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Location: Fairbanks, Winter 2012 
Congradulations Claire-Elise A. Baalke of Anchorage, Alaska as new member of the National Society of Collegiate ...

Location: Fairbanks, Winter 2012 Congradulations Claire-Elise A. Baalke of Anchorage, Alaska as new member of the National Society of Collegiate ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 
Bobby and Camai Cassey are photographed. Camai just received a Bachelor of Science in Occupationa ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 Bobby and Camai Cassey are photographed. Camai just received a Bachelor of Science in Occupationa ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 
Camai Cassey, Dawn Ash, and Qiauna Dade on graduation day! Camai, Dawn, and Qiauna received a Bac ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 Camai Cassey, Dawn Ash, and Qiauna Dade on graduation day! Camai, Dawn, and Qiauna received a Bac ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 
Bobby and Camai Cassey are photographed. Camai just received a Bachelor of Science in Occupationa ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/08/10 Bobby and Camai Cassey are photographed. Camai just received a Bachelor of Science in Occupationa ...

Location: Callander Scotland, 9/15/10 
We are traveling this year and homeschooling but today Corin attended a public school in Scotland as their ...

Location: Callander Scotland, 9/15/10 We are traveling this year and homeschooling but today Corin attended a public school in Scotland as their ...

Location: APOA Monthly Luncheon Meeting, 08/03/10 
Alaska Peace Officers Association (APOA)
2010 - 2011 Anchorage Chapter Scholarship Winners

We ...

Location: APOA Monthly Luncheon Meeting, 08/03/10 Alaska Peace Officers Association (APOA) 2010 - 2011 Anchorage Chapter Scholarship Winners We ...

Location: Michigan, 04/05/2007 
DeVan Hardy-Hoover from Zeeland, MI previously of Wasilla, AK has been named
to the Deans List at Davenport Unive ...

Location: Michigan, 04/05/2007 DeVan Hardy-Hoover from Zeeland, MI previously of Wasilla, AK has been named to the Deans List at Davenport Unive ...

Location: SAHS, 11/30/09 
Alex Krolick,senior at South Anchorage HIgh School has been named one of 560 semifinalists in the 2010 US Presidential  ...

Location: SAHS, 11/30/09 Alex Krolick,senior at South Anchorage HIgh School has been named one of 560 semifinalists in the 2010 US Presidential ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, April 23, 2010 
Wayland Baptist University's Anchorage Campus
Graduates 52 in Spring 2010

2010 marks the 2 ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, April 23, 2010 Wayland Baptist University's Anchorage Campus Graduates 52 in Spring 2010 2010 marks the 2 ...

Location: School, 2010 
Katrina Hill, a senior at Eagle River High School, was recently recognized as one of only two Alaska students to receive  ...

Location: School, 2010 Katrina Hill, a senior at Eagle River High School, was recently recognized as one of only two Alaska students to receive ...

Location: School, 2010 
Nathaniel Knapp, a senior at East Anchorage High School, was recently recognized as one of only two Alaska students to re ...

Location: School, 2010 Nathaniel Knapp, a senior at East Anchorage High School, was recently recognized as one of only two Alaska students to re ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/09/09 
Qiauna Funnique Dade and Camai Kuri Cassey (better known as the Dade Girls) graduated with thei ...

Location: Wayland Baptist University, 10/09/09 Qiauna Funnique Dade and Camai Kuri Cassey (better known as the "Dade Girls") graduated with thei ...

Location: Anchorage Ak , 08-05-2009 
Danielle is about to graduate from Palmer Pathways High, An Anch raised daughter of Leslie Wedel and John Ba ...

Location: Anchorage Ak , 08-05-2009 Danielle is about to graduate from Palmer Pathways High, An Anch raised daughter of Leslie Wedel and John Ba ...

Location: Wendler Jr High , 04-27-2010 
Our grandson Christian Bannatyne son of Cliff Bannatyne and Rene King was inducted into Jr Honor Scoiety  ...

Location: Wendler Jr High , 04-27-2010 Our grandson Christian Bannatyne son of Cliff Bannatyne and Rene King was inducted into Jr Honor Scoiety ...

Location: Anchorage, October 2009 
Jaymie Jackson of South Anchorage High school is signing a National Letter of Intent Wednesday 2/3/2010; Jaymi ...

Location: Anchorage, October 2009 Jaymie Jackson of South Anchorage High school is signing a National Letter of Intent Wednesday 2/3/2010; Jaymi ...

  126     January 25, 2008 - 8:33am | akjesster8

Seawolf debaters travel to Thailand to compete

The Seawolf Debate Team traveled six debaters to Bangkok, Thailand over the winter break to compete in the 28th World Universities Debating Championships. In attendance were 396 teams, hailing from 150 colleges and universities and 47 nations.

Representing UAA were the teams of Michael Rose (senior, political science) and Ben Ferguson (junior, philosophy); David Childers (junior, political science) and Jennifer Lucas-Duffy (graduate student, psychology); and Nick Byrne (junior, English) and Drew Cason (freshman, biology). This was the fourth trip to the world championships for Rose and the second for both Ferguson and Childers. Duffy, Byrne and Cason attended their first "Worlds" tournament.

Over the course of nine preliminary and four elimination rounds, the 792 debaters at the tournament engaged one another on numerous controversial topics. They included whether governments should rescue failing private industries, whether we should deny terminally ill patients access to scarce medical resources, and whether religious adoption agencies should be required to place children with homosexual couples. Over the course of seven days, the Seawolf debaters exchanged ideas and perspectives with individuals from many of the world's top academic institutions while they interacted with people from varied educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

As an example, Round 1 of the tournament found Childers and Lucas-Duffy assigned the role of Opening Proposition to defend the motion "This House would allow the use of torture." UAA’s team was pitted against teams from Harvard, the University Teknologi Malaysia and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Serving as adjudicators and engaging the competitors in a thorough analysis of the debate upon its conclusion were representatives from UCC Law School (Ireland), Duke, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), the University of York (U.K.) and the University of Western Australia.

Throughout the tournament UAA's debaters interacted with delegates from such universities as Bandung Islamic University (Indonesia), the Beijing Language Academy, Cambridge, Dubai Aerospace Engineering University, Hanyang University (South Korea), International Islamic University of Malaysia, Oxford, Princeton, Seikei University (Japan), Stanford, the University of Aukland (New Zealand), the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the University of Hong Kong, the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines), the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Yale.

While the upcoming semester includes four tournaments, the team's primary focus will be hosting the campus intramural debate competition: the Cabin Fever Debates. Any UAA student enrolled in at least three credits is eligible to compete. For more information visit the Cabin Fever Debates Web site at www.uaa.alaska.edu/seawolfdebate/CabinFeverDebates/.

For more information please contact Steve Johnson (786-4391) or Shawn Briscoe (786-4354). You can also learn more about the team at www.uaa.alaska.edu/seawolfdebate/.

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  125     January 15, 2008 - 3:10pm | kellygreen

Midnight Sun Geo Bee Winner

Brianna Burgess, a sixth grade student at Midnight Sun Family Learning Center, a charter school in the Valley, won her school's competition of the National Geographic Bee on January 10th. As a winner she now takes a written test and if she is in the top 100 scorers in the state will be able to compete in the state Bee on April 4, 2008. National Geographic Society sponsors the event and will provide the winner of the state competition, and their teacher-escorts, an all expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., where the national winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship and lifetime membership in the Society. Good Luck Brianna, we're proud of you!

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  124     December 13, 2007 - 8:29am | akjesster8

Seawolf Debate Team shines in Vancouver tournament

The Seawolf Debate Team returned to international competition in its final tune-up for the World Universities Debating Championships. On November 30 and December 1, 12 debaters traveled to Vancouver, BC for the University of British Columbia Invitational Tournament. The competition hosted 88 debaters representing nine universities from the United States and Canada.

