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Good idea or bad? San Francisco considers banning pet sales

This story in the L.A. Times shows just how desperate some people in California are to reducing the problem of unwanted pets being dropped off at shelters.

The city is mulling a proposal to halt sales of all pets -- from goldfish to dogs to parakeets. If a live animal is not being raised for consumption, it couldn't be sold in the city.

The story leaves me with more questions than answers. First, would it do any good? Obviously, people could just purchase a pet in any other city and bring it to San Francisco. Would it affect show dogs? Would a responsible breeder have to close shop if they live in San Francisco?

I imagine it may be a positive deterrent to impulse buys at pet shops. Parents may not be inclined to buy their kid a gerbil or a snake or a goldfish if they weren't sold legally in town. Those cute puppies in a storefront window may not be able to work their magic on someone who didn't go to the store to purchase a dog and might not have considered the commitment it takes to own a dog.

What do you think? Another nutty idea spawned in California that will never work? Or is there some merit to the idea?

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