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The Dog Blog is a community of ordinary dog lovers who have come together to discuss our extraordinary dogs. Each Monday, a new topic is introduced. If you've got an opinion, share it. If not, look for the current "anything goes" topic and introduce a discussion of your own. On Fridays, weigh in about your training questions and successes.
Your host: Mike Lewis is a little-dog nerd and the proud owner of Eddie and Jillian, a pair of Yorkies who think they're huskies, and Lucy, a sweet Chessie. R.I.P., Rusty. Contact

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Friday training talk: What's new with your crew?

Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks or bounce a question off the group.

Eddie's pretty much got his "bow" trick down. I say "bow," lower my hand to the ground, and he scrunches his front legs down while keeping his back legs elevated. I say "pretty much" because he doesn't hold it for long. If I don't reward right away, he goes into a down. I'm trying to figure out a way to get him to hold the bow a little longer before I have to reward. So far, I'm just doing a slightly longer delay each time before the reward comes. If he goes into a down, we reset and try again for a shorter period of time.

I ran out of treats on our walk the other day, and I was surprised to see that Lucy held her heel a lot longer. With treats, she often darts away or pulls at the leash after the reward. But without treats, she was content to heel for pretty much the entire time. It showed me I'm overtreating, and I've been holding off for longer periods of time since them.

I'm in a weird standstill with Jillie. She loves doing the tricks she knows, but I'm not having any luck introducing new ones. She's not getting "speak." She's not as consistent with "bow" as Eddie. I think I need to spend more individual time with her with Eddie locked up. Usually, I start working with her, then he comes up and wants to join in. My bad.

What's up with your pack?

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