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Geoff Kennedy lives in Anchorage.

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I don’t like generalizations. Generally.

It’s easy to extrapolate from one or two events and consider them proof that the end times are near and surely civilization as we know it is doomed. And it’s easy to forget that weird stuff makes the news precisely because it’s weird. A dog doesn’t make news by biting a man, but a man makes news by biting a dog.

Still, weird stuff can make us ask questions. I have several after two recent incidents reported in the news.

Virginia Thomas wants Anita Hill to apologize for telling people the way Clarence Thomas treated her and therefore impeding his selection to the US Supreme Court back in the 1990s. From what I can gather, Ms. Thomas isn’t alleging that Hill lied about the behavior of Clarence Thomas.

This week, a guy working for candidate Rand Paul was quoted as saying the woman whose head he stomped on should apologize to him, the stomper.

These two incidents are brand new territory for me. I’ve heard of cops a generation ago who blamed women for being raped on the grounds they wore provocative clothing or stepped out in the public after dark and were only asking to be victims. I’ve even read a few months ago people blaming Rachel Corrie for her being killed by a bulldozer. But, I have never heard anyone say the rape victims need to apologize to the rapist or the Corrie family needs to apologize to the bulldozer driver who killed her.

So, what’s going on here? Has our society reached a new level of self-absorption so the perps see themselves as victims? Is this a reflection of the political craziness that’s sweeping the nation? Has our society become so numb to outrages that we need to take outrage to an entirely different level? Or are Virginia Thomas and the stomper only two cases of severe psychosis?

The answers to these questions are above my pay grade. Maybe some of you smart people there can explain this stuff to me.

I’m hoping for some intelligent insights here. Maybe we can get some comments other than the usual accusations that I am an anti-Semite felonious hypocrite who hates America, supports Islamic terrorists and eats little babies for lunch.

At least I hope so.

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