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Pete Kinneen grew up in a family conscious of the magic of composting food scraps and yard waste for use in their organic gardens. He is the executive director of Environmental Recycling, Inc. the non-profit which operated the Pt. Woronzof Composting Facility for 15 successful years. He has joined a global discovery exploring the possibility of another natural and inexpensive ingredient found to kick convention to the curb. Join in, the more the merrier.

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Growing Urban Farmers—A Training!

Hey, Dear Foodies,

What if you want local food, but there are more eaters than food?

Aha! We need more GROWERS!

There is no better way to insure safe, tasty, local food for Alaska –than training more small-scale market gardeners.

A new course at Mat-Su College offers to do just that.
Would you like some income from growing some extra vegetables? Do you know of others who would like to grow and sell? If so, this is the place to learn, hands-on, about:

…avoiding pitfalls
…choosing labor-saving equipment
…growing secrets
…sustainable strategies
…marketing savvy

Taught by Dr. Jeff Smeenk and Ellen Vande Visse, the focus is on successful small-scale and urban farming. The goal: save you tons of trial-and-error on the learning curve!

Here are the details of this practical course in Gardening for Market:
Where: Mat-Su College
Course: Non-graded, non-credit “Market Gardening: Grow & Sell CED A049”
When: Five evening sessions, Mon-Wed May 24, 26, June 2, 7, 9; 6pm-9pm
Register: www.matsu.alaska.edu or call 745-9746

I’d love to see YOU sign up—this will be great fun!

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