a job!!

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  December 31, 2006 - 6:02pm | Black3

If you have this option,

you are not on the State plan; you're on a union sponsored plan to which the State contributes, e.g, ASEA, Local 71, PSEA, NEA. In fact, I thought the State had prohibited those since they seriously adversely select against the State. Check and make sure that you're not just buying an economy plan on which your husband and other dependents are covered. The State's agreements with the union trusts require them to follow the State's eligibility rules. The only variables are in premium coverages, e.g., better visual, dental, etc.

And just so you understand, that plan doesn't cost you $50 or even $151 a month; it costs you about $850/mth. that the State contributes plus whatever you pay. The very little you pay is just a buy-up from the State's basic plan.

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  January 1, 2007 - 1:58pm | Gypsyprincess

Well now, I am even more confused

Aren't virtually all state employees (except for exempt political appointees) in either the ASEA, PSEA, or Local 71? Are there state employees who are not part of some union?
And also, if virtually everybody is part of a union, why aren't who gets what benefits part of the collective bargaining ageement? But, I may be wrong on this, I do not think that the Supreme Court even mentioned the collective bargaining agreement in its decision.
Black3, I think you are probably a lawyer (or at least have some legal background). Can you help me understand the above.

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  January 1, 2007 - 5:43pm | Black3

They are in 11 different

bargaining units plus exempt and partially exempt. To make it more confusing some exempts, though most people think of these as political appointees, are union, e.g., marine highway vessel employees and teachers. About half of the unionized employees are in some sort of union sponsored trust, the ones I listed, and the others are in the State run plan called Select Benefits. If you include the quasi-governmentals and exempt agencies, e.g., post-secondary education, there are two or three thousand non-union employees only a couple hundred of whom are true political appointees.

The only thing the State has ever bargained is for whom it will make an health insurance contribution and under what circumstances. State statute sets out that if the State provides health insurance, it will cover a defined dependent group. The State has insisted that any union sponsored plan adhere to that coverage rule, though the unions have contested that and try to skirt it by offering minimal plans under their schemes where the employee has coverage under select benefits or some other employers plan; this shifts the heavy costs from the union plan to the State or another employer; something the State and other employers don't like for obvious reasons. In the State's case, it is paying the full contribution for the employee but either the employee gets to pocket the difference, at least some of the difference, or the union just gets to keep the difference while palming any benefit costs off on the State or another employer. If you thing it's ugly to see sausage and laws made, you ought to try health insurance.

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