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Rudy Wittshirk is a writer who lives in Willow.

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Anchorage Daily News Opinion Writers And Cartoonists Awaken The Sleepy Astrologer on October 2, 2011

As the Sleepy Astrologer might say upon reading the Sunday Opinion pages of the Anchorage Daily News on October 2, 2011: “Wha? Is Mercury out of retrograde?“

Every once in a while the Opinion pages of the Anchorage Daily News crackle with passion and clarity.

One by one:

In the “Who’s up Who’s down” segment:

“Good thinking” by Alaska lawmakers says the Daily News---for actually considering “cost estimates” on their “new digs” before approving purchase. Why this could start a trend! Alaska lawmakers actually considering costs before spending our money on projects and purchases?

On Trident Seafoods and their carpet of slime on the seabed… “May they be haunted by Jacques Cousteau.”


On “Don Young” who wants to toss all regulations from the past 20 years or so. “Legislation? Naw, that’s entertainment.”

Don wouldn’t be so funny if he weren’t in office…or is it the other way around…

On “Everyday Math: School board orders up a months-long study. Bad sign. Curriculum likely to get crunched by the numbers.”

See the math “test results” cartoon just below the up-down column…on teaching just enough math not to stop them from gambling at casinos…or buying into free market economics.

The next cartoon is on capital executions and God’s regrets about promising “no new floods” (partially rescinded?).

We don’t ever execute the wrong man or woman, right?

Now we get to the meat:

Richard Leo on why “Susitna dam project doesn’t make sense.” “Politics is the answer. Megalomaniacal politics. ‘Let’s go big!’“

Or, why Alaska likes its projects to be huge, expensive and destructive failures. Build it and they will play dumb.

On the same note: “Pebble project banks on foreign interests.” Shannyn Moore reveals the absolute and ruthless hypocrisy and terrible environmental record of “Anglo, the London-based mining giant” behind the Pebble Mine and how pro-Pebble is foreign and foreign to the land and the salmon. And how past guv “Frank Murkowski perverted and corrupted” [the permitting process] into “an approval process.”

Another cartoon: A cartoon about the animated cartoon series that is the GOP Presidential candidate selection process: “Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Then, Leonard Pitts satirizes the satire of the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” by GOP students at Berkley where they charge more to White guys than anybody else to supposedly show how biased it is to consider “race, gender, ethnicity and national origin as factors in [university] admission.” Except that Pitts puts out a new price list showing who actually does pay more in reality. Brilliant reverse satire!

Paul Jenkins shows why he is my favorite conservative columnist: “With meds I can see I was wrong about Palin.” Great column on a not yet worn out subject!

But not an argument for the use of pharmaceuticals by writers while at the keyboard…right?

And let us not forget ”Letters to the Editor.”

Jacqueline Fries and her husband were devastated victims of a “red light running, speeding, texting driver…” completely oblivious of anything else while multitasking very badly. “Gee, I don’t know if the light was red or green,” she reportedly said to cops.

Then, another letter caustically comments about how Anchorage Police Chief Mew got just a verbal reprimand for “his cellphone use” while involved in a similar but less destructive accident.

Then, Meg Coe congratulates the Daily News for “…Charles Hanley’s article, highlighting the increasing threat of climate change and rising American skepticism, on the front page of the Sept. 25 paper...Thank you for your courage in reporting on this too often lonely but critically import issue.”

Gosh, climate change is an important issue?

In the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” brilliant clarity comes just before the moment of death---let’s hope that, in this case, brilliant clarity comes just before mere ego-death and leads to the full awareness and realization of political reality by all or most.

- Rudy Wittshirk

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