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Lifelong Alaskan Sam "The Hebrew Hope" Dunham got his start in martial arts at the age of 5, taking karate lessons.

He rediscovered martial arts in college, enrolling in UAA's tae kwon do class, in which he now holds a black belt.

Eventually he sought to better round out his skill set and has been training MMA at Greatland Martial Arts since.

He has won matches at the Alaska Fighting Championship and also at Thursday Night at the Fights. He teaches kids at Tae Kwon Do USA, and makes his living as a substitute teacher for the Anchorage School District.

He can probably beat you up, but luckily he doesn't want to.

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AFC 83: Best of the Best 7; RESULTS AND RECAPS!


Photos: The fighters of AFC 83

AFC 83 went down last night. Enjoy the results and fight recaps below, and check back this weekend for analysis, awards, and the Final Word!

Ricky 'Ice Cold' Shivers def. Tony 'Kryptonite' Lopez
Rd. 1, Submission (armbar)

Rd. 1
Shivers, the venerated Gracie-Barra fighter, lands a honey of a leg kick to start things off, and goes for an early take down, but gets reversed while going down. Lopez ends up in Shivers' guard. Lopez wisely scoots his opponents into the cage and stacks him up. Shivers looks for the armbar, moves for it, then abandons it and reestablishes guard. The former King of the Cage champ ands some good ground'n'pound shots, while the former AFC champ keeps transitioning between guard and armbar attempts, trying to get it just right before committing. Shivers' finally decides he's got it and goes for it. Lopez is caught, and forced to tap.

'Naptime' Nic Herron-Webb vs. Rod 'Short Notice' Pucak

Rd. 1
Nic, who trains at Greatland Martial Arts,, lands good hook to start things off, but Pucak walks through it and fires back. The two clash in close, with Pucak landing hooks while Herron-Webb lands uppercuts. Their clinch heads against cage. Pucak, with his back against the fence, lands a knee to the midsection. Nic answers with short punches. 'Naptime' goes for a standing guillotine. Pucak blocks the choke and Nic starts shooting knees to the legs and face. The welterweight champ starts setting up arm-in guillotine, using vicious knees to keep Pucak off-balance and guessing. 'Short Notice' isn't offering much besides hanging on and attempting to block the knees, which isn't working. Herron-Webb abandons the choke and gets underhooks. Pucak lands a knee to midsection of his own, but his back's still against cage. Nic lands another uppercut, pulls back a step, and when his opponent comes forward he sweeps the leg and gets a solid takedown to guard. Herron-Webb quickly passes the open guard to half-guard. Pucak tries to scramble up, and Nic takes his back, but with only one hook in. Pucak amazingly muscles up to his feet, with Herron-Webb still clinging to his back. Pucak falls to his back and slams Herron-Webb, but Nic is able to hang-on and secure his back control. He sinks the rear naked choke with six seconds left in the round.

Rob 'The Monster' Yundt def. Kalei 'The Throwin' Samoan' Talamoni
Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Rd. 1
Yundt, who trains with the Wolfpack, lands a thudding leg kick, Talamoni tries to catch it and counters with a murderous right hand. Yundt grabs a thai clinch and lands big knees while Talamoni, who has been with Gracie Barra, tries to create distance. The two separate. Talamoni stalks, looking for the big strike. They clinch against the cage, and Talamoni looks like he wants to take 'The Monster' down, but quickly gives up and the two trade knees and uppercuts. Yundt gets a brief takedown, but 'The Throwin' Samoan' gets right back up. The fight returns to the center of the cage, and Yundt attempts a series of jumping knees, which bother Talamoni but don't hurt him. They're not effective, but they sure are exciting! Yundt finally shoots his trademark double-leg and gets it easily. He lays on Talamoni in half-guard, landing intermittent grond'n'pound while fighting for position. Talamoni goes for a kimura. Yundt's coaches tell him to be careful, but he gives a thumbs up and gets out, landing some big body shots. Talamoni rolls to knees, while Yundt holds him against the cage and lands a knee to the shoulder and a huge hammerfist to the temple. After more hammerfists and Talamoni futilely tries to get away. He spins and gets Yundt to a sprawled position. He tries to lift him up for a slam, but the UFC veteran is too heavy and Yundt rolls him to his back. Talamoni tries to scramble and quizzically takes out his mouth guard, holding it in his hand as Yundt continues his methodical assault, grinding away until the bell rings. According to my very unofficial and possibly comically inept score-keeping, it's 10-9 Yundt.