At the end of five preliminary rounds, four of UAA's six teams finished in the top half of the competition. Leading the pack, as the top seeded team in the tournament was the duo of Ben Ferguson (Junior, Philosophy) and Michael Rose (Senior, Political Science). Of the eight teams advancing to the semifinal round, Ferguson and Rose were one of only two to advance to the semifinal round and the only U.S. team to make the final round. Freshman Michaela Hernandez (Philosophy) and James Stinson (Junior, History) were only a single point away from joining them in the semifinals. The Seawolves' top team then went on to earn an unofficial second place in the tournament.

The Seawolves also earned a number of individual honors, placing seven in the top half of the field. Of significance, three placed in the top 15: Stinson (15th), Ferguson (7th), and Rose (2nd). Proving they have many talents, a handful of competitors chose to compete in public speaking in addition to their debate responsibilities. For their efforts, both Nick Byrne (Junior, English) and David Childers (Junior, Political Science) earned spots in the final round of competition.

Over the course of the weekend, the team debated such controversial topics as whether or not votes should be weighted according a person's level of education, whether we should repeal sanctions against Cuba, the right of self-determination for indigenous people, and whether the Roman Catholic Church should play a role in political diplomacy.

In the semifinal round, Ferguson and Rose were pitted against teams from Regis University (Denver), the University of Saskatchewan and the University of British Columbia. The teams debated whether we should support government reparations for past transgressions, and UAA was assigned the role of opening the debate for opposition side. They broke the debate into two lines of argument: the practical and the philosophical. On the philosophical front, they argued that reparations are problematic since it is often difficult to identify a recipient group. That is, who should be awarded reparations? They also argued that it is impractical to assess the level of damage; and, therefore, how much groups should be compensated. When looking to the philosophical side, they looked at the nature of restoration.

First, they made the case that our government should be prospective rather than retrospective in its actions. Second, they argued that we should build on existing ties – focusing on our commonalities. However, reparations focus on the differences between groups and often alienate the victims of past transgressions. Therefore, they argued in favor of alternatives such as Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and promoting active political participation of all groups.

Next up, the Seawolves travel three teams to the World Universities Debating Championships. Making the trip to Bangkok, Thailand, the teams of Ferguson and Rose, Childers and Jennifer Lucas-Duffy (Graduate Student, Psychology), and Byrne and Drew Cason (Freshman, Biology) will compete against 397 other schools at Assumption University. For more information please contact Steve Johnson (786-4391) or Shawn Briscoe (786-4354). You may also visit the team’s recently updated Web site at www.uaa.alaska.edu/seawolfdebate/

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  123     December 7, 2007 - 4:11am | stam

Ross Amundson

was recently hired as a first officer by Northwest Airlines. He will be flying Canadian Regional Jets and be assigned to Minneapolis, MN. Ross flew for Fargo Jet Center as an air ambulance pilot for the previous six months. He graduated from the University of North Dakota school of Aerospace in 2006 and from Dimond H.S. in 2001. He is the son of Steve and Debbie Amundson of Seattle.

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  122     November 19, 2007 - 3:55pm | coistad

AIA-AK Awards 2007 Scholarships

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Alaska Chapter recently completed the 2007 AIA Alaska Chapter Scholarship Program and has awarded scholarships to two talented and committed students attending accredited Schools of Architecture.

Jessica Cawvey of Anchorage, who attends the Illinois Institute of Technology, was awarded a $4,000.00 scholarship award. Ms. Cawvey is scheduled to graduate in 2008.

Heather Sealy, also of Anchorage, attends the University of Idaho and was awarded a $4,000.00 scholarship. Ms. Sealy will complete her studies and graduate in 2008.

The funds for support of deserving students are made possible by a generous AIA Component Matching Grant Program sponsored by the American Institute of Architects national organization and funds are raised locally by members of the AIA Alaska Chapter.

The American Institute of Architects believes that the investment to support the education of future professionals is a crucial part of its mission.

About The American Institute of Architects. For 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. The Alaska Chapter of the AIA was established in 1961.

- ##### -

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  121     November 15, 2007 - 11:34pm | jmg53066


Government Hill Elementary School student, Maria G. Gomez will be attending the Junior National Young Leaders Conference(JrNYLC) in Washington D.C. in the spring of 2008, she was nominated by her two teachers Mr. Craigan and Sra. Andrews of the Spanish Immersion program at Government Hill due to her academic excellence. The conference is a great opportunity for Maria. The purpose of the conference is to honor and inspire the most exceptional students in the nation, distinguished by their academic excellence, leadership potential and maturity, and to reinforce the virtues of leadership, citizenship and democracy using Washington, D.C. as their classroom. Maria is very honored by the nomination and is very excited about going but in order to participate in this leadership conference, Maria needs to raise the necessary funds to cover the cost of the 6 day conference and the airfare which is about $2000.00 dollars, she has already started working very hard doing some fund raisers like a raffle and a bake sale but is still in need of your generosity and donations and will not go unappreciated by this exceptional young achiever. Interested parties seeking to help this bright young lady can mail donations made out to "Marisol Gomez" (her mother) to PO Box 201099, Anchorage, AK 99520 or contact her mother by email at jmg53066@univision.com. Maria will need to have all her funds raised by December 1, 2007 to complete her registration with JrNYLC. Maria and her family wish to extend a great big thank you to everyone that has helped and will be helping her get on her way to this wonderful opportunity in Washington D.C.

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  120     November 14, 2007 - 11:58am | ann_marie

Seawolf speakers take top honors in Oregon

The Seawolf Debate Team returned to domestic competition on November 10 and 11 when it traveled to McMinnville, Oregon for the Mahaffey Invitational hosted by Linfield College. The tournament featured competition in which 48 debaters represented nine colleges and universities in the worlds style format of debate competition.

This was a breakout tournament, as UAA took five new debaters on the road for the first time this season: Phil Bunker (Junior, Undeclared), Nick Byrne (Junior, English), Drew Cason (Freshman, Biology), Michaela Hernandez (Freshman, Philosophy) and Jennifer Lucas-Duffy (Senior, Psychology).

Over the course of the weekend, the debaters engaged one another on a myriad of controversial topics such as whether or not the U.S. should make all aid to Pakistan contingent upon free and fair democratic elections, whether the U.S. should implement a cap and trade system on all carbon emissions and whether the United Nations should recognize a sovereign and independent Taiwan.

After five grueling rounds of preliminary competition, it was apparent that the Seawolves were in top competitive form. Of the eight teams advancing to the semi-final round of competition, three hailed from Alaska: Nikki Rose (Junior, Political Science) and Jacit Conright (Sophomore, Business Administration); David Childers (Junior, Political Science) and Jennifer Lucas-Duffy (Graduate Student, Psychology); and Ben Ferguson (Junior, Philosophy) and Mike Rose (Senior, Political Science). Furthermore, as the 10th seeded team, Byrne and Cason narrowly missed the cut to the semi-final round.

In the semi-final round, the competitors debated whether or not Kosovo should be recognized as an independent nation. While all the UAA teams argued passionately, only Michael Rose and Ben Ferguson were selected to advance to the final round. In that round, Rose and Ferguson faced competition from two Seattle University teams and a team from Willamette University. The teams argued about the leadership of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, with Rose and Ferguson arguing that Chavez is more likely to harm Venezuela than help it. Their position proved insurmountable to the competition, and Alaska banked its first tournament championship of the season.

In addition to team awards, the Seawolves garnered several individual speaker awards. Childers was ranked as the 6th overall speaker, Ferguson took 3rd speaker, and Rose was only two points away from being the top speaker at the tournament. But perhaps the most important comment on the future of Seawolf Debate is that nine of Alaska’s debaters placed in the top 24.

