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Pete Kinneen grew up in a family conscious of the magic of composting food scraps and yard waste for use in their organic gardens. He is the executive director of Environmental Recycling, Inc. the non-profit which operated the Pt. Woronzof Composting Facility for 15 successful years. He has joined a global discovery exploring the possibility of another natural and inexpensive ingredient found to kick convention to the curb. Join in, the more the merrier.

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Moving From Alternative Energy to Climate Change

We believe we have learned the real reason the climate is changing and who is responsible.

And what we need to do to not only slow the adverse effects, but actually REVERSE Climate Change. To run the climate change movie backwards.

Follow this post for the next while and you may learn things you never heard before.

But we want your feedback. Constructive criticism, thoughtful questions, and your willingness to share in this quest for useful knowledge are welcome.

Also needed will be viewers willing to watch a few sacred sheep get slaughtered.

Every time we eat, something must die. Sometimes it is a carrot, sometimes it is a hen's unborn chick in the form of an egg, and sometimes it is the sheep.

If the world is to survive this century with anything close to the present abundance of people, and the creatures to sustain us, we must seek out the reason for earths' increasingly violent reaction to the change happening on a global basis.

If our grandchildren are to have grandchildren climate correction must begin soon or there will be no place for anything close to the nearly 7,000,000,000 human population the earth has now. Credible predictions are that only a single billion people would exist in a very harsh and hostile world far different from todays' relative heaven.

The good news is that we can gain the necessary knowledge together. The solution need not be painful. No hair shirts.

And it may not require any new tax!

Just a few sacred sheep sacrificed.

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