Rd. 2
Yundt has a head kick blocked, but the swat still sends sweat spraying. Yundt tries a leg kick, but Talamoni checks it. Talamoni keeps his distance with jabs at the air, but Yundt is able to get back to the clinch. Talamoni lands a few punches as the clinch, but Yundt grabs his head and goes for a few knees, then drops levels and gets a nice little slam. Yundt is in Talamoni's guard, using ground'n'pound, digging into the body while both fight for position. Referee Al Medina stands them back up for lack of action. Talamoni stalking again. Yundt lands a good left hook, and Talamoni pushes in and gets a takedown of this own! He is on top in Yundt's half-guard, but rolls to his back going for a guillotine. He doesn't hang on to Yundt's legs though, and 'The Monster' quickly lands a knee to the body and pops out, landing in Talamoni's half-guard while landing elbows. Talamoni's mouth guard is out again. Yundt tries to set up an arm triangle with ten seconds left, but doesn't have time for it before the bell rings. 10-9 Yundt.

Rd. 3
Yundt attempting to keep Talamoni off with his jab, while Talamoni tries to land a big punching combo. Yundt times the punches just right and slips right under Talamoni's arms for a perfect takedown. Yundt passes to half-guard as Talamoni thinks kimura. Talmoni goes back to protecting his face. Talamoni rolls and Yundt tries to take his back, but Talamoni rolls back and forth to prevent Yundt from securing his position. Yundt is able to get a hook in back control, but he loses it. Yundt is put back in a sprawl position, and can't improve. Yundt lands some small ground'n'pound and little knees to the midsection. The boring round is almost made worth it as 'The Monster' attempts a super-rare Peruvian necktie. Unfortunately it fails, and Yundt is back in sprawl position. They are stood back up with 30 seconds to go. Talamoni knows he needs a knockout and is attacking with uppercuts and hooks, but it's too little, too late. Talamoni gets a takedown with ten seconds to go, only to be reversed as the fight ends. 10-9 Yundt.

Rob Yundt is awarded the win via unanimous decision.

Terrence 'Terr-Bear' Mitchell def. Henry 'Hi-Def' Dehling
Rd. 1, KO (punch)

Rd. 1
Both fighters come out very active, with lots of movement. Frontier Vale Tudo's Mitchell lands a body kick. Dehling, who lives and trains in Juneau, lands a legs kick in reply. Mitchell misses with a head kick and with flying knee. Both fighters are using punches to set up their kicks, but neither can land anything significant. They end up clinched against cage, and neither can get the takedown. Mitchell lands a knee to the body and they separate. Mitchell pumps a double-jab to measure his distance, then fires a right cross from half-freaking-way across the cage that knocks Dehling down, and Mitchell adds a lunging hammerfist for good measure before the ref gets in to stop it.

Josh Branham def. Steve Saccone
Rd 3, Decision (split)

Rd. 1
Saccone, a hot prospect from the Wolfpack, starts by missing with a leg kick. Branham, an old veteran from Gracie Barra, tries to use a jab to keep his distance from the wrestler Saccone. Both fighters are firing lots of feeling out punches. Branham lands a glancing jab. So far this is the longest Saccone has been on his feet. Saccone finally decides he's had enough, Saccone puts his hands up and charges in, eats one punch, and gets the takedown. Saccone is in Branham's guard. He stands up and lands some stand'n'pound, but eats several awesome looking upkicks. One foot lands while Saccone is one ground. The ref warns Branham and stands the fighters back up. Branham is again using his jab. Branham lands a jab-uppercut combination as Saccone pushes in. Saccone snatchs a leg and fights for the takedown, eventually getting it. Branham sets up an armbar, but Saccone slips out and dives for an ankle lock. Branham doesn't appear in any danger, fires a few shots at his opponent, and slips out. Both fighters get back to their feet. Branham sticks a jab, but he's getting sloppy. Possibly tired? Saccone looks fresh, but still eats a few more jabs and a 1-2 combo. Saccone pushes against cage, but Branham avoids the takedown and lands some strikes before separating. Saccone lands leg kick, and Branham motions for him to come on as round ends. I'd score it 10-9 Branham, but I can see the takedowns giving it to Saccone in the eyes of the judges.