In two weeks, the Seawolves return to international competition at the University of British Columbia’s invitational tournament. This will be the team’s final tune-up for the World Championships, which will be held in Thailand over the holiday break. For more information please contact Steve Johnson at 786-4391 or Shawn Briscoe at 786-4354.

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  119     November 7, 2007 - 11:26am | ann_marie

Three UAA students attend National Ethics Conference

The Division of Student Development (DSD) sent three students to participate in the 22nd Annual National Conference on Ethics in America hosted by the United States Military Academy at West Point. Tyler Eggen, Eddy Ozoma and Brandon Telford represented UAA during the week of October 21.

The conference maintains several goals. It is primarily designed to give institutions the opportunity to exchange conceptual viewpoints and current philosophies. The discourse directly aids in the initiation of new codes, refinement of existing honor codes and systems, and the development of different programs centered on ethical topics that influence college students. Also important is the intent to develop a national awareness regarding moral and ethical development on college campuses, and beyond, into the professional arena.

The conference included student discussions of ethical challenges facing college students in the 21st century and small group projects addressing moral and ethical development in a college environment. Students also had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders from over a dozen venues to discuss ethics in business, sports and political communities. Conference speakers included Martha Raddatz, author and ABC News Chief White House Correspondent; Eric Alexander, mountaineer; and Dana Mead, chairman of the MIT Corporation.

The students selected to attend were chosen based on their leadership, contributions to UAA student life, and their interest in the conference topic of ethics in education. Airfare was sponsored by three DSD departments: Judicial Services & Ethical Development, Residence Life and Student Life & Leadership. All other expenses were sponsored by the conference.

Congratulations to Eggen, Ozoma and Talford for earning the opportunity to attend this important conference! Hopefully they have returned with some great information to share with their peers, UAA and the community.

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  118     November 7, 2007 - 11:17am | ann_marie

Seawolf Debate Team earns international kudos

The University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolf Debate Team extended their record of international success this weekend with their trip to the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate’s (CUSID) National British Parliamentary Debating Championship tournament hosted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

The tournament, sponsored by the governing authority for intercollegiate debating in Canada, featured competition from both Canada and the United States in the British Parliamentary style, the format of debating used at the World Universities Debating Championships. Canada produces some of the best debaters in the world, with the World Champions from 2005 and 2006 and the 2007 Top Speaker at the World Championships all from Canadian universities. In other words, the competition at this tournament is first class.

The Seawolves entered two teams in the tournament. Both teams squared off against teams from the University of Toronto, McGill University and Claremont University and others in five preliminary rounds of competition. Tackling topics ranging from whether binding faith-based arbitration should be an acceptable alternative to civil courts to how to respond to China’s increased investments in African nations, the team of Michael Rose (Senior, Political Science) and Ben Ferguson (Junior, Philosophy) accumulated enough points to advance to the semifinal round of the competition.

In that round, the Seawolves faced Toronto, Carlton and the University of British Columbia on the motion “This House believes the United States should sever ties with the Musharraf regime.” Arguing that Musharraf’s increasingly autocratic rule has made him more of a liability than an asset to the U.S. in its fight against radical Islamist terrorists, Rose and Ferguson were selected to advance to the final round. In the final, the Seawolves argued fervently against requiring that public funding be used to provide fertility treatments to those who can’t afford them. Unfortunately, the panel of adjudicators ultimately were convinced by the opposing side and voted against the motion. The Seawolves had to content themselves with finalist honors.

The Seawolves next travel to the Mahaffey Invitational hosted by Linfield College in McMinville, Oregon. The team will soon announce its delegates to the 2008 World Universities Debating Championships to be hosted by Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand in January. For more information please contact Steve Johnson at 786-4391 or Shawn Briscoe at 786-4354.

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  117     November 6, 2007 - 10:01am | postishek

Alaska National Teenager Scholarship Organization Applications

The 38th annual Alaska National Teenager Scholarship Pageant is accepting applications for Preteen (ages 9-12 on 8-1-08), Jr Teenager (ages 13-15 on 8-1-08), Sr Teenager (ages 16-18 on 8-1-08), & Miss (ages 19-25 on 8-1-08) to be held April 11-12, 2008 at Wendy Williamson Auditorium at UAA. This program recognizes young women for their academic achievement, community involvement, leadership ability and communication skills. College scholarships are awarded to Jr & Sr Teenager divisions.

America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization was founded in 1971 to recognize outstanding young women and help them reach their educational goals. This pageant system has awarded more than $120 million in tuition, grants, and cash scholarships in its 38 year existence.
Scoring: School 15%, Activities 15%, Interview 30%, Evening Gown 15%, Personal Expression 15%, & On stage Question 10%.
Fees: $25 application, $395 sponsorship, $50 production outfit. Optional Competitions – Talent, Speech, Photo & Portfolio $25, Super Model $50.

The reigning Alaska Preteen, Morgan Morfe, is the 12 year old daughter of Erwin & Catherine Morfe and attends Teeland Middle School in Wasilla, Alaska Jr Teenager, Angelina Klapperich, is the 13 year old daughter of Linda Jo Klapperich and is in the 8th grade at Palmer Middle School, and Alaska Sr Teenager, Kaela Larson, is the 17 year old daughter of Link & Kelly Larson. Kaela is concurrently attending the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles and taking a full course load through UAF Distance Ed. She is using her 4 year tuition waiver she earned though Alaska National Teenager.

Apply early to allow adequate preparation time. Selection is limited and application deadline is December 1, 2007. For additional information contact: Nancy Postishek, State Director 907.376.2678 nanc@mtaonline.net www.nationalteen.com Optional seminars/private training are available in Wasilla.

UAA - 4 year waiver for Senior Titleholder

ECKERD COLLEGE, A college of distinction in Florida, awards a $10,000 tuition scholarship in each state to the upper-class student Citizenship Winner and to the 2 under-class student Citizenship Winners. Each will be considered for one of 15 regional tuition scholarships in the amount of $16,000 each and 2 National Awards of $24,000 each; The Citizenship Awards are based on scholastic achievement, leadership and volunteerism.

OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY, the "prestige" music school of the southwest, which offers a variety of degree programs, awards each state senior winner a 2-year tuition scholarship.

UNIVERSITY OF CHARLESTON, in Charleston West Virginia, offers the Senior Division Winner in each state a $2,000 annually renewable tuition
scholarship. They also award four $1,000 annually renewable tuition scholarships - 2 in the senior division and 2 in the junior division. Students must have an A average or above.

MILWAUKEE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin awards the senior winner and 4 senior runner-ups half tuition, annually renewable scholarship.

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  116     October 23, 2007 - 11:05am | pldelles

Nicole Bravo to attend National Leadership Conference

This fall, local middle school student, Miss Nicole Bravo, will take part in an extraordinary leadership conference in Washington, D.C. Themed Voices of Leadership: Reflecting on the Past to Create the Future, the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC) introduces young people to the rich tradition ofleadership throughout American history, while helping them develop their own leadership skills. Miss Bravo was nominated for JrNYLC by Mr. Matt Crockett of Muldoon Elementary School.
In order to participate in this leadership development program, Nicole seeks to raise funds for the conference, and travel to and from the nation's capital, in the amount of $1,750. Parties interested in providing are respectfully asked to mail donations made out to CYLC to P.O. Box 210335, Anchorage, Ak., 99521-0335.
For additional information, visit us at www.cylc.org.

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  115     October 17, 2007 - 9:55pm | luquec

Wayland Baptist University Graduates 106 Students

Wayland Baptist University held its fall graduation ceremony on Friday, October 12, 2007. A total of 106 students were graduated, with 10 students earning their Master’s Degree, 84 earning their degree in Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, and 12 earning their Associate of Applied Science Degree.

