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How do you desensitize a dog reluctant to grooming?

A co-worker with a big heart and a big dog has a big problem. Her 100-pound golden retreiver/Newfie rescue has long hair around its feet that she would like to trim before the snow deepens. When she tries, he protests. She's petite. He's large. The last time she tried, he rolled up from on his side and sort of head butted her.

The dog she describes as a sweetheart of a teenager has had a rough upbringing. He's had broken bones from abuse. He has arthritis. He has an autoimmune issue that comes and goes, she says. He's on medication for the discomfort.

When she got him, he showed signs of aggressiveness. Teeth flashing. Growls. Threats. He bit the vet once. But she says he's made terrific progress since she got him in April. The threats have stopped. He snuggles with her at night. He nuzzles her several times in the middle of the night like he just wants to be reassured she's there and he's loved.

But she still has the grooming issue. She started out fairly slowly. She brushed him first. It was just when she touched the feet that he reacted. How do you get an older dog to tolerate being touched? Especially one that quite possibly outweighs you.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  17     October 29, 2009 - 8:07am | zz77mmhh


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  16     June 17, 2009 - 7:16pm | awix1

شات طرب 

شات طرب


دليل قلوب

دليل حنون

دليل طيف

دليل حلوه



دليل المهاجر

دليل المسافر

دليل مسافر

دليل النور

دليل سافر

دليل الرمال

دليل وناسه

دليل حبايبنا

دليل حلوين

كويت 25

كويت كام

دردشة فله

دليل ون

دليل ثري

دليل قسوة

دليل الرحيل

دليل رحيل

دليل انهاز

دليل اشواق

حب كام

دليل حبتين


دليل المهاجر

دليل النمور

دليل نمور

دليل هلا

دليل حلوين

دليل الحان

دليل شمس


دليل قطر


دليل رايق

دليل روائع

دردشة رجه

دليل سحايب

دليل ليالي

شبكة مون لايت


دليل الكون

دليل اشواق

دليل سعودي

دليل سنتوب

دليل توب


دليل زقرتيه

دليل زقرتي

دليل سحالي

دليل رائع

قطر كام

دليل الحره

دليل هنوفه

دليل الكلام

دليل سحابه

دليل تو

دليل فور

دليل فايف

دليل سكس

دليل نواعم

دليل نواعم

دليل حب

شات حورية

فلها وربك

ريم كام

دليل روح الغلا

دليل سوريا

دليل همسات

دليل قلبي



 , منتديات

دليل مواقع

مون لايت

شات صوتي



شات كتابي

دردشه كتابية

 دردشه صوتيه ,











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  15     May 28, 2009 - 3:47am | ksacamat


الدولية والاقليمية


الاسرة والمجتمع


تكنلوجيا وكمبيوتر


خدمات عامة متنوعة


دين الإسلام


تسلية وترفيه


عالم الغناء

دليل كول

عالم السيارات


التربية والتعليم


الطب والعلاج


المال والاعمال


سياحه وسفر


صحافة واعلام



عالم الرياضة

دردشة كامات السعودية,شات صوتي,دردشة,صوتية,شات,كامات,شات,كام

ماسنجر - كامات السعودية

اشتركات  - كامات السعودية

اعلانات - كامات السعودية


سعودي دلع ,كام , شات , كام , كاماتي

دردشة طرب كام دردشة طرب كام الصوتية بالكام كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية سعودي كام

دردشة الحفر كام كامات بنات الحفر الصوتية دردشة شات صوتي كتابي صوتية كتابية كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دردشة حب كام كامات الحب دردشة صوتية دردشة كتابية كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الأحساء كام. كامات بنات الأحساء دردشة الأحساء صوتية شات صوتية كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الطائف كام دردشة الطايف كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

عرعر كام دردشة عرعر كام كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

عسير كام دردشة عسير كام كامات عسير كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الباحه كام دردشة الباحه الكام كامات الباحه كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دردشات كام دردشة بنات الدمام صوتية بنت الدمام كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

بنت كام دردشة بنت كام الصوتيه كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دلع كام كامات دلع دردشة دلع كام كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

غامد كام دردشة غامد كام قبيلة بني غامد كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

شمر كام دردشة شمر شات شمر طرب شمر مقطع شمر كامات شمر كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

حايل كام حائل كام دردشة حائل دردشه حايل كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الخفجي كام الدردشة الخفجي بنات الخفجي كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