Rd. 2
Saccone looks hesitant, then bull-rushes in and gets the double-leg takedown. As he tries to pass to side Branham goes for a triangle, but his leg is stuck on Saccone's stomach. Branham chooses to reestablish guard. Both fighters remain active. Saccone postures up, and Branham stands. Branham stalks, throughing combos. Saccone goes for another takedown, gets it, and lands in guard again. Branham lands elbows from bottom, throws up a triangle, and Saccone is caught. Branham can't get him to tap, but beats on his stuck head with hammerfists and elbows. Branham tries to readjust, and Saccone stacks him up. Branham keeps beating him from the triangle, lands some body shots, and Saccone manages to slip out. Saccone is in half guard, but manages to pass to mount. Branham shrimps back to guard, pushes away with his feet, and stands. He has a thai clinch, which he sues to throw Saccone to the ground. Saccone goes for a foot, but Branham slips out and has back control. However, he's only got one hook. Saccone survives more hammerfists as the round ends. 10-9 Branham.

Rd. 3
Branham is back to jabbing. He uses it to dictate distance for the first minute of the round. Saccone times it and gets the takedown, but Branham rolls immediately to guard. Branham works a kind of rubber guard and goes for an omaplata. Saccone rolls through, and Branham ends up on top in half guard. Branham postures up and works some nasty ground'n'pound. Saccone is able to get back to guard, but Branham stacks him up and stands, trying to angle for effective gravity assisted strikes. Saccone is staying active and making Branham work for everything. Saccone goes for heelhook. He eats some big, long punches as soon as his hands are busy, so lets he it go. Branham stands and lands some tasteful stand'n'pound. Branham has trouble getting a strong base because his opponent has his leg tangled. Branham gets his leg out and pummels with fists and elbows for a long, long, long time, but Saccone stays in the fight. Saccone goes for desperate heel hook as the ten-second alarm sounds, but it slips out and Branham rides until the bell. 10-8 Branham.

The judges award a split decision to Branham.

Chris 'Cuff Cake' Cuff def. Tommy 'The Pot-Bellied Assassin' Ide
Rd. 1, KO (knee)

Rd. 1
Greatland's Ide wings an overhand right, and the Wolfpack's Cuff rushes in and takes down. 'Cuffcake' has 'The Pot-Bellied Assassin' turtled against the cage. Ide complains of strikes to the back of the head, and Cuff changes to uppercuts without the ref coming in. Ide begins to use the cage to stand up, and as soon as he's up to two feet he gets caught with the most out-of-nowhere knee that bowls Ide over and the ref dives in.

The partisan crowd boos, being big 'Pot-Belly' fans. Ide comes back in the cage and tells people not to boo. Both fighters very classy.

Roy 'Pretty Boy' Boykin def. Eric Evon
Rd. 1, KO (punch)

Rd. 1
Evon starts with a wiff back kick. Evon misses with a leg kick and lunges for a school yard headlock. Boykin, who's been training with Black lake Jui Jitsu, clinches and gets out. The two trade blows, but land nothing of consequence. Evon's hand's are down around his waist. 'Pretty Boy' tries a head kick, but hits the shoulder. Boykin lands good right cross which snaps Evon's head back. Another flurry and a solid left-right combo gets through, dropping Evon out cold.