The ceremony was held in the afternoon at Wayland’s Parkside Campus. The student speaker, Ms. Shirley Kelly, encouraged students to continue their college education. She said that even though personal sacrifices may have to be made, especially by adult learners who hold down full-time jobs, and their families, earning a degree is well worth it.

The commencement address was delivered by Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, former dean of Wayland Baptist University’s Anchorage Campus. He spoke about the importance of persistence in finishing something one starts. He told students that by earning a degree it shows they can stay the course and complete college. Dr. Eric Ash, current Anchorage Campus Dean, presented the candidates for degrees and Dr. Elaine Seebo, Associate Vice President for External Campuses in Plainview, Texas, conferred the degrees and presented the diplomas.

“This is an exciting time of well-deserved recognition. Friends, families and students all come together in a team effort to enhance lives through education. Wayland Baptist University is honored to be a part of this great success story,” Ash said.

A master’s degree was presented to Paul Jeffrey Burton; Keith Raymond Kuipers; Eliezer Feliciano; Diana Garcia; Elaine Marie Holloway; Marurice James, Sr.; Everett Johnson, Jr.; Vickie Manning; Maxine Denise Rohan, and Robert Thomas Tate.

A Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education degree was awarded to Brian David Anderson; Cody Raymond Anderson; Jennifer Kim Ashley; Lillian Aukongak; Robert Axtell; Richard Clarence Bailey; André Lamont Baines; Zabrina Barley; Shauna Baughcum ; Yolanda Reneé Bethel; Joshua Carter Blackmon; Michele Martin Blackmon; Sara Brock; Michelle Brown; Orrin Labron Burton; Kelly Callender; J. Robert Campbell, Sr.; Luis Raul Caracosa; Henika Shakami Carroll; Stacey Cassaday; Lindsay Anne Cherry; Carol Lee Clayton; Joe Chance Collins; Gordon Cousins; Timothy Monroe Delph; Bernard Driskell; George Elkins; Everett Emerson; Robyn Tyler Forbes; Brandon Frazier; Lincoln Garrick; Justin Garza; Nicholas Glorioso; Kenyon Latire Godwin; Alex Gonzalez Rivera; Kenneth Herd; Keith Lamont Hinton; Jennifer Hobbins; Belinda Rae Hopkins; William Joseph Horton, Jr.; Cassandra Renee Hulse; Chunnisee Jackson, Wardell Jefferson; Eric Jones; Shirley Kelly; Shaquita Denise Long; Leah Marie Lottes; Todd Gregory Loy; Michele Martin; Roger Virgil Matthews; Emma Sharema McGowen; Ryan McNeel; Diane McNulty; Peter Meacham; Daniel Lewis Means; Martin Monroe; Bruce G.A. Moser; Kelly Olsen; Nathan Paulson; Gina Poths; Michael Lamont Razor; Loretta Thelma Beth Robinson-Caldwell; Ralph Rodriguez; Matthew Rogerson; Beverley Lynn Rouse; Connie Rummel; Brenda Sanders; Michelle Ann Semerad; Brenda Shrader; Kenneth Standifer; Tony Stansberry; Galvinus Edward Thompson, Sr.; Anthony Vaughn, Sr.; Michael Walker; Charles Michael Warren; Bradley Keith Wasson; Eric Wellman; Katherine Nelson Whelan; Lenell White, Jr.; Michelle Williams; Trevor Williamson; Dennis Wilson; Dawn Wright, and Stephanie Nicole Wright.

Associate of Applied Science degrees were earned by Robert Blanton, William Graugnard Brandt, Leah Davies, Amy Marie Gonzales, Diane Matchett, Ryan McNamara, Cody Musgrave, Josh Nolder, LaVerne Robinson, Swaran Singh, Ruby Tovar, and Veronica Wilson.

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  114     October 15, 2007 - 10:51am | kmacknicki

Atheneum School presents research at international conference

Atheneum School to Present Energy Research at International Conference
Students discovered a need for broad energy dialogue while building an electric car

(Anchorage) - Students from the Atheneum School, an independent secondary school located in Anchorage, will present their electric car project on Tuesday to the Arctic Energy Summit in Anchorage. While the student’s presentation was inspired by their successful gas to electric conversion of a 1968 Datsun Roadster, the presentation discusses much more than building a car: It also considers what will be necessary to build new approaches to energy education.

A car wasn’t the only thing that radically transformed during the nine-month project; students who participated noted a shift in how they view renewable energy. “Changing people’s minds about energy possibilities is much more difficult than building the car,” said Austin Johnson, a student at the Atheneum School. “When I started the project, I had no idea an electric car had so much potential.”

Kevin Holthaus, a teacher and one of the founders of the Atheneum School, was impressed with how his students approached the possibilities. “High school students don’t have many of the pre-conceived notions that prevent considering radical new ideas,” he noted when discussing the project.

The students didn’t only research batteries, motors and transmissions during the project; they also studied different philosophical approaches to energy use. From ‘Moon Rush,’ a book that considers tapping the moon for additional resources, to ‘Natural Capitalism,’ a work that promotes a new type of industrialism, the possibilities were endless. In the usual Atheneum style, students spent hours around a seminar table formulating their own views and discussing the merits of various theories.

In the end, the students reached the conclusion that an open dialogue, which includes all stakeholders, will be necessary to address both current and future energy issues. Presenting at the Arctic Energy Summit gives the school a chance to make their case with all stakeholders present, since the forum includes both public and private sector leaders.

The research paper presented to the conference is attached. For more information about the Atheneum School or to schedule a ride in the electric car, contact Kevin Holthaus at (907) 344-2533. For more information about the Arctic Energy Summit, visit www.arcticenergysummit.org.

What: The Atheneum School presents research to the Arctic Energy Summit
Where: Egan Civic Convention Center, Room 2
When: October 16th, 2007 at 2 PM

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  113     October 11, 2007 - 1:18pm | ksiira

CATERPILLAR ThinkBig Program

Matthew Stouffer, a 2007 graduate from Chugiak High School was accepted into the ThinkBig Program. Sponsoring CATERPILLAR Dealer N C Machinery chose Matthew out of many applicants. Matthew will spend the next two years rotating between Portland Community College and N C Machinery's Anchorage branch while earning his Associates Degree and becoming a CATERPILLAR Diesel Technician.

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  112     October 11, 2007 - 10:30am | akjesster8

Seawolf debaters succeed in California

The Seawolf Debate Team started its season right where it left off last season: winning. On October 6 and 7, four UAA debaters traveled to southern California to kick off the squad's season at the U.S. Universities National Open hosted by the Claremont Colleges. Sixty-four debaters representing more than 10 colleges participated in the event.

These talented young men and women engaged one another in a number of public policy topics, ranging from whether the media should be restricted during times of national emergencies, whether we should encourage the international trade of nuclear energy technology, and whether indigenous people should have exclusive control of their archeological sites.

Both UAA teams in attendance represented Alaska extremely well, bringing home some well-deserved hardware for the trophy case. Senior Mike Rose and junior Ben Ferguson reached the semi-final round, placing them among the top eight teams at the tournament. Meanwhile, senior David Childers and junior James Stinson joined three other teams in the championship round of competition.

In the final debate, Childers and Stinson were assigned to defend the devaluation of the American dollar. They assembled a case demonstrating how the subprime mortgage crisis could be mitigated by a modest dollar devaluation; that a devalued dollar would increase the export of American goods and services, thereby stimulating the U.S. economy; and that a devalued dollar would boost both the Canadian and Mexican manufacturing economies. In response to global, short-term economic concerns, they also argued that China's growing economic power would stabilize the global economy while the U.S. economy corrected itself.

