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Kott guilty on three of four counts


Kott guilty on three counts, sentencing set for December

Anchorage Daily News

After deliberating for a day, a federal jury this afternoon convicted former state Rep. Pete Kott on three of four corruption charges against him and acquitted him of one.

Jurors found him guilty of bribery, extortion and conspiracy. They found him not guilty of wire fraud.

Kott's attorney Jim Wendt said he "almost certainly" will appeal the verdicts.

If jurors had really looked at what was presented at trial, they would not have found Kott guilty of bribery or extorton, Wendt said, apparently conceding the conspiracy count.

U.S. District Judge John Sedwick set sentencing for Dec. 7 at 8:30 a.m.

The prosecution asked that Kott be required to post a $25,000 cash bond in order to stay out of jail until he is sentenced,

Wendt told the judge his client doesn't have that kind of money. Sedwick rejected the prosecution request, saying he saw no reason to impose a bond.

A juror who spoke after the verdict was returned said Kott was not a credible witness and hurt himself when he testified.

When asked what played the most significant role in her decision to convict, juror Susan Pollard said, "I guess it was just more disturbing than it was significant: To see politics come to this shambles was very disheartening."

Pollard said the evidence against Kott was convincing but the thing that most jumped out in her mind was when Kott testified that he'd lie to his friends but he still sticks to his principles.

In Anchorage, Gov. Sarah Palin called the process that led to Kott's conviction "fair,"and said jurors should be commended for their "careful consideration of the compelling evidence that was before them."

In her written statement, the governor said, "I was shocked by some of the revelations that came out in the trial and I can understand why many Alaskans feel betrayed."

But Wendt said people should remember Kott as someone who worked hard on behalf of Alaskans. "I just want them to know that he worked for their interests, he just wanted a gas pipeline."

Kott represented the Eagle River area in the legislature for 14 years and was a former speaker of the House

Contact Lisa Demer at and Sean Cockerham at


Alaska lawmaker convicted of corruption

Associated Press Writer
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A federal jury Tuesday convicted a former Alaska lawmaker of three corruption charges, rejecting his claim that he worked closely with a major oil field services company on legislation that would benefit all Alaskans.

Pete Kott, who represented Eagle River on Anchorage's north side for 14 years, including two as speaker of the House, was convicted of conspiracy to solicit financial benefits, extortion and bribery. The jury acquitted him of wire fraud.

Kott was charged with accepting nearly $9,000, a political poll and the promise of a job from VECO Corp. The company stood to make millions in contracts if the Alaska Legislature approved a revised crude oil tax that encouraged investment.

The tax was seen as gateway legislation needed before major petroleum companies would commit to participating in construction of a natural gas pipeline tapping Alaska's vast North Slope reserves and carrying it to the Midwest. That project, which state officials still hope to see built, carries a price tag of $20 billion to $30 billion.

Kott did not comment as he walked away from the federal courthouse. A message left at the office of his attorney, Jim Wendt, was not immediately returned.

A key witness in the trial was former VECO CEO Bill Allen, who along with a company vice president, Rick Smith, has pleaded guilty to bribing Kott and other lawmakers.

Allen testified that in 2000 he also sent one to four workers for up to six months to assist on the remodeling of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens' Alaska home in Girdwood. Allen's connection to Stevens is the subject of a grand jury investigation.

The FBI in July raided Stevens' home. The senator has said he paid all bills he received for the remodeling project, which more than doubled the size of the home. Stevens' spokesman, Aaron Saunders, said by e-mail the senator would have no comment on Kott's verdict.

Jurors in Kott's case said they reached a conclusion relatively quickly on the three guilty verdicts but struggled over the wire fraud charge, which was based on a single phone call Kott made to Smith from Washington, D.C., while on legislative business. In the call, he sought the phone number of a lobbyist and ended up speaking about official business. Prosecutors said the call was part of the conspiracy.

