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The Story You Will Never Read

Last year a Pakistani produced and filmed a movie about Christianity. It portrayed Jesus as a homosexual donkey loving child molester. The film did not receive much attention. It was shown a few times in theaters in Egypt, Indonesia, and a few other Muslim countries.

It all changed last week when a trailer for the movie was posted on an on-line video sharing site. Christian leaders from Europe to the Americas were outraged. Muslim country embassies were berated by angry phone callers demanding answers. The embassies answered by saying that it was a matter of free speech while still condemning the videos.

Protests have broken out across the Christian world. Multiple cars were overturned in Rio De Janiero. In Mexico City where protesters were burning Pakistani flags one protester dies from inhaling fumes from the fire. In England fans of rival soccer teams made nice with each other and concentrated their efforts on surrounding London mosques.

The answers from the Muslim world have not been enough. The Egyptian embassy in Washington DC was attacked by angry protesters yesterday. The Egyptian ambassador was killed in the attack. The Pakistani embassy in Paris was also overrun and the staff forced to run naked down the Avenue des Champs- Élysées.

Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi was asked if the United States was an ally or an enemy. He responded they were "neither an ally or an enemy." He had to be reminded that by agreement the two countries are allies.

Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari was asked if the attack the embassies was an act of war. He immediately started talking about the movie saying, "The movie was extremely offensive." He later said the attack was not an act of war.

President Barack Obama condemned the provactive movie last night while having a party with Jay A and Beyonce he commented, "Muslim countries must respect our religious views. They must immediately take action to decrease all of the religious tension that their actions create."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment. Her spokesman said she was too busy getting ready to see the latest incarnation of Books of Mormon on Broadway.

Tensions are on the rise in Turkey. A paper recently ran cartoons with naked images of Jesus Christ with the caption, "You shall not mock." It is worried the minority Christian population may be incited to violence.

In Texas some a man is facing blasphemy charges for not protesting the anti-Christian movie. This comes following death sentences across the Christian world handed down over the past few years for leaving Christianity.

It is not clear where all the protests and fundamentalist expressions of rage by fundamentalist Christians will end. The leaders of many countries are calling on the Muslim world to stop their attacks on Christianity. It turns out the Western World following US example no longer believes people should be held accountable for themselves.

(Please recognize the satire here because I know somebody will not.)

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