قمر كام كامات قمر دردشة قمر شات قمر كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

روعة كام شات روعه كام دردشة روعه كام كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

رفحا كام دردشة رفحا شات رفحاا خليجي رفحا كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

ندى كام شات ندى دردشة ندى موقع ندى كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دردشة الدمام الصوتية ، شات صوتي الشرقيه

شباب كام شات الشباب دردشة شباب دلع شباب كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الشلة كام شات الشلة دردشة الشلة كامات الشلة كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

الشوق كام دردشة الشوق شات الشوق طرب الشوق موقع الشوق شبكة الشوق كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

سدير كام دردشة سدير شات سدير طرب سدير موقع سدير شبكة سدير تاريخ سدير مكان سدير كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

تبوك كام دردشة تبوك شات تبوك كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

عنزه الصوتيه كامات عنزه شات عامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دردشة الفاتن الصوتية المرئية بالكامات

عالم بنات , , دردشة عالم بنات , شات عالم بنات , شات كام ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

دوحه كام , , دردشة دوحه كام , شات دوحه كام , شات كام ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

سعودي كامات , دردشة سعودي كامات , شات سعودي كامات , شات كام ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

قصيمي كام , , دردشة قصيمي كام , شات قصيمي كام , شات كام ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

بنات القصيم كلية القصيم للبنات منتزه القصيم شات القصيم دردشة القصيم عنيزه دردشة عنيزه كلية عنيزه كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

لقيت روحي كام دردشة لقيت روحي شات لقيت روحي كامات لقيت روحيكامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

خليجي عز , , دردشة خليجي عز , شات خليجي عز , شات عز ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

ذوق كام , , دردشة ذوق كام , شات ذوق كام , شات كام ,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

Index of /sa

Index of /sa

عتبه كام عتيبه كامات دردشه عتيبه الهيلا الهيلا شات عتيبه

حبي كام , شات حبي , دردشة حبي . كلي حبي . حبي . بنت حبي . حبي . حبي . حبي . حبي . حب كام . شات كام . شات صوتي حبي.

بنت الخليج كام شات بنات الخليج دردشة الخليج كامات بنات الخليج الخليج صور من الخليج نفط الخليج الريال الخليجي العمله الخليجيه

كامات الحب,الحب كامدردشه والمنتدايات , كام والمنتدبات , كام ودردشات , شات وكام ,

دردشة احية . شات احية . احية كام . احية شات, احية , اح, سعودي كام , قطر كام , بنت كام , كام , عرض احية , كامات ,

شات الأميرة دردشة , شات , الأميرة شات, كام الأميرة , أميرة اميرة

بالكام , دردشه , شات , بالكام , شات , صوتيه بالكام,شات بالكام

كامات بغداد , بنات بغداد , دردشة بغداد , حب بغداد , دردشة عرقية , دردشه عراقيه , جات عراقي , دردشه صوتيه , بالكاميرا .

كامات البحرين , بنات البحرين , كامات , كام البحرين , البحرين كام .كامات , دردشة , شات , دردشات, صوتية , كتابية ,

بنات كام . بنوتات كام , كامات بنات , دردشة بنات . صوتية بنات . طرب بنات , خليجيات . حب بنات , بنات الخليج , رقص , كامات كامات , جنون بنات ,

بنوتات , دردشة بنوتات , حب بنوتات , شوق بنوتات , بنوتات , دردشات , شتات , شات , دردشه , صوتيه حب كام , كتابيه ,

بنات كول كام ,كامات دردشات بنات كول شات كول بنات موقع كول موقع بنات كول شبكة بنات كول, كام كامات

ود كام الود كام كامات ود شات ود شات الود دردشة الود كامات سعودية كامات سعوديه دردشه صوتيه شات كتابي

جده غير بنات جده شباب جده طرب جده كام جده كامات جده جده غير جده وبس منطقة جده محافظة جده هسترت جده لحم جده

دردشة سوريا كامات سوريا بنات سوريا كامان من سوريا بنت من سوريا نور غجر كامات سعودية كامات سعوديه دردشه صوتيه شات كتابي

بنات نجد دردشة بنات نجد شات بنات نجد دردشة كامات بنات نجد سوريا كامات سوريا بنات سوريا كامان من سوريا بنت من سوريا نور غجر كامات سعودية كامات سعوديه دردشه صوتيه شات كتابي