The government's case was based on wiretaps of three phones belonging to Allen and Smith plus video recordings made by a camera that the FBI placed in a hotel room in Juneau rented by VECO during the 2006 legislative session.

The recordings show Kott, Allen and Smith discussing legislative strategy, often in sessions fueled by alcohol and laden with profanity.

In one call, Kott said he would like to become a lobbyist after he left the legislature. Allen testified it was understood that VECO would hire Kott.

Allen and Smith also testified that they schemed with Kott to give him $7,993 through his hardwood flooring business so that Kott could hire his son, Peter Kott Jr., as his campaign manager for the 2006 election. The payment, they said, was made through a phony invoice tacked on to a repair job done at Allen's home.

Juror Susan Pollard said she did not believe testimony from Kott, his son and his girlfriend, Debora Stovern, the bookkeeper for Kott's Hardwood Flooring, about invoices created for payment from Allen.

Kott claimed he received a $7,993 check for future work at the homes of Allen and Smith. Stovern testified she made up an invoice for Allen, revised it a day later when she learned that part of the work was for Smith, then created another, corrected invoice for Allen weeks later after the FBI had searched her house, seized her computer, made a copy of its hard drive and returned it to her.

"I didn't feel she was very credible," Pollard said. "I've been in business a long time. It's just not something you do."

Kott's attorney, Wendt, contended that Kott's claims of his influence on behalf of VECO were merely drunken boasts and that his voting record was a better indication that he had not sold out his constituents in favor of the company.

But Pollard said Kott hurt his credibility when he testified that he lied to his friends, telling them what they wanted to hear, but stuck to his principles when voting.
Pollard said she moved to Alaska as a young child.
"I've been very disappointed that Alaska's politics have become corrupt," she said.

Juror Donna Riley said most jurors were ready to convict Kott on Monday afternoon when they got the case. She said she wanted to sleep on it and not be rushed.
In the end, she said, "I think it was basically the same thing," she said.

U.S. District Judge John Sedwick scheduled sentencing for Dec. 7.

Kott faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on the extortion charge, a maximum sentence of 10 years on the bribery charge, and a maximum sentence of five years on the conspiracy charge.

"This verdict is an important victory for the people of Alaska, who deserve to expect honest, ethical representation from their elected officials," said Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division. "I thank the prosecutors and the FBI and IRS agents who worked on this case. Their effort shows that the Department of Justice will work hard to bring to justice any elected officials who betray their duties to their constituents."

Prosecutors requested that Kott post a $25,000 bond.
"My client doesn't have $25,000," Wendt said. Kott is a man of modest means, he said, and spent most of his money on his legal defense.

Sedwick rejected the bond request and said Kott could remain free.

Gov. Sarah Palin issued a press release in response to the verdict.

"The process was fair and the jurors should be commended for their careful consideration of the compelling evidence that was before them," she said. "I was shocked by some of the revelations that came out in the trial and I can understand why many Alaskans feel betrayed."

The governor called again for another look at the revised crude oil tax approved by the legislature when Kott and other lawmakers were being investigated.

"I am more committed than ever to seeking a fair, untainted solution to our petroleum tax system," she said.

© Copyright 2011, The Anchorage Daily News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  September 26, 2007 - 6:51am | akgen

bobby thorstenson Jr.,

Does it occur to you that many people in Alaska work hard, do good work, actually support the virtues of a oil based economny, and raise families, without having to take a bribe?

Oh bobby t., I hope this is not a surprise to you and your family, but this occurs alot in our great state = Honest, hard working Alaskans, that don't take bribes AND don't need take a bribe in order to stand up proudly with thier beliefs.

You state at the end of your post: "And what's more important is that he took some of these stands prior to ever having any show of support from our industry whatsoever. He was doing what he believed to be the right thing for the entire state on those issues."

Just curious bobby t., what do you consider "having any show of support from our industry whatsoever"?

