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Happy trails

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage --

We're back in Anchorage today after a fantastic two weeks on the trail. A big thanks from photographer Marc Lester and me to everyone who followed along on the blog, on and in the paper.

Among the moments I'll remember from this year's race: Sitting at the Nikolai schoolhouse cafeteria at 1 a.m. with raspy-voiced Scott Janssen, listening to his tale of the mouth-to-snout resuscitation of Marshall as the musher's chicken soup grew cold. Or circling the Cessna 185 in slow, wide turns above the Bering Sea coast as we waited for Aliy Zirkle to cross the bare ice for Marc to make this shot.

I always feel lucky to be part of covering the race and it was a particular treat to work with Armchair Musher Sebastian Schnuelle this year.

Hope to see you next year.

Marc LesterMarc Lester


Kyle Hopkins. (Sebastian Schnuelle photo.)Kyle Hopkins. (Sebastian Schnuelle photo.)

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