بنات نجد الكام , بنات نجد , بنات نجد كام , كامات بنات نجد كامات , دردشة بنات نجد , شات نجد , لعب بنات العاب بنات,

بنات السعوديه كام , كامات بنات السعوديه , كام بنات السعوديه , حب بنات السعوديه, كام السعوديه . بنات السعوديه , دردشة بنات السعوديه , دردشة السعوديه ,

بنات كويت كام , دردشة كويت كام, شات كويت كام , دردشة كام , كام , بنات كام , كويت كام , صوتية الكويت ,

بنات سوريا بالكام , بنات سوريا كام , دردشة بنات سوريا , شات سوريا كام.

بنات الحفر , الحرفر , بنات , بنوتات , كامات , كامات بنات الحفر , الخفر , الحفؤ ,دردشة , شات , دردشات, كامات , الهفر, hgptv.ptv hgfh'k .fkhj . fk,jhj

بنت ابوها , بنت , بنوتات , دردشه شات

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الهيام , دردشة الهيام , عمري والغرام , شات الهيام , والغرام

Index of /sa/images

كامات الكويت , كويتيات كام , دردشة كويتيات كام , بنات الكويت , حب الكويت . كويت 999 . كويتي كام . كويتي 27 . كويتي 28 . كويتي 25 . كويتي وبس . شات كويتي كلي كويتي

مطير كام مطير كامات شات مطير دردشة مطير شات مطير مطير

مزنه كام دردشة مزنه صوتية مزنه فلم مزنه شات مزنه كام كامات مزنه

دردشة كامات قطر شات كامات قطر كامات قطر شات قطر . دردشة .

كامات الكويت دردشة الكويت بنات الكويت الشات الكتابي الكويتي تحرير الكويت اسراء الكويت صدام الكويت غزو الكويت ود كام الود كام كامات ود شات ود شات الود دردشة الود كامات سعودية كامات سعوديه دردشه صوتيه شات كتابي

قحطان كام قحطان كامات دردشة قحطان شات قحطان موقع قحطان شبكة قحطان الصوتيه والمرايه

قلب كام قلبي سعودي قلب دردشة شات قلب دردشة قلب كامات قلب كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

دردشة الشرقية الصوتية ، شات صوتي الشرقيه

تعب قلبي دردشة تعب قلبي شات تعب قلبي شبكة تعب قلبي شبكة تعب قلبي كامات السعودية شات كام السعودية كامات السعودية سعودي كام

خقق كام , ,
دردشة خقق كام ,
شات خقق كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

عرب كام , ,
دردشة عرب كام ,
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شات كام

حزن كام , ,
دردشة حزن كام ,
شات حزن كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

حلو كام , ,
دردشة حلو كام ,
شات حلو كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

خليجي مايك , ,
دردشة خليجي مايك ,
شات خليجي مايك ,
شات مايك

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

خليجي كام , ,
دردشة خليجي كام ,
شات خليجي كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

بنت ابوي كام , ,
دردشة بنت ابوي كام ,
شات بنت ابوي كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

دردشة الشلة
شات الشلة ,
hgagm ,
hgagm ;hl ,الشلة كام

, ,

خليجي دلع , ,
دردشة خليجي دلع ,
شات خليجي دلع ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

فله كام , ,
دردشة فله كام ,
شات فله كام ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

سعودي فخر ,
فخر السعودية ,
دردشة سعودي فخر .
سعودي .
السعودية ,
فخر السعودية

 , ,
دردشة سعودي عز ,
شات سعودي عز ,
شات كام

,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

سعودي توك ,
دردشة سعودي توك ,
شات سعودي توك ,
شات كام ,
شات صوتي

,دردشة شات
 , ,
دردشة سعودي مايك ,
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,شات صوتي ,دردشة شات

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  14     April 27, 2009 - 6:23pm | chaaat


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  13     April 27, 2009 - 6:22pm | chaaat


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  12     April 1, 2009 - 3:37am | majed

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  11     March 24, 2009 - 9:33pm | chaaat


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  10     October 13, 2008 - 10:59am | robinscheff

