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Pete Kinneen grew up in a family conscious of the magic of composting food scraps and yard waste for use in their organic gardens. He is the executive director of Environmental Recycling, Inc. the non-profit which operated the Pt. Woronzof Composting Facility for 15 successful years. He has joined a global discovery exploring the possibility of another natural and inexpensive ingredient found to kick convention to the curb. Join in, the more the merrier.

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Hello Dear Readers,
here is golden opportunity to see and discuss a great film on local food issues, or to host this in YOUR community. Enjoy!

Please join us for a showing of a fabulous documentary, INGREDIENTS, about local foods.

December 20th, 2009 U.A.A. Rasmuson Hall, Room 101, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. $5 Suggested Donation Proceeds benefit the Food Bank of Alaska

INGREDIENTS explores a thriving local food movement as our world becomes a more flavorless, disconnected, and dangerous place to eat. The film takes us across the United States; from urban food deserts to heavily diversified farms to the kitchens of celebrated American chefs.

INGREDIENTS is a journey that reveals the people behind the movement to bring good food back to the table and health back to our communities. www.ingredientsFilm.com

Join the panel discussion afterwards with the filmmaker, Brian Kimmel (among others of Optic Nerve Productions), and local chefs: Rob Kinneen - Orso Ristorante
Shane Moore - Spenard Roadhouse
Natalie Janicka - Snow City Café
“Delicious” Dave Thorne

Continue the conversation and meet local chefs after the film.
Four-course dinner features Alaskan ingredients and local brews.
Spenard Roadhouse - 6:30 p.m.
1049 W. Northern Lights Blvd
For more info. or reservations, contact eatdrink@spenardroadhouse.com
$50 -- Dinner paired with beers; $40 -- Dinner only. Very limited seating.

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