The team next travels to Edmonton to compete in the Canadian championships held in the style of debate practiced at the World Universities Debating Championships. The team is focused on preparation for the eventual World Championships, to be held in Bangkok over the holiday break. For more information contact Steve Johnson at 786-4391 or Shawn Briscoe at 786-4354.

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  111     September 24, 2007 - 9:53am | hometown

Former Anchorage resident joins honor society at WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. - Brielle E. Schaeffer was elected into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society at Washington State University.

Schaeffer graduated from Chugiak High School in 2003 and from WSU in May 2007 with a double major in communication and Spanish.

Previously, she was in the Honors College at WSU and wrote as an opinion columnist for the school daily newspaper, The Daily Evergreen. She also worked as a disc jockey for the WSU radio station, KZUU-FM.

She is the daughter of Bernadette and Karl Schaeffer of Tucson, Ariz.

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  110     September 19, 2007 - 7:15am | akjesster8

UAA welcomes Margarita Kharlova

The University of Alaska Anchorage Office of Research and Graduate Studies and the Department of Languages are pleased to welcome Margarita Kharlova, the 2007-2008 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) in Russian. Ms. Kharlova comes to UAA from Barnaul, Russia. She will teach elementary Russian courses and hold focused sessions with advanced-level Russian students. Ms. Kharlova is working on a degree in cognitive linguistics at the Linguistic Institute, Barnaul State Pedagogical University.

“Participating in the Fulbright Grant Program was an adventure for me from the very beginning, and it turned out to be more exciting when I found out the destination: Barnaul to Anchorage,” said Kharlova. “I’ve been enjoying not only my new responsibilities as an FLTA, but also the people and the environment here at UAA. I hope to contribute to the success of my students learning the Russian language and culture as well as to the success of the Russian program at UAA.”

Established in 1946, the Fulbright Program, America’s flagship international educational exchange program, aims to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills. The Fulbright Program has provided approximately 279,500 people – 105,400 Americans who have studied, taught or researched abroad and 174,100 students, scholars and teachers from other countries who have engaged in similar activities in the United States – with the opportunity to observe each others’ political, economic, educational and cultural institutions, to exchange ideas and to embark on joint ventures of importance to the general welfare of the world’s inhabitants. The program operates in over 150 countries worldwide.

Recipients of Fulbright awards are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields. Fulbright recipients are among more than 30,000 individuals participating in U.S. Department of State exchange programs each year.

For more information on the Fulbright Program visit http://exchanges.state.gov.

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  109     September 18, 2007 - 7:56am | hometown

Cardwell returns for her final season with the Pioneers

Marietta, Ohio — Anchorage resident Colby Cardwell, a senior at Marietta College in Ohio, is returning for her last season with the Lady Pioneers' women's soccer team. She is two-year letterwinner, who has consistently helped the team with goals and assists.

In 2006, the midfielder played in 18 games and finished with five goals and four assists.

The Lady Pioneers ended their 2006 season with an overall record of 8-5-6. The Navy Blue and White recently hosted the Marietta College Classic, its traditional season-opening tournament. The women’s team took second place after finishing the weekend 1-1. The women’s record improved to 3-2 this past weekend as they went 2-0 to win the Penn State-Altoona Challenge Cup for the fourth straight season.

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  108     September 17, 2007 - 1:09pm | paul_guzman

Young artist to attend prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy.

Sixteen year old Anchorage violist, Koree S. Guzman, a former freshman and sophmore student of South Anchorage High School (SAHS), SAHS Honor Orchestra as their first chair violist, SAHS String Quartet and a former member of the Anchorage Youth Symphony as their first chair violist, will attend Interlochen Arts Academy, the world’s premier fine arts boarding school located in Interlochen Michigan.

Koree, the son of Paul and Sung Mee Guzman of Anchorage Alaska, will continue his high school academic studies concentrating in the musical area of the Viola as a student of the Academy. In November of 2006, Interlochen Center for the Arts was awarded the National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest honor in the arts. It is one of only a handful of arts organizations ever to receive such recognition.

Interlochen Arts Academy attracts more than 500 young artists from 40 states and 15 countries. Together, they study music, theatre, dance, visual arts, creative writing and motion picture arts in a college-like setting. While producing more than 250 artistic presentations in the school year, Academy students also master a rigorous college-preparatory academic curriculum that prepares them to take prominent roles in a whole universe of professional endeavors.

Following the success of Interlochen Arts Camp, the Arts Academy was founded in 1962 to provide year-round training in the arts coupled with rigorous college-preparatory academics. This combination has resulted in a record of sustained outstanding achievement. Since the school was established, it has produced 38 Presidential Scholars and formed a global network of leaders and innovators. Alumni include singer-songwriter, Alaska’s own Jewel, actress Felicity Huffman, jazz drummer Peter Erskine, and designer Bill Zheng. Nearly fifteen percent of the nation’s orchestral musicians can claim roots at either Interlochen Arts Camp or Academy. Since 1958, 85 Grammy’s have been awarded to Interlochen Camp or Academy alumni.

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  107     September 12, 2007 - 12:16pm | hometown

National Merit Scholarship program names ASD semi-finalists

Twenty-seven high school seniors in the Anchorage School District are semifinalists in the 2008 National Merit Scholarship program. These students, along with 14 other Alaskans, will continue in the nationwide competition for 8,200 Merit Scholarship awards worth $34 million.

The ASD students are:

Jessica Barry, West High School
Joshua Bowman, West High School
Declan Boyd, West High School
Benjamin Burke, South Anchorage High School
Rianne Campbell, South Anchorage High School
Jae Chung, Dimond High School
Chloe Cotton, West High School
Maia Dickinson, East High School
Katelyn Duncan, South Anchorage High School
Wiley Dunlap-Shohl, Service High School
Travis Gingerich, West High School
Stephanie Goddard, West High School
Ariel Hippe, Dimond High School
Chi-Hyun Kim, Service High School
Brian Kirchner, South Anchorage High School
Kyle Konrad, South Anchorage High School
Kaitlin Lynch, West High School
Kelsey MacMillan, West High School
Kaitlin Mansfield, Service High School
John Matthews, Steller Secondary School
Samantha Novak, South Anchorage High School
Eric Packer, South Anchorage High School
Caitlin Patterson, South Anchorage High School
Molly Quinn, West High School
Alyssa Robinson, West High School
Eli Schoenberg South Anchorage High School
Kevin Tomera, West High School

More than 1.4 million juniors entered the 2008 program by taking the 2006 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). The semifinalists, which represent less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, include the highest scoring entrants in each state.

To become a finalist, a semifinalist must have an exemplary academic record, receive an endorsement and recommendation by the school principal, and earn SAT scores that confirm the student’s earlier qualifying test performance. The semifinalist and a school official must submit a detailed scholarship application, which includes the student’s self-descriptive essay and information about the semifinalist’s participation and leadership in school and community activities.

The Merit Scholarship winners will be announced next spring. In Spring 2007, 14 ASD students were named Merit Scholarship Winners. For more information on the National Merit Scholarship Program, log on to www.nationalmerit.org.

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  106     September 6, 2007 - 3:31pm | hometown

Alaska students named to dean's lists

More than 1,100 University of Oregon students have been named to the deans' lists for scholastic achievement during summer term of the 2006-2007 school year.
To qualify, students must be in good academic standing and must have completed 12 or more graded credits for the term. The required minimum grade-point average is 3.75 on a scale having 4.0 as a straight-A average.

Alaska students named to the list are:

ANCHORAGE - Ruby Laurel Fried, senior biology major; Whitney Anne McMillan, junior psychology major; Erica Andersen Rothman, senior comparative literature major; John Evans Faciane, senior theater arts major; Madeline J. Ramuglia, senior history major; Alex Kyle Bonnecaze, freshman human physiology major; Laura Elizabeth Keegan, senior English major; and Joseph Bernard Sneed, junior mathematics major.

