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Geoff Kennedy lives in Anchorage.

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Response From Hajj

"How many people have been killed by the KKK since 1960?"

To be fair, we should tally those killed in the name of "white supremacy" since 1960, since the KKK isn't the only such group (isn’t even the only group calling itself “KKK”)--there's Tim McVeigh's "Christian Identity Movement", for example. There's likewise more than one paramilitary outfit active in the name of "Islam".

"Perhaps you can show us where anybody defended the KKK".

Not hard to do. In the 1960s entire jury panels let KKK murderers off Scott-free because their victims (a) weren't white or (b) they worked for the voting rights of those who weren't white.

While we're on the subject of what hasn't been shown, folks made a BIG stink about a Palestinian woman jumping up and down with glee upon hearing of the 911 attacks. But NOBODY mentions the five ISRA'ELIS who were caught celebrating from a roof in NJ as they actually WATCHED the planes crash into the Twin Towers (although the incident made all the major newspapers, if less than prominently featured). Why not?

Or, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) President Nihad Awad told during his recent visit to Anchorage that NOT A SINGLE organ of the US media chose to print a press release from the largest Muslim advocacy group in the US CONDEMNING the 911 attacks. Again, why not?

Wanna go there, Dr. Sweeney?

Al-Hajj F H Minshall

Kennedy note: Hajj is a Navy veteran who served his country with the Marines. He now lives and pays taxes in Anchorage.

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