Bobby Thorstenson Jr. you are a crook and an embarassment to all those hard working families in this great state.

See ya on the docks of Seward, Bobby and remember no drinking while operating that boat.

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:15pm | akwapsc


Yeah, akgen, it's not like I ever lived in a oil producing or heavily oil influenced region of the state, being Petersburg and Juneau.

My family has lived and worked hard in this state since 1903. We earned and continue to earn our money the old fashioned way, through sweat and hard labor.

If you had a clue to who I am and what I do, you'd get a grip on your accusation of me not being from a hard-working family - immediate or extended. I don't longline or fish the Bay but my kid brother does. He's out fishing right now.

It is a rare exception that there is a harder working family in this state. Show me your hours in 2007 and I can guarantee my working hours are well over double to nearly triple.

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:06pm | akwapsc


you don't know me. never been to the docks of seward in all my 31 years of commercial fishing.

how am i a crook. list one thing i stole or did that wasn't legal....besides the $260 fine i got this summer because one of my guys forgot to get a license.

bring it on.

docks of seward.
yeah, you look like the docks of seward.

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:29pm | akwapsc


support in 1992 through 2000 would have meant a possible endorsement or having our Political Action Committee support him with the $50 a candidate we were giving back then. we may have even endorsed him a couple times prior to my getting on the UFA board in 1997, but I don't recall any possible gain he would get from "doing us a favor".

Of course that was $50 for only a few folks, not all 60.

Now we probably contribute $150-250-$500 to folks if we can muster up the cash. More for statewide folks of course.

And each and every dollar we receive are from individual commercial fishermen, not from some formula, as the PAC is operated separately from the UFA itself, as required by state law.

The one thing we'll have to be burdened with nowadays is that we'll have to live within the new reporting requirements of reporting our business and employer for each contributor over $100.

Try (place name here, i.e., John Doe), commercial fishing, self employed. For all 2 dozen contributors.

That's going to be what comes from these changes to the non-profit organizations I deal with and have dealt with these past 14 1/2 years.

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  September 26, 2007 - 3:06pm | akgen

pssssst, bobby,

there is some more stuff about you on pages 3 and 4.... hurry up and read on and post some more... okay?

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  September 27, 2007 - 3:59am | barracos_pizza

Pages 5 & 6...

If Bobby t's uber lawyer can't make a libel case out of the posts there , then he's probably just a trumped up nobody ripping bobby off for all he can.

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  September 26, 2007 - 6:25am | TruthforAlaska

What a moron!

Kott just gets convicted for selling out our great state and you kiss his ass? I hope the FBI reads this and connects the dots straight to your house. IDIOT !

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:42pm | akwapsc

wouldn't be hard to do.

after breaking into Ted's house, i'd imagine that there is nothing from a cabin or a mansion that they'll not break into.

what kind of credentials or public service does it take.

can you imagine a breakin at the White House in 2009 and Hilary's having Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi over for a sleepover.

i mean, couldn't they have just discreetly called from the front porch at 2am DC time and got the spare key from the frigging woodpile.

yeah. the fbi knows where i live and i like it that way. with all my apparent "fans" in the fishing industry, it's nice to know there's always someone watching your house.

Bob Thorstenson
410 Calhoun Ave.

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  September 26, 2007 - 12:34pm | staufen

Over the rail...

... barf!

You're own pink curtain defies logic, Bobby T. If Kott was so competent at being on his hands and knees, why did he have to commit the felonies?

Give us the name of all bills you clowns worked on so that the Legislature can review them for overturning any corruption within.

Thanks for giving the feds the certain tie-ins between you clowns, esp.: [Kott] "also refinished the hardwood floors in my [blue fishermen's building within site of Ben Stevens' legislative window on Calhoun St.] office building and installed new 3-5-7's custom in the kitchen and main floor bathroom of my new (well, really built in 1948) home in Juneau [paid for by ripped off taxpayer funds].