BETHEL - Kristen Marie Bowerman, senior biology major.

CHUGIAK - Kristopher Kiely Katkus, junior mathematics

EAGLE RIVER - Erin Peschel Carrick, senior human physiology major; and Thea Alexandra Evenstad, junior English major.

FAIRBANKS - Laura Mitsuko Daum, senior music major; and Jenna Cathren Grant, freshman undeclared major.

JUNEAU - Lena Marie Gilbertson, senior anthropology major; and Anne Wilcock, sophomore religious studies major.

NIKISKI - Sharon Beth Miller, sophomore political science

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  105     September 4, 2007 - 12:11pm | hometown

Anchorage resident receives IPFW scholarship

Lindsi Myhre of Anchorage recently received the Chancellor’s Merit Award from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Ind. The award is presented to students on the basis of academic achievement.

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  104     August 27, 2007 - 8:04am | hometown

Palmer student awarded Cougar Academic scholarship

Bryan D. Monarch was awarded a $7,200 Cougar Academic Award from Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.
Monarch, a 2007 Palmer High School graduate, is a freshman entrepreneurship major at WSU, and plans to graduate in 2012.
He is the son of Donna and Daniel Monarch of Palmer, Alaska.

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  103     August 24, 2007 - 11:24am | uaa_advancement

UAA graduate, Rebekah Moras, presented with Fulbright Award

The U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board recently announced that UAA graduate Rebekah Moras was awarded a prestigious U.S. Student Fulbright Award scholarship to travel to Germany to teach English as a foreign language. Moras is one of more than 1,300 U.S. citizens who will travel abroad for the 2007-2008 academic year through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Rebekah Moras, B.A. in Psychology with a minor in German, will spend a year abroad working at a vocational school in Lübeck, Germany. She will help German students improve their English language abilities and knowledge of the United States, while also increasing her own German language and cross-cultural skills. Her travels will provide her many opportunities for personal development and international experience.

“I’m most excited about meeting my students,” said Rebekah. “This will be a great adventure and I hope to be a positive influence in the lives of those I work with. It’s very important to me that I make a good impression as an American.”

“Some advice for other students seeking awards and scholarships: get a mentor that can challenge you and take advantage of the resources that UAA offers. It’s important to know what your strengths and passions are, and highlight what is truly unique about yourself.”

Established in 1946, the Fulbright Program, America’s flagship international educational exchange program, aims to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills. The Fulbright Program has provided approximately 279,500 people – 105,400 Americans who have studied, taught or researched abroad and 174,100 students, scholars and teachers from other countries who have engaged in similar activities in the United States – with the opportunity to observe each others’ political, economic, educational and cultural institutions, to exchange ideas and to embark on joint ventures of importance to the general welfare of the world’s inhabitants. The program operates in over 150 countries worldwide.

Recipients of Fulbright awards are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields. Fulbright recipients are among more than 30,000 individuals participating in U.S. Department of State exchange programs each year.

For more information on the Fulbright Program visit http://exchanges.state.gov.

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  102     August 13, 2007 - 1:50pm | hometown

Anchorage student named to ISU dean's list

Eric N. Bell of Anchorage has earned a place on the Idaho State University 2007 spring semester dean's list for the College of Arts and Sciences in Pocatello, Idaho. To qualify for the dean's list, students must complete at least 12 semester credits and receive a grade point average of 3.66 or higher.

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  101     August 13, 2007 - 11:41am | hometown

Anchorage student attends liberal arts experience in Minnesota

Emmanuel Everett of Anchorage, Alaska, attended the Carleton Liberal Arts Experience (CLAE), a week-long academic exploration for high school juniors. Everett joined 51 other students July 14-20 at Carleton College in a variety of courses and activities aimed at introducing bright, college-bound students to the strengths of a liberal arts education.
Everett, the son of Paul and Joann Everett, is a student at East Anchorage High School in Anchorage.
Students in the CLAE program take courses taught by Carleton faculty members in such subjects as science, art, social studies and technology.
They learn the importance of study skills and time management, and are able to participate in field trips and athletic activities.
This is CLAE’s seventh year. All students receive free room, board, tuition and travel costs for the week-long program. The experience includes an all-expenses paid trip to campus during the students’ junior year, which allows participants to visit with Carleton students, attend classes and sample campus life.
Ranked among the nation’s top liberal arts institutions, Carleton is a private, co-educational college of 1,900 students located 40 miles south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. High academic standards, an excellent teaching faculty and a diverse student body contribute to Carleton’s outstanding reputation.
For more information about the CLAE program, visit http://www.carleton.edu/summer/clae/.

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  100     August 13, 2007 - 10:10am | hometown

Students earn Alaska Aerospace Development Corp. scholarships

Students from around the state were awarded scholarships of $5,000 each from the University of Alaska Foundation through the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation (AADC) Scholarship program.
The students demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and citizenship qualifications to receive scholarships from the AADC program. Ten of the students receiving scholarships will enter the University of Alaska system as freshman. Four of the students are returning sophomores or juniors who have maintained their eligibility and have qualified for scholarship renewals for successive years.
The AADC scholarship program provides $5,000 awards for up to ten freshman students who are enrolled in a degree program majoring in mathematics, physics, engineering and business or in a technical science field such as computer science at any University of Alaska campus. Previous AADC recipients can apply for a scholarship renewal based upon availability of funds on an annual basis.

Pat Ladner, President and CEO of AADC, recently introduced two of the scholarship winners, Perlita Alcaide and Tija Ozols, both from Kodiak, at a July 20 community reception inl Kodiak and expressed his support of their academic achievements. Both Ms. Alcaide and Ms. Ozols are previous recipients and have qualified for AADC scholarship renewals as they continue their education in the University of Alaska system.
This years recipients include:
Perlita Alcaide - Kodiak
Benjamin Briceland - Wasilla
Jesse Crumbley- Kotzebue
Weston Davey- Glennallen
Trevor Gillespie- Anchorage
Daniel Grondahl- Willow
Jennifer Holland- Sterling
Ta Tiana Jackson-Anchorage
Nathanael Mathis- Wrangell
Austen Mersercav-Anchorage
Tija Ozols - Kodiak
Kim Pitney - Fairbanks
Matthew VanAtta - Chiniak
Bjorn Wilmoth- Glennallen

For more information about this scholarship program contact the University of Alaska Foundation in Fairbanks at 1-907-450-8030 or visit http://www.alaska.edu/foundation.