I feel so sorry for this wonderful dog and what he endured

This dog is obviously just in love with his owner and really wants to be a good guy, but he needs to get past this resistance to her handling his feet. She needs help because of his size, and whoever helps must understand that patience is a big big virtue with dogs. Don't rush the procedure. Take it in little bitty steps. Wait if he starts to react, don't keep moving forward in the process until he returns to a calmer state of mind. Take the process just one little step at a time forward. Have courage and envision what you expect to happen, the positive, not the negative. See him lifting his paw up on command and placing it in your hand. This type of training is really done quickly using a clicker. Clicker training is fantastic and very very effective. See if you can find anyone who is really experienced with clicker training and get them to help you, or do some research, get a dvd, and then try it. Call Vicky at Arctic Tails and ask her if she knows anyone. I wish you the best with this dog. His story really touched me, and your commitment to him is very inspiring. It reminds me that there are some outstanding people on this earth willing to risk everything to help another being, someone others would just toss away. You have my admiration.
Robin Scheff
Mobile Dog Trainer

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  March 2, 2009 - 1:48am | majed

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  9     October 7, 2008 - 7:40pm | dogblog

Thanks for the advice, everyone

I haven't had much time to check the blog today, so I was delighted to see all the suggestions. I'll pass them on to my co-worker tomorrow.

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  8     October 7, 2008 - 10:54am | crbypass

I advise not "snuggling" or

I advise not "snuggling" or cuddling with a dog that's shown aggression. The last place such a dog belongs is on the same level as the owner. No getting on the furniture or the bed. That's step #1 - step #2 is for the owner to develop a firmer, no-nonsense attitude towards the dog. If she stops trying to handle the dog's feet every time it objects, she's training the dog that it can tell her what she can and can't do.

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  7     October 7, 2008 - 9:27am | caribcrazy

Oops! Hair instead of toenails

I just realized, after reading sondrals response that this was more about hair than toenails. Oops.

However, I feel the same methods apply and I'd incorporate a trimmer (not scissors). I'd show it without it being turned on and give treats if a response was shown like sniffing it, etc.

Any fear, etc. would get ignored and get no response. Once he is comfortable, try turning it on using the same positive response, treat, negative response, ignore. Then, as with toenails, trim a little at a time. Of course, this would be after doing AKdogsports #1 for relaxation techniques.

Again, patience, persistence, calmness, and positive attitude are key. If she feels herself getting impatient, upset, or anxious, don't even try doing anything as dogs can pickup on this.

And again, hopefully, he is into treats. Try high value treats, steak, chicken, jerky, yummie chummies - something he doesn't get everyday or very often.

I don't think holdking a dog down is effective in the long run, but making it so they can't move can be. I don't think I'd try this on an older dog that has been aggressive, but with a puppy, done correctly (calm and patient), it can work. With Riley, I worked on his toenails as a puppy by sitting on his leash and wrapping it around my leg so that it wasn't me using my hands or body to hold him down (well, not in a way that would be threatening to him). So he would struggle, but it wasn't me trying to hold him down - if that makes sense. I'd let him go through his struggles and when he'd calm down, praise and treat him and work with his feet.

I did try using a dremmel tool on Riley's toenails, but he is terrified of them, so it was easier to use traditional methods, though I'd like to try the dremmel again.

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  6     October 7, 2008 - 9:24am | robynandbatman

Toenails/Hair trimming

Well at the risk of sounding like a horrible doggie mom, there is another thing to try. It depends on your dog though and you need to be sure you can follow through and do it. I had never had a problem with toenails until Bronwie. Chessies can be notoriously stubborn and feet were off limits in her opinion from day 1 at 10 weeks of age. So with the help of the breeder, it took three of us to hold her down while I cut them- all four feet. She stuggled and struggled though never tried to mouth or bite. At the end we were all exhausted, but she ended up figuring out that that was how it was going to be whether she liked it or not and she needed to get used to it. The second time only took one to hold and me cut. The third time my husband only had to have a hand on her. Now she'll just lay there and let me get it done.
I'm not sure I'd try this on a previous biter with a bad history, but wanted to let you know there are other options. Frankly, if it's a matter of health (long toenails can cause foot pain and eventually other issues), I'd put a muzzle on and do it. That's what your vet would do. It's not ideal, but can you really wait 3 or 4 weeks trying to get one nail at a time???

As for the hair- get some dog clippers, hold the dog down and trim the hair- you can do it in one or two swipes. If you use scissors make sure you get the blunt ended ones.