Was that flooring paid for with some of the over $90 million in federal funds that were to be laundered through the Calhoun Boys' building? That would make him a recipient of maybe a kickback?, a bribe? (for doing state legislation your way), or what?

Are you telling the judge how wise it would be to sentence Kott to 25 years, and transfer him from prison to prison, until all the shower floors are re-tiled? Or just 14 - one for each year he was in the Legislature?

It may confuse fellow prisoners if he says, "I brought Bills to the Floor and got paid in flooring contracts" instead of "You know, I'm innocent, just like everyone else in here. But come by my cell in a few years and I'll show you the flooring made from colored shower soap pieces."

--- Larry Davison adds ----
Ode to Bobby - T

Clear your throat and spit it out -- do not cry -
do not pout, do not swallow, do not shout.

For alas Bobby T , you could drown.

Then, Kott , Don, Ben, the Hulk, et al
those we know who are yet to fall, ---
With all the rest who we pray the Feds will call.

-You call them your " good friends" - as they make you into the " fool of sound " -- and you prove that right, as you play "their clown".

We hope for all of U.S. -- you will get your pay -

That you all might be united in a cell one day -
Your chance B.T. - that again, with you,
they will have their way.

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:00pm | akwapsc


What jibberish...Typically Taufen.

1. Kott worked on no bills. These were BOF confirmations.

2. As a volunteer from 1993 until 2003, when I turned 40, I didn't have much to profit from. Your types were already alleging that I was involved in "corruption" by 2001. How about that.... I may be half norwegian but I'm not that dumb.

3. Pete's last session dealing with fish issues was over 12 months before he swung a hammer at my place. My last meeting with Pete Kott was probably 2 or 3 years prior to his exit from the legislature. If APOC wants to prolong how long a retiring legislator can have gainful employment, then I think 12 months of unemployment while we wait to ensure that the legislator is not the recipient of a bribe, I'm up with that although it seems a bit draconian.

4. I catch fish. Enough to feed hundreds of thousands of people. They pay me to catch the fish. I pay the plumber, the hardwood floor guy, the light bill, the preacher, etc. out of that money. Now, since 2003, I have gainful employment. As just a summertime fisherman who just fishes salmon, my wife finally gave me the ultimatum to get a job or quit as a volunteer.

5. If I don't have enough money to have hardwood floors refinished or whatever, then maybe we could establish a widows and orphans fund for my family and I so that I'm not tempted to use federal funds for my house or to pay the lawnmower guy.

Steve. Get a life. And the rest of you who sleaze through someone else's tragedy, you are pathetic.

Bob Thorstenson, Jr.

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  September 26, 2007 - 6:38pm | staufen

Why do you fight Abusive Transfer Pricing issues?

Bobby T: why do you not assist this state and Nation in getting back the missing $2 billion stolen from Alaska fisheries every year?

Since you never answer that question, it leaves only one answer - you benefit from it. As you take your what, $80/share for Icicle stock as you sell out Alaskans to an Outside equity firm so you can cut and run?

It is looking like the only explanation for all of your blogs is simple - you are lining up your own sponsors for letters to the judge in case you get indicted, and are found guilty, and need 'powerful' people to lie to the judge about how good you are.

I do hope you face an Alaskan jury. For a small flatfish like you, it will be like coming over the rail into the crucifier. And well deserved. But I am sure you'll claim that your home in Seattle, and kids in Shoreline schools qualifies you for a Washington state jury trial.

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  September 26, 2007 - 7:42pm | akwapsc

more taufen porn

i see you'll be on the radio tomorrow.

good time to tell about the $2 billion in missing money-ANNUALLY- to Alaskan fishermen.

you see, i've really been behind it all. In 14.5 years, they told me I'd just get a measly 10% so my take is 2.9 billion.

just waitin in the caymans.

keep on with the fish porn, taufen.

what if someone asks you if you got a PFD tomorrow.

if you really believe in the $2 billion, you won't talk about your buddy Ted Stevens, but you'll talk about the $2 billion.

since you are truly the fishermen's friend.


