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Miller's news conference. "You can ask me about background, you can ask about personal issues — I’m not going to answer."

Here's video shot by ADN photographer Erik Hill of Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller's news conference today in Anchorage.

The transcript:

It came to our attention this weekend that members of the media gained access to my confidential file. It’s a personnel file from the Fairbanks-North Star Borough. It’s a clear violation of law — no question about it. Whoever leaked it, clearly violated the law. It is an outrageous breach of my family’s privacy. This is just the latest political attack. An attack that’s based upon avoiding the issues, where we’re at as a state, where we’re at as a nation, and looking at other things that basically distract people’s attention.

But I think what it gets to also is the viciousness of this campaign.

You know, Kathleen and I are probably the most disclosed couple in Alaskan politics, at least in recent history. You know virtually everything about us, whether it’s her background, whether it’s my background. In most of those things that have come out, or at least many of them, I shouldn’t say most, arise out of leaks, whether it be medical information, HIPPA violations, these things are violations of the law, they’re invasions of privacy that really do not bring this state forward in the dialogue. The dialogue before this state is where we at as a nation. Why is Joe Miller running this race? Why have I given up the privacy and the life that I used to have in order to move this state forward?

It’s because of our children. It’s because of where we’re at as a state, where we’re at as a nation. I’m concerned that the rumors and innuendo, the other matters that have come to light, are things that will end up distracting some and it is our perspective that much of this has come out of, I think, impropriety — journalistic impropriety.

And I’m going to single out one particular blog that I think deserves special attention, and that’s the Alaska Dispatch. Their so-called journalistic objective is anything negative about Joe. That is their focal point. It doesn’t matter whether the sources are anonymous or not, they’ll publish it on their blog. I think it’s important to recognize that the Dispatch, one of the major investors, publishers, in that blog, is a max donor to the Murkowski campaign. We’re calling upon Lisa Murkowski to disavow these tactics. We are calling upon all responsible members of the media to focus on the issues, the legitimate issues, and not repeat basically the lies and innuendos, not repeat the clear violations of law, but to focus on the issues at hand.

Now I’ll admit, and I’ve said this before, I’m a man of flaws — there’s no question about it. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Haven’t been born wealthy, you know we’ve struggled, my wife and I, we built our life together, I married Kathleen with two children, it was a struggle for both of us. Went to law school. Got of the military, went to law school. I still got student loans from my law school. Big surprise. We are like you. We are like Alaskans. We have issues, clearly, but I’ll tell you, the one thing that I share in common, I think, with most Alaskans is that we want this nation to survive. We want this state to survive. We want our children to have opportunity. We want our children’s children to have opportunity. We want to stop the generational theft.

Now did I make mistakes in my past, does this disqualify me as a U.S. Senator? Well I guess that’s got to be the people’s decision to make, but I don’t think so. I think that the conviction that I have, that others that have entered the political fray throughout the United States have had, is what really needs to qualify us as a representative of the Great State of Alaska. That’s a commitment to tell you that we have got to move in a different direction. To take those eggs out of the federal basket, put them into the resource basket of Alaska, to create jobs. And that really is what we’re going do for final three weeks. We’ve drawn a line in the sand. You can ask me about background, you can ask about personal issues — I’m not going to answer. I’m not. This is about the issues. This is not about continuing the personal attacks, it’s not about continuing the diversions based in illegal acts. This is about moving the state forward. And that’s our commitment.

So you got a choice. You can elect somebody that represents the past, whether it be Sen. Murkowski or Scott McAdams, that represents eight years of doubling our deficit or represents basically I’ll vote for anything as long it adds pork in a budget for Alaska, or you can vote for somebody that says, Look, I’m going to fight harder than anybody’s ever fought for this state before. I’m going to fight for the survival of this state, I’m going to fight for jobs for this state. I’m going to fight in ways that we haven’t fought before, and that’s control over our resource base.

I want to tell you that this commitment that I have, not just to the state but to the nation, it’s been extremely difficult on our family. Extraordinarily difficult. My children miss me. My wife misses me — she’s here with me now, she’s withstood a lot of the scrutiny as well.
But we’re fighting for everyone. Not just my kids. We received a letter from a child, we go this just the other day, and I’m just going to read this to you. “My name is Kyle. I’m 10. The reason you can win against the government is so that all the people in the USA don’t have to be slaves in the last known free country in the world. This is a doodle of what I don’t want to happen. Fellow American, Kyle Cage.” He also says, “I’m giving you all my money so that you can win.” And he says, “I want to be in the Army.” But this is what he, in fact it came with, let’s se, this is his piggy bank. And it really, this represents not just what we see as a need to change, but also future generations that recognize that the direction of government right now is bankrupting their future, and we’ve got to be committed to that, and that’s the fight that I’m going to continue with. Like it or not, that is the focus of this campaign. The Joe Miller campaign is going to continue in that direction, and I ask you to join with me in driving forward this state to the prosperity it can have if we do fight like we need to in DC.

Thank you.

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