Daniel Cook def. Kerby 'Curb-Stomp' Coman
Rd. 1, Submission (RNC)

Rd. 1
Coman comes out swinging. Cook, fighting out of the Wolfpack, goes for takedown, but elects to pull guard. He lands some punches from the bottom as Coman tries to get comfy, bloodying Coman's nose. Cook goes for guillotine, and after fighting for it for a minute Coman gets out. Cook looking very comfortable on his back. Coman is in the theoretical better position, but can't get anything started. After a minute, Cook loses control of his arms and Coman lands some ground'n'pound. Cook tries to work rubber guard and Coman slips out and lands some more blows. Cook baits Coman into passing prematurely, and reverses him while taking his back. Cook lands some punches and sinks the rear naked choke. Coman hand fights valiantly, but is forced to tap out.

Suman 'Gang Bang' Pang def. Josh Hubble
Rd. 1, TKO (punches)

Rd. 1
Hubble misses with a kick. Both are testing each other with punches. Pang, fighting out of the Wolfpack, lands a flurry against the cage, followed by a good leg kick. Hubble responds with a bad one. Pang sets up a few beautiful right hands with nice, crisp jabs. Pang lands another leg kick. Hubble paws the air. Pang lands another leg kick and Hubble looks hurt. Pang attacks the leg, Hubble backs against the cage. Pang smells blood in the water! He frenzies with hooks and Hubble goes down, fetal position, and ref steps in!


Jared 'The Killa Gorrilla' Cannonier def. Josh 'The Mosh Pit' Aynes
Rd. 1, KO (punch)

Rd. 1
This fight gets off to a fast start. Cannonier, who trains at Gracie Barra, lands a sweet inside leg kick. He starts to tee off on Aynes, who is outweighed by 35 pounds. Aynes throws some fists back, but nothing lands. Cannonier lands a left hook which stops Aynes in his tracks and sends him back peddling. Cannonier flurries with punches, landing a right cross which knocks down his opponent. Aynes cowers in the fetal position, just like I would if a terrifying man-mountain beating me up. The ref steps in.

Lea 'Slow Motion Death' Kapunia def. Misty Thomas
Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Rd. 1
The two test with slow jabs. Thomas pushes forward and lands a few punches. Kapunia pushes back and lands a few blows, but Misty turns the momentum and connects with crippling cranium face crackers. Kapunia changes her footwork, electing to circle. The change pays off, as she lands some unanswered head shots. Thomas looks confused, and turns her body with each landed shot. Thomas closes the distance and pushes into cage, but Kapunia takes a thai clinch and lands a big knee to forehead. Thomas clinches for a while, landing some marginal uppercuts, but eventually separates and pays for it, eating several knuckle sandmwiches. Thomas' nose is bleeding as Kapunia hunts for the stoppage. Thomas Still has fight left, but is on her heels. She clinches and pushes into the cage one more time as the rounds ends. 10-9 Kapunia.

Rd. 2
Kapunia tries a leg kick, keeps circling. The footwork is keeping her from eating too many punches, and tiring Thomas out. Thomas tries a few kick, but her range is off. She's is jammed and eats some right hands. Thomas lands a good straight left. Kapunia connects with an upper cut. She takes a breath, then lands another straight right club. Thomas pushes into the cage, but is exhausted, and falls down. Kapunia rolls to side control, then lets her up. Thomas is very slow to rise to her feet. Thomas is plodding forward, but keeps eating counters. Kapunia goes on the offensive for the last 30 seconds, landing several shots to the face. Very slow pace, but good action. 10-9 Kapunia.

Rd. 3
Both fighters, looking dog-tired, get shots deflected. Thomas goes on the offensive, landing some punches. Kapunia throws Thomas into the cage and tees off. Kapunia is keeping Thomas' back to the cage, but eventually Thomas circles out. Thomas is taking heavy damage, but won't go down! Kapunia is tired too, but landing hooks and uppercuts at will. However, her blows have no zip, and Thomas is still standing. Thomas' are hanging down, her nose leaking blood. Still she fights! the fighters circle. With the ten second warning the two swing wildly against the cage until the bell. 10-9 Kapunia.

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