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  September 26, 2007 - 4:54am | gretzmacher

And your support/endorsement

And your support/endorsement for Pete Kott should be credible to us because ??????? All you've told us is that you're "birds of a feather."

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:01am | BravoSierra

GAG bobbyt on his knees yet again

Bob Thorstenson, Jr. Truly an embarrassment for every honest fisherman in Alaska.

Is there a crooked politician in Alaska you don't idolize?

I can hardly wait for your touching eulogy for Vic, soon to be conVICted. And you partners Benny and Trevor too.

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:37pm | akwapsc

get a spellchecker

learn the english language buddy.

it's your, not you in that last sentence.

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:28pm | edgefinder


How does the PSC expect to manage two Northern Southeast transboundary systems collecting slightly more than one tagged fish a week on two transboundary treaty river systems? (actually there were none collected from TAKU and the 5 Lynn Canal pulled the average up) The fish were there. Why don't we have adequate data to share, like the treaty requires? Kind of a meltdown there?

Seems like the largest processing facility in the state and a couple dedicated ADF&G people funded by the PSC would have done better. What went wrong ?

Maybe there was more at play than next to zilch. Maybe the PSC is a just big boondoggle to support a country club/ animal house lifestyle of a bunch of thugs who care little of science other than protecting their [federal] money.

Show me otherwise.

If you can manage systems collecting one tagged fish a week , then why not zilch? It Would save the fed a lot of [your] wages for that difference. (Actually the return from this brood year crashed, on these two systems and not others, which is a bigger concern.)

Why not see if you can find answers. It seems like the hundreds of millions aren't getting the minimal requirements done. Maybe the Feds need to figure out what's actually going on there. Maybe there is a hostile work environment for someone who is funded to do the job, and that the problem is caused by that.

Quit worrying about Pete, and Vic and TA and figure out how to keep the PSC family in buisness before the reason we have trouble with these treaty obligations is used to axe funding again. There would be many disappointed in you for knowing and not doing.

And do it quick. Be proactive. PSC will be in a funding pinch if you don't figure it out, and it is discovered by the right judge at the wrong place, soon.

Or maybe it has already been to the right Judge or Judges or senate subcommittee. That's what I beleive.

Maybe it's related to all your CBC politician friends problems, as well future concerns of your own .

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:33pm | akwapsc


my knowledge of salmon up and down the coast, aside from Chinook, is paralleled by very few.

ask any scientist or manager in the process.

that's why my name ends with psc, because i have dedicated 14 1/2 years of my life to the treaty process.

get a life.


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  September 26, 2007 - 1:52pm | edgefinder

Why don't you know about

Why don't you know about this treaty suspension?

Answer us that Mr. 14 1/2 years? (Actually that sounds like a good number for a sentence.)

For all you trump yourself up as , you are actually nothing more than a blood sucking parasite that needs to be slapped.

Since this suspension I have been quite active in bringing evidence of an "ethics crisis" to the federal courts and subcommittees. I knew it would eventually get to someone's desk that wasn't on the take, and sure enough it did. Hope it continues to make you uncomfortable at home , work , and at the bank.

Surely like McKie, you will avoid any information as if you have no responsibility.

Sorry to hear all your friends and business associates are "getting a life" of going to prison.

Who can you blame?

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:21pm | akwapsc

tell the truth, you are the bloodsucking parasite

Why McKie?

You keep saying McKie

And for me. What did I do now? Eat too many ice cream sundaes at treaty meetings?

Get a life, you loser.

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  September 26, 2007 - 5:30pm | pp05416


You met up with teddy and his exorcist son Benny. In larry Craig's tearoom?

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  September 26, 2007 - 12:42am | grateful

And NOW!