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  October 7, 2008 - 11:44am | shannon_dewandel

bad toes

I recently saw two beagles being walked by a young boy. Not sure if they got walked very often. I saw their feet, and they had rotten feet. I am totally serious, both the beagles had sores and holes in their skin on the feet because of really long toenails. I was horrified, the poor beagles couldn't even walk. I spoke with the boy, showed the sores to him. He shrugged it off, "oh, they never let us do their toes". I almost cried. I can't believe people would treat their dogs that way.

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  October 7, 2008 - 10:57am | Akdogsports

You are never a bad dog mom :>

I agree that often with puppies you just need to 'help' them figure out that it isn't optional, they aren't going to die from nail trimming and once they relax the process is much quicker.

Trust me Ryder was the most rotten puppy at nail trimming that I've ever dealt with in my home and he was born here so I was doing them very early. He had to be wrapped in a towel with one foot out at a time for awhile so that he couldn't wiggle and flail around.

We went through lots of peanut butter spoons and patience on my part as well as simply holding him til the struggling stopped. He now will 'relax' on his side while I trim nails very calmly but it was a challenge.

With a 100 lb dog with not great bit inhibition I agree that a muzzle would be very helpful just to take the option of her 'winning' out of the plan. Even if it isn't on purpose the dog could do some serious damage.

If there has been bad experiences, pain or trauma associated with handling feet I would try a positive approach and see if building some trust would help.

Good suggestions from everyone. Something's gotta work. :>


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  October 7, 2008 - 10:56am | crbypass

Why does that make you a bad

Why does that make you a bad owner? That's practical, sensible advice. Better than daintily fawning over a dog that is not submitting to basic grooming like it should.

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  5     October 7, 2008 - 11:39am | shannon_dewandel

stinky feet

Toes are the worst! Ruby cringes when I even say the word toes, so now we refer to her "nails, or feet, or the You Knows". We do them about every two weeks, try to keep up with them. We don't take a lot off. Ruby has white toes, so it makes it much easier. Ivy doesn't have near the problem with it. We let them see the clippers, then call them to us so they know whats coming, seems like it gives them a bit of choice, though not really, cause I'd chase em down if I had too. We use both of us humans to do the procedure, one to hold the dog still, one to clip. the dh won't clip, so he's the holder. Lots of praise and treats once they are done. I almost think the vets office is more apt to make a dog nervous about trimming toes because they often cut to the quick and make them bleed and hurt, which makes it harder for a dog to take it, knowing whats coming. Best of luck, lots of love and treats. I started holding dog feet at puppy stage, and do it all the time just to show I can do it. Ruby still tries to pull her front feet from my hands, but the back ones are no problem. Ivy says "Yay, feet rub". Ivy will come back and lay down on dh lap even after her toes are done and it is Ruby's turn.

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  4     October 7, 2008 - 7:18am | sondrals


are difficult.. it took me a long long time to even have Kane tolerate me touching his feet. Thankfully he has very little hair and I take him to the vets to get his nails trimmed, for some reason he behaves better for them and it's like 20 times faster! I'd try filling a kong with peanut butter or something yummy and getting them to focus on licking that then start by just touch his feet, no trimming anything. Eventually you should be able to work up to trimming etc. Definately would help to have 2 people but you need to be careful with that too, Kane flips if he's "outnumbered" or cornered. I agree with everyone else, it's going to take LOTS of patience and persistance.

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  3     October 7, 2008 - 7:04am | caribcrazy


I'm in the process of teaching Marley (he's a 7 mo old puppy) that I'm not trying to "kill" him when I trim his toenails. He's not a big fan of it.

I'm not sure if her dog would be more amenable to a dremmel. I want to use that with all of our dogs if I can remember to ask my husband to find it for me.

Anyway, toenail trimming, in my humble opinion, takes a lot of practice and even more patience. I give treats and I'm persistent. I try to remain calm, firm, gentle, and quiet while doing it. I don't want to get Marley any more excited than he is. I try to go as quickly as I can, but carefully so I don't cut the quick.

Marley has definitely been the worst of the three, he barks, yelps, tugs his feet away, and protests that he's sure I'm going to do him harm. Usually if I can get him to calm down for one paw, he is okay for the others. By the last paw, his attention deficit has kicked in and his attention is focused on something else.

So the best advice I have is treats (lots if those work), patience, persistence, and calmness. Also, I trim our dog's toenails once every week or two in the winter (cause I'm such a wimp about cutting the quick, I don't trim much). That gets them used to what I'm doing too.

