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New business offers year-round swimming for dogs

I just stumbled upon an interesting new business catering to Alaska dogs that looks pretty cool.

Check out the business brief owners Bruce and Martina Richardson submitted to the paper:

“Alaska K9 Aquatics LLC ( plans to open its doors mid-January at 549 W. Int’l Airport Rd Suite B9 (a mid-town location close to the W. Int’l Road and Arctic Blvd intersection). This facility features an 18’ X 35’ 4 foot deep pool with entry ramp, a 4’ X 8’ 4.5 foot deep swim spa with adjustable jetted current, two self-serve dog washes and drying stations, and a small but select retail section. Their website will be up by December 15th, and gift certificates for your favorite dog lover will be available. Store owners Bruce and Martina Richardson are long-time Alaskans. Their goal is to provide a warm, safe and clean location for local dog owners to get their dogs exercise year round. Current contact information is Martina at 907-227-7671 or"

Martina, who served as education director for Alyeska Canine Trainers for several years, says rates will vary depending on the number of dogs a person brings, but she says there will be a $25 introductory rate for a half-hour session with one dog. Full rates will be posted on the website, which is expected to be up by Dec. 15.

Though they discussed the idea, this won't be an open swim like at a dog park. Customers will book their hours and they will have exclusive use of the pool during that time. Waiting customers and their pooches will be separated by a fence.

Owners won't be allowed in the water, per municipal rules, but every swim is assisted by staff to ensure safety and a happy environment for the dog. For dogs needing assistance, float coats of all sizes will be available.

I could see all kinds of opportunities for not just exercise, but rehabilitation in a controlled environment. And, maybe, just maybe, I could teach my Yorkies to like the water.

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