He is a convicted felon. Let me state that again he is a CONVICTED felon. How proud his faimly must be. You sir, me and all Alaskan are victoms of his crimes. Makes me wonder if had a broken a law by raping some young child if he would still be this forgiven because after all he is a moral hard working man. Give me a break. Off to jail with him. He betrayed a public trust. He raped Alaska to line his own pockets. And I will finish with this question. How many out there have 30 grand sitting around in there closet behind something instead of in a bank? Why ?Because it was dirty money that Mr Kott did not want traced. He has no morals, no more, no less, than the man who gets druck and rapes a person period, a felon is a felon period! Yes I feel for his family they are as big a victoms as any of us in this horrible situation. But being hard a working felon makes you no better than the lazy slime felon sorry.

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  September 25, 2007 - 10:37pm | barracos_pizza

So you're saying he worked

So you're saying he would have worked hard for the documented bribes, and whatever other sources supplied his box of cash?

I'll go with that.

But then, how else would you talk bad about someone who works to give away a multi billion $ public resource to a chosen few of your associates, and without competition of others? A Post conviction endorsement is the least you could do. How about serving his sentence for him?

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  September 26, 2007 - 1:35pm | akwapsc


get down on your hands and knees and take your shoes off the next time you visit my building.

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  September 26, 2007 - 5:39pm | pp05416

In other words

"assume the position", it's tearoom etiquette. He'll do the rest.

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:49pm | barracos_pizza

I learned to hate no one at a very young age.

But at this point in my life I would consider making exception for meglomaniacs.

The kind that are scheming, with above the law attitudes, and that have aspirations of serving themselves in the government.

Whatever is not working any more, Bobby. Is that what you tell the DOJ?

Obviously meglomania dictates your assumption I have been in your building or would want to return for some reason.

Guess what Meglabob- I've never been in your stinking building. Doubt if I would ever want to be in any building, home, organization, committee, commission or tainted buisness associated with yours.

The real shame is that this party was not next door to your building. But God and federal Grand Juries work in mysterious ways, and you are getting a better understanding of at least one.

It is a surprise that with all the enemies you continue to make that your building still stands. The likely reason is the new found respect for the Federal Agencies, and the fact that it will be sold at auction as ill gains of abusing federal funding, used to help pay for their appreciated efforts.

Since you are such a hard working meglomaniac, maybe you could get some quick lessons on installing flooring before Dec, 7.

Stephens Idea is good- new tile in the Federal prisons. I think they would even pay you a good reality check $.40 an hour.

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:18pm | akwapsc

because of the beautiful Kott floors


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  September 26, 2007 - 3:15pm | barracos_pizza

Once your UFA building is seized...

The feds will use you as a mop on those floors.

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  September 26, 2007 - 3:15pm | akgen

Hey barracos,

did this guy just figure out he could be a blogger? He's shooting himself in the foot with some of his many hurried responses.

I think he wants to run for office with the ADN blog and justifying Kotts actions as his launching platform.

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  September 26, 2007 - 3:40pm | barracos_pizza

It does seem that way..

And he has a history of fooling people.

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  28     September 25, 2007 - 8:46pm | akzero2007


"My client doesn't have $25,000," says his attorney. But he keeps a spare $30,000 in his closet???

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  September 26, 2007 - 2:34am | ivanmoore

i suspect

he FBI took that.

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  September 26, 2007 - 8:32am | alyeska34


No, the FBI didn't take it. They couldn't prove it came from VECO, although I'm pretty sure Kott's lawyer is now in possession of it!! Why else, would he say his client doesn't have that kind of money. More accurately, he should have said "My client doesn't have that kind of money anymore"

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  27     September 25, 2007 - 7:59pm | adnsucks3

List getting longer

Let's not forget Scott Ogan!

He always campaigned as a 'regular guy', a blue collar self employed cabinet maker, who just happened to get hired as a $30k per year natural gas consultant by a natural gas company that wanted legislation to overrule local opposition. Exactly what expertise did Scott-the-cabinet-maker have in the gas field that the company didn't have in house? Hmmmmm...a vote in the legislature?

