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More Exxon Valdez payments coming

Lawyers representing thousands of plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez case filed papers today seeking a judge’s permission to pay out a second round of punitive damages.

The first round of payments, you might recall, was in December. In that round, a total of 11,742 payments went to "oiled" commercial salmon fishermen and Native subsistence plaintiffs in 13 of the case’s 52 claim categories. Those payments totaled nearly $156 million.

Now the lawyers aim to distribute another $62.5 million to 5,331 more claimants in those same 13 categories.

But many of these people will receive only partial payment, or none at all.

That’s because their long-awaited Exxon Valdez shares will go to satisfy a range encumbrances from the IRS, state child support agencies, ex-spouses, bankruptcies and the like.

Here's a full explanation.

Below is a long list of names, broken into 10 parts, with the dollar amount due each person – or the IRS or whomever.

All told, the lawyers have some $383 million to distribute from the partial settlement with Exxon Mobil Corp. for the 1989 oil spill.

Because of the paperwork and tedium involved, they’re handing out the money in batches. So we can expect more lists and more payouts later this year.

The lawyers, by the way, gave no indication today which claim categories they plan to pay next.

OK, here’s the 10-part list. I’ve labeled each part according to fishery or claim category, which might break in the middle and continue on to the next piece.

Part 1 – Chignik seine, Cook Inlet drift

Part 2 – Cook Inlet drift, seine, setnet

Part 3 – Cook Inlet setnet, Kodiak beach, Kodiak seine

Part 4 – Kodiak seine, Kodiak setnet

Part 5 – Kodiak setnet, Native

Part 6 – Native

Part 7 – Native, Native opt-out

Part 8 – Native opt-out, PWS 1989 Fund

Part 9 – PWS 1989 Fund, PWS drift, seine

Part 10 – Prince William Sound seine, setnet

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