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  99     August 13, 2007 - 9:37am | hometown

Alaska Pacific University summer graduates

The following Alaska Pacific University students received degrees at a graduation ceremony Aug. 11 at Abbott Loop Community Church:

Business Administration
Outdoor Studies
Brian David Roberson
Senior Project Title: Journaling through Alaska

Environmental Policy and Planning
Marianne S. Profita
Senior Project Title: Human-Brown Bear Interaction at the Russian River, Alaska: A Comparative Case Study of Bear Management Policies
Jessica Strolle
Senior Project Title: NEPA, Environmental Justice and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Liberal Studies
Tiffany Broussard
Senior Project Title: A Culturally Relevant P.E. Unit for Fourth Grade Students in Rural Alaska

Outdoor Studies
Kathleen Erin Coan
Senior Project Title: Environmental Education: Curriculum Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
William Randall
Senior Project Title: Fitness in Alaska Pacific University’s Outdoor Studies Program
Barclay Roeder
Senior Project Title: APU Trails and Beyond

Mathew J. Brunton
Senior Project Title: Exploring the Benefits of Yoga

Environmental Science
Charles Douglas Jewell III
Senior Project Title: Canopy Structure and Airspace in a 650 Year Chronosequence

Business Administration and Management
Sheri A. Nichols
Senior Project Title: Non-Compliance of the Family Medical Leave Act in Anchorage, Alaska

Human Services
Stephanie T. Wheeler
Senior Project Title: Effectively Educating African-American Males

Organizational Management
Tammy D. Dieckgraeff
Senior Project Title: The Relevance of Oral History in Business
Jane B. Stinson
Senior Project Title: Work Life Balance at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Holly Snowball
Senior Project Title: Case Management Manual

Distance Education
Human Services
Ardyce J. Turner
Senior Project Title: What Makes a Difference in the Lives of Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Michael Scott Jipping
Thesis Title: Title Not Available
Lori K. Stanton
Thesis Title: Aging in America: Awakening Voices for a Silent Revolution

Master of Business Administration
Brian Keith Douglas
Nan Ruth Llewellyn
Breez W. Phillippay
Tyler P. Phillippay
Shaun Bryan Tygart

Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Health Service Administration
Evangelyn Lillian Annie Dotomain

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Jayme Lynn Clapp
Thesis Title: Bach to the Future: Musicians and Flow

Master of Science in Environmental Science
Sean P. Heyer
Thesis Title: Title Not Available
Lisa M. Pajot
Thesis Title: Extra-pair parentage in Black-capped Chickadees in southcentral Alaska: a comparison between normal and deformed birds
Lori A. Roy
Thesis Title: Focused Risk Assessment of the Former Duncan Canal Radio Relay Station Beach Facility Area, Kupreanof Island, Southeast Alaska

Executive Master of Business Administration
In Information and Communication Technology
Danube University, Austria
Johannes Engler
Andrea Kirisits
Herbert Fuchs
Martin Graf
Gerhard Holzer
Marco Lang
Clemens Peyerl
Armin Alexander Plank
Martin Pscheidl

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  98     August 6, 2007 - 4:01am | tlctreasures

Alaska Resident Recieves Full Athletic Scholarship

SHEPHERD VOLLEYBALL SIGNS Outside Hitter(6-22-2007)

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va.-- Shepherd University head volleyball coach Sarah Smith announced that Norma Casey (Triangle, VA/Woodbridge Senior)and Resident of Anchorage, Alaska has signed a letter-of-intent to play volleyball for the Rams in 2007.

Casey was a two-time All-District selection at Woodbridge Senior High School. The 6-foot-2 Casey was a three-year starter at Woodbridge. Casey Played her first year on a freshman team at Bartlett High School.

Norma was born and raised in Anchorage, attending local schools, and has spent the last 3 1/2 years in Virginia while her father serves duty at Andrews Air Force Base.

"We are very excited that Norma chose Shepherd University," said Smith. "Her natural athletic ability, work ethic, and being left-handed will give us an added dimension in our offensive game. Her passing and defensive skills also give us flexibility to play her through-out the back row."

Shepherd completed the 2006 campaign with an overall record of 15-16 and finished fifth in the West Virginia Intercolligiate Volleyball Conference with a 12-5 conference mark. The Shepherd Rams are looking forward to competing at UAF in September of 2008.

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  97     July 27, 2007 - 3:43am | Lucia_Anderson

Local Student Represents Alaska at Girls Nation in D.C.

WHO: Katie Zager, of Anchorage, and student at Robert Service High School

WHAT: One of 98 female high school seniors across America, selected to attend Girls Nation for the state of Alaska

WHEN: Saturday, July 21 through Saturday, July 28, 2007

WHERE: Washington, D.C.

WHY: To attend the 61st session of American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation

Katie Zager has been selected to be a Alaska delegate at the 2007 American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation program due to her enthusiasm for learning, intelligence level and leadership potential. The selection came following her attendance at American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State. Katie is the daughter of John and Sue Zager.

Two young women are selected from each Girls State program to attend Girls Nation, which introduces them to the structure and functions of the federal government. These youthful lawmakers caucus at the beginning of the session, organize committees and conduct hearings on bills, according to the rules of the United States Senate. Each delegate will have the opportunity to visit the National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, State Department, Capitol Hill and the White House.

To prepare these young women for the responsibilities of being an American citizen, the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation also stresses the appreciation for America's veterans and current service members through memorable and educating experiences as a part of Girls Nation.

The American Legion Auxiliary is a patriotic women's service organization of nearly 900,000 members founded in 1919 to support the work of The American Legion. The organization sponsors volunteer programs on the national and local levels focusing on three major areas: veterans, young people and the community.

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  96     July 16, 2007 - 8:41am | kmacknicki

Kayla Timmons takes gold medal in Taekwondo Junior Olympics

Kayla Timmons of Greatland Martial Arts, recently returned from competing in the USA Taekwondo Junior Olympics in San Jose California, July 11-15. Athletes from all 50 states including Puerto Rico competed in both fighting and forms hoping to become National Champions.

Kayla Timmons won a gold medal in the Female 14-15-year-old middle weight sparring and forms division. Kayla then fought the winner of the 16-17 year old middle weight division and won. Kayla is now the 14-17-year-old female middle weight champion. Kayla trains at Greatland Martial Arts, which sent an additional 8 athletes to compete in various weight divisions. The athletes were training up to 6 days a week for the last 3 months in preparation. The hard training paid off with the athletes bringing back a combined total of 3 bronze, 4 silver and 2 gold.
She trains full time with tae kwon do, is a full time high school student, assists at the Tae Kwon Do School, and makes time for her family and friends.

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  95     July 5, 2007 - 3:04pm | hometown

WSU Announces Spring 2007 Graduates

The following Alaska students earned undergraduate degrees following the spring 2007 semester at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.
Honors earned by students are listed as follows: Summa Cum Laude for a cumulative grade point average of 3.90 or better, Magna Cum Laude for a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70 but less than 3.90, and Cum Laude for a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better but less than 3.70.
Graduates are listed according to their hometowns.
ANCHORAGE: Danielle L. Britt, Doctor of Pharmacy, MAGNA CUM LAUDE; Erik Sean Dahl, Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering, SUMMA CUM LAUDE; Kimberly Michelle Dale, Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Sciences, MAGNA CUM LAUDE; Kyler Calvin Dunford, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering,MAGNA CUM LAUDE; Alex Michael Gibson, Bachelor of Fine Arts; John Michael Hanus, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, SUMMA CUM LAUDE; Aaron Michael Hughes, Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice; John David Laurance IV, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Bachelor of Science in Microbiology; and Erin Kay Pratt, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, CUM LAUDE.

EAGLE RIVER: Taylor Edward Larson, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, CUM LAUDE; and Brielle Elizabeth Schaeffer, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, MAGNA CUM LAUDE and Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Cultures, MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

FAIRBANKS: Charmagne Jeanette Alder, Bachelor of Science (General
Studies-Biological Science); James Glynn Hutchison, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, CUM LAUDE; and Lindsay Gavin Wingerter, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

HAINES: Sarah Ennis Lende, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences.

JUNEAU: Chelsea Erin Farrington, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

KENAI: Antonio William Limon, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

KETCHIKAN: Allyson Walden Sebcioglu, Bachelor of Arts in Education, CUM LAUDE.

NENANA: Bridget Janelle Overbey, Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences,

PALMER: Regina Marie Bartley, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, CUM LAUDE; and Jonathan Carl Leiner, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, MAGNA CUM
LAUDE and Bachelor of Science in Physics, MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

WASILLA: Solitaire Lyn Betts, Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and

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  94     July 2, 2007 - 1:05pm | tarastevensster

Anchorage students receive scholarships

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (AlaskaTIA) recently awarded 14 scholarships totaling $27,000 in aid to students pursuing careers in the visitor industry.

