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Climate Change is Caused by Democrats

Climate change is undeniable. It is as provable as is the statement that earth is more round than flat.

What is arguable is the reason for the change, whether the predicted changes will be good or bad, what and who causes the change, and what can be done to counter the negative effects of climate change.

Your humble blogger has developed an idea perhaps rising to the level of an hypothesis, but not yet a theory.

A theory rises from the proof of peer reviewed testing and debate of the idea or hypothesis which is why it is being shared here. Your reasoned and respectful relevant thoughts are encouraged.

Perhaps we will all arrive at the same conclusion and begin an accepted theory leading to a positive climate change outcome. Or you might conclude this is too crazy and should be ditched.

This hypothesis concludes that Earth's climate would not be significantly changing if humans were not here; therefore humans are involved with current change. Not all people are equal in their effect on this change.

Climate change is not affected nearly as much by whether a person drives a large SUV or a small hybrid as it is by other people activity.

For the moment we will simply say that an activity engaged in extensively by the majority of, but not all, Democrats is responsible for climate change.

Once we understand what their activity is perhaps we can recommend mitigating changes so that we all may look forward to a stable planet.

As an RD(Recovering Democrat) I still believe in the stated principles of the party and encourage everyone to keep an open and calm mind for the common good.

Lovelocked in the GAIA Theory

The foundation for this idea/hypothesis is the Gaia Theory originally proposed by Dr. James Lovelock back in the 1970's.

This now widely accepted idea is that our planet is truly unique from all other discovered bodies in space. Other stars, planets, space bodies, etc. may have chemically stable atmospheres but even with the correct ingredients life does not exist.

Earth is different in that its' atmosphere is stable but dynamic; a full homeostasis.

It is this stable but dynamic state that allows all living creatures to exist. And it is all living creatures working together as a system that keeps the atmosphere stable. A symbiotic relationship.

If one part becomes out of balance the entirety becomes less than fully healthy. Eventually the system itself could become sick. Even die.

There is no scientific modeling that predicts the salinity in the world's oceans would remain within a certain range allowing life therein to exist.

But ocean salinity somehow self-regulates to stay constant at about 3.4% and has for a very long time. No other planet does so.

Air in our atmosphere is kept at the stable levels of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.039% carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other gases both created by and needed for life forms.

Life forms are more than Democrats, Republicans, Independants, and other political types. All animals and plants count. Birds too.

Perhaps more important to our understanding of how to reverse climate change is to understand the role of creatures we have never met.

Microbes. And other simplier forms of life.

Particular phytoplankton produce dimethyl sulfide in direct response to climate changes. Dimethyl sulfide presence in the atmosphere stabilises Earth's temperature. Read the Gaia theory for details.

Think a moment of comparing your very complex body to the complex body system of Planet Earth.

You need stable volumes of oxygen, clean water, temperature, food for energy, etc.

Small variations are tolerated. When cold we put on warm clothes. If out of one type of food we substitute another.

We sometimes have warnings to approaching health dangers or unstable conditions.

Normally we "feel" a cold coming on before we get it. Sometimes we can prevent it or at least diminish it's effects if we act in time.

More sleep, more water, and more vitamin C might slow the bother of a cold.

A rise in our body temperature by more than just a few degrees is a sign to be taken very seriously. Doctors and mothers certainly do.

Even a healthy body can not tolerate temperatures much above the stable 98.6 degrees for very long.

Medical providers encountering a patient with a very high temperature know there likely is an underlying reason but if they do not treat the symptom immediately the patient could be lost to the unstable temperature first.

Remember back to a time you, or someone you were close to, had a serious fever.

In the throws of it you were sweating furiously one minute, then you were shivering from the chills, then drenched in sweats again.

Basically your body was out of balance. Out of homeostasis.

You cannot maintain health but briefly with a temperature. Your body goes into drastic actions to get back to temperature stability.

Mother Nature may be telling us our earth body is too unstable.

Earth's version of alternating sweats and chills just may look like what is going on in Texas right now. Or Louisiana a few years ago.

We need more information about this hypothesis before asking our Democrat friends for specific help to mitigate their harm. Stay tuned.

Our climate is changing and not for the good. We may not yet be at the tipping point but we are likely at the point where we need to pay attention. And maybe get the doctor's phone number out just in case.

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