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  September 25, 2007 - 8:27pm | edgefinder


Well they say he (Ogan) was a fast learner.

And that along with a GED substitutes for a masters from a Major university.

I think Scott's appointment to position in the state is one that will bring Murkowski down. Along with all the other crookie stuff that went on in HR/LR under Frank's reorganization, which made this type of underqualification pass scrutiny, so far as they know.

But then the DOJ is still calling the investigation widespread, and I guess the Federal Grand Jury is still working, and likely reconvene for more fun when it's term expires.

There's certainly more to look at there.

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  26     September 25, 2007 - 7:40pm | truckinangel35

Kott Caught in the Act!!

He is one of many. In my opinion, all politicians and lawyers are dishonest to some degree. Some get caught, some don't. Its only a matter of time...

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  25     September 25, 2007 - 7:03pm | twodux


Let's finish the job.

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  September 25, 2007 - 7:15pm | gilld

Come On Down!

"Now joining the federal court house parade: Vic Kohring!"

I wonder if his wife and child(ren?) will be in attendance from Oregon? My guess is no.

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  September 25, 2007 - 7:22pm | AK_Lady


Is anyone planning on donating a portion of their PFD to the Kohring defense fund?

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  September 25, 2007 - 7:27pm | gilld


That's a definite milk-through-nose comment! :-)

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  September 25, 2007 - 7:28pm | AK_Lady


Expensive Mat Maid milk?

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  September 25, 2007 - 8:12pm | gilld

More Ha!

You're crackin' me up here, AK_Lady! :-)

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  24     September 25, 2007 - 6:09pm | adnak

Another one bites the dust..........check* list













Bobby Thorstenson

Rob Zuanich

Trevor McCabe

Did I miss anybody?

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  September 26, 2007 - 12:03pm | edgefinder

Mining consultant In charge of Fisheries

Mckie "ala EPA Burford" Campbell.

And let's not forget the revolving door union appointments on the Knowles/ Murkowski cusp in
charge of foisting away the formers admin labor problems.

S E dem chair Metcalfe
and removed by coup senate president
Jim Duncan and sorted others.

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  September 26, 2007 - 10:34am | montanacowboy

Did you miss anybody?

Why dont the feds look at Jerry Hood-special favor lobbyist for Veco.

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  September 26, 2007 - 10:19am | alaskadiva

The mother of all elephants in the room. . .

Cheney, Bush, et al. Duh. Cheney's energy groupies and the meetings papers he refuses to turn over to judge after judge. . ...

How about the CEO/Pres. of Hunt Oil who's on Dubbie's intel committee?

The oil suits are in it up to their necks as is the current admin. in DC. How are their antics different from Veco and the CBC's?

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  September 25, 2007 - 9:10pm | montana_griz



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  September 25, 2007 - 9:25pm | bob_the_contractor


Mark Zachares, Manase Mansur, James Frank Prewitt, Bill Bobrick, Bill Weimar

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  September 25, 2007 - 10:27pm | tlamb775

Cornell lobbyist Joe Hayes:

any relation to any one of Begich's deputy treasurers listed on his 2000 APOC report where VECO through their executives, donated the same day?

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  September 25, 2007 - 8:16pm | truthseeker

Oh Yes...................

The oil companies that financed VECO with negotiated unbid contracts while they did the dirty work for them. There were plenty of audiotapes with calls to the oil companies showing they were directing the whole thing.

Justice won't be served and this whole type of operation won't stop until you get to the source which is the oil companies.

Where is the daily news on this????????????????

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  September 25, 2007 - 8:11pm | Ter_H

I would add Lesil and ...........

a few lobbyists that are very nervous these days.

Pete Kott's future: "Bubba, do you take Pete to be your unlawfully......."

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