So for a dog like the one described, I'd follow AKdogsports advice for #1 (I need to practice the "relax" with Marley too!). Once he is comfortable with "relax" and having his feet handled, start with one toenail at a time each week. It might take a month, two months or longer before you can trim all his nails, but if you're persistent, calm, and patient, I know that this guy will come around and realize nothing bad is going to happen to him. I'm hoping he is a treat kinda guy because that makes it SO much easier. Good luck!

AND - HOW IS KANE? I'm hoping today is a better day!

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  October 7, 2008 - 7:13am | sondrals

Kane and I

are headed to the vet at 9:20. She wants to give him a once over, run a fecal sample, and then he will most likely start treatment, though at this poitn I'm not 100% sure what the treatment will be even!

He's kinda been up and down, mornings seem to be bad for him, he won't eat, drink, nothing. Though he ate 3 ice cubes when I gave them to him this morning. I feel like we're on a cruel cruel rollercoaster ride and it has no end :-(

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  October 7, 2008 - 9:25am | robynandbatman


Let us know what's going on!!!!

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  October 7, 2008 - 9:16am | caribcrazy


That sucks. :( Poor you and poor Kane. Can he have any type of broth? That might help keep him hydrated (I'm thinking organic, no or low sodium type of broth).

It's very interesting that mornings are bad for him. Seems with most illnesses, they are better in the am and worse in the pm.

Well, know we are all pulling for you both. Give us an update as soon as you can!

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  2     October 7, 2008 - 5:33am | chris_goff

Professional assistance?

Maggie hates being groomed. So when she was first groomed by the breeder, I stood at her head and fed her tiny cheese, bacon, etc., while the grooming took place. We stopped when she had had enough.

The next time, we took her to a professional groomer and there were no problems, according to the groomer.

It's like the nail clipping, I think. The dog knows that the pros can do it really fast and easy, while when you try to do this the dog senses your unease and lack of expertise and thus fights you on it.

Also, re the feet, some dog experts feel that the feet are a particularly tough area due to the fact that when the dog gives up control of their feet, they have essentially lost control of themselves.

Could your coworker be there at the groomer's to provide reassurance and a regular flow of treats? Might be worth a try.

Oh, and also we give Maggie half an acepromazine about 30 minutes before we take her to the groomer. Everybody's happy.

Poor dog, abuse and broken bones, etc. And they still have the 'heart' to try one more person to love.

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  October 7, 2008 - 8:38am | dogblog

Good ideas, everyone

I'll have to run those by her. I think she's a little afraid of taking him to a groomer because of the vet-biting experience. She'd have to find a tolerant groomer, but with the assist suggestion it could work.

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  October 7, 2008 - 9:40am | jarnold

It doesn't necessarily...

... have to be a groomer. It could be an experienced dog person that the dog does not know. By experienced, I mean someone who will take very a no-nonsense approach and will usually get cooperation from the dog.

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  1     October 6, 2008 - 6:50pm | Akdogsports

It's hard to say exactly without seeing but

I would back up and start s-l-o-w-l-y again. It sounds like she won't win a power struggle.

Is the dog food motivated at all?

Two options to consider

#1 -I would start by teaching the "Relax" cue so that she can teach the dog how to be flat on the floor in a relaxed position. Several sessions of simply sitting on the floor and calmly talking to the dog, while slowly massaging might get the dog used to being touched all over. She might try some food or a spoon with some peanut butter on it for some reinforcement along the way. A requirement of "Relax" is that the head remain flat on the floor too which keeps the teeth away from your hands.

If she can get the dog to "Relax" I would then work on touching the feet. I suggest giving it a cue "Foot" "Paw" or something simple. Slowly 'massage' the paw and praise while that is happening.

If that is tolerated then maybe use a wash cloth or something with some texture and gently rub it on the foot just for something different.

Working up to brushing or trimming may take a bit of time. The key is to not push it to a point where you get the negative reaction you don't want - if that happens back up to the step just before.

#2 - Another suggestion (depending on how reactive the dog is) would be to have her sit in a chair and teach the dog to offer a paw.

Work things slowly again and get the dog to let her massage the foot, etc.

The down side to doing it this way is that the dog is up and can move away easier. It can also be closer to bite because the head will likely be more even with her.

Maybe there will be some other ideas thrown out too.


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  October 6, 2008 - 9:21pm | dogblog

Thanks, Liz

Your #1 seems like it would work. I know he's not very mobile, so getting him up in a chair might be difficult.


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