The program is designed to offer assistance to promising Alaska residents who have expressed an interest in turning their tourism experience into a career. Five of the 14 recipients were from the Anchorage area.

“Tourism is Alaska’s second largest private-sector employer,” said Stefanie Gorder, chair of the AlaskaTIA foundation. “By assisting these talented students today, we are helping develop Alaska’s skilled work force for the future.”

“This scholarship program exhibits tourism’s investment in its future. The travel industry offers many excellent career opportunities and AlaskaTIA is committed to helping these students explore these opportunities and develop Alaska’s future work force,” said AlaskaTIA president and COO, Ron Peck.

AlaskaTIA is made up of over 1,100 member-businesses, from large cruise lines to small bed and breakfasts. Members contribute to the scholarship program at industry events throughout the year and through seven local chapters of the association across Alaska, including the Anchorage chapter.

2007 Anchorage Scholarship Winners:

Shauna Moore of Chugiak was the recipient of the AlaskaTIA Anchorage Chapter Scholarship, worth $2,500. Moore attends the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and is currently studying abroad at Apicius, the Culinary Institute of Florence, Italy. Through an associate’s degree in culinary arts and bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management, Moore hopes to one day open her own Parisian-style gourmet café in Alaska.

Maria Benner of Anchorage, who is pursuing her master’s in business administration at Alaska Pacific University, received the AlaskaTIA Continuing Education Scholarship for the second year. Benner will use her $2,500 scholarship to continue her MBA to further her career in tourism marketing.

Melissa Stoner of Anchorage received the $1,000 Royal Caribbean Cruises Scholarship. Stoner will use her scholarship to work toward obtaining her degree in culinary arts and nutrition from Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colo. Stoner’s ultimate goal is to use her education and experience to become a registered dietician and personal chef in Anchorage.

Chelsea Alletson of Anchorage received the $1,000 ATIA One-Year Scholarship. Alletson will use her scholarship at the Western Culinary Institute of Portland to pursue a degree in restaurant and hotel management. After college she plans to continue working in the Alaska hospitality industry and one day manage her own restaurant.

Pamela Winders of Anchorage was awarded the ATIA Continuing Education Award of $1,000. She currently attends Alaska Pacific University where she is pursuing a degree in business management and administration. Winders recently started her own travel business that she hopes to expand through her education.

AlaskaTIA is a statewide non-profit trade association and its AlaskaTIA Foundation selected the 14 scholarship winners from a pool of qualified applicants from across Alaska. The selection criteria included academic achievement, tourism-orientated career goals, letters of reference and an essay each applicant wrote about their future plans.

Kathy Dunn, Alaska Travel Industry Association
kdunn@alaskatia.org or 907-929-2842

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  93     June 26, 2007 - 8:05pm | hepner

Students Win Awards at Future Problem Solving International

During the first weekend of June, nineteen Alaska Future Problem Solvers, along with their coaches and chaperones, attended the 33rd International Conference of Future Problem Solving International. It was held on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Approximately 1800 students from seven countries and 40 states attended the event. The conference allows students who have already experienced success in their affiliate programs to compete at a higher level, as well as meet and interact with students from around the world during the many social activities, seminars and tours that take place during the four-day event.
Two Alaska participants were recognized for their achievements during the competition. Freya Chay, a sixth-grader from Aurora Borealis Charter School in Kenai placed 5th in the Junior Individual competition. Her parents are Dan and Heidi Chay of Kenai, and she was coached by Julie Ball. Tristin Rutherford, a junior at Nikiski High School, participated in the On-site Scenario Writing division. Her senior division team placed first. Tristin’s parents are Chris and Dawn Lotti of Nikiski, and Barron and Leola Rutherford of Girdwood. Tristin was coached by Brian Bailey.
For more information on Future Problem Solving International, visit their website at www.fpsp.org, or contact the Alaska Affiliate Director at fpsalaska@alaska.net.

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  92     June 23, 2007 - 9:34pm | reneearturo

Kastle Lyne Arturo Graduates summa cum laude

Kastle Lyne Arturo, 21, graduated with her Master of Arts in Teaching degree summa cum laude with an endorsement in Spanish from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon on May 13, 2007. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in World Language (Spanish) from the University of Alaska, Anchorage in May of 2006. Kastle is a 2003 graduate of Chugiak High School. She will be teaching High School Spanish in Washington state in the fall of 2007.

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  91     June 19, 2007 - 4:04pm | uaa_advancement

Seawolf Debaters travel to China, promote academic debate

ANCHORAGE, AK – Members of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Seawolf Debate program recently returned from a trip to China to promote academic debating. Supported by a grant from the Alaska International Education Foundation, the trip took the team from Beijing to Xi’an to participate in two different debating events.

The first stop was the Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) Cup, the national English language debating tournament. More than 500 students and their instructors, representing over 130 colleges and universities from around China, attended the tournament. Steve Johnson, UAA’s Director of Debate, participated in training and served as Chief Adjudicator for the event. Other members of the Seawolf Debate program mentored Chinese debaters and served as adjudicators for the competitive rounds.

From there, the Seawolves traveled to Xi’an Jiaotong University to participate in the International Debate Education Association’s international tournament. Approximately 30 other American students from the West Coast and over 150 Chinese students joined the Alaska debaters in Central China to train and compete. Each of UAA’s debaters was paired with a Chinese partner for the event to enter the competition as “friendship teams.” Though they competed against teams of native English speakers, all four of UAA’s friendship teams advanced to the elimination rounds and three of those four teams were selected to participate in the “friendship” final round—open only to teams comprised of one Chinese and one American student. Two of UAA’s debaters took the top two individual speaking prizes at the tournament: Michael Rose and David Childers were ranked second and first individual speakers, respectively, out of the over 200 debaters that participated in the event.

In all, the UAA students learned a great deal about Chinese culture, introduced a significant number of Chinese students to the educational experience of academic debating and made some life-long friends. The debaters will take the rest of the summer off to recuperate from a challenging competitive season. The team will return in the fall to open the 2007-2008 competitive season with a trip to Los Angeles to compete in the Claremont Colleges Invitational.

For more information, please contact Steven Johnson at 786-4391.

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  90     June 18, 2007 - 3:08pm | hometown

Anchorage residents graduate from Lewis & Clark College

The following Anchorage residents graduated from Lewis & Clark College on May 6, 2007:
Megan McBride, bachelor of Adrts degree in environmental studies, minor in economics
Jessica Lazar, bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies
Andrew Merrell, bachelor of arts degree in biology
Cloe Mead-Wright, bachelor of arts degree in international affairs.

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  89     June 18, 2007 - 3:05pm | hometown

Anchorage residents graduate from Lewis & Clark College

The following Anchorage residents graduated from Lewis & Clark College on May 6, 2007:
Megan McBride, bachelor of Adrts degree in environmental studies, minor in economics
Jessica Lazar, bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies
Andrew Merrell, bachelor of arts degree in biology
Cloe Mead-Wright, bachelor of arts degree in international affairs.

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  88     June 18, 2007 - 1:17pm | coistad

Local Students Excel in High School Design Competition

Anchorage, Alaska (June 18, 2007) – AIA Alaska, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA-AK), is pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Frank Maier High School Design Competition Program:

• First Place $350): Heidi Brehmer, Chugiak High School (Teacher – Roy Baxter)

• Second Place ($250): Luis Ramon Hermida Ortiz, Kodiak High School (Teacher – Barry Altenhof)

• Third Place ($150): Lucas Fried, Kodiak High School (Teacher – Barry Altenhof)

• Fourth Place ($100): Natalie Block, Kodiak High School (Teacher – Barry Altenhof)

The Frank Maier High School Design Competition is an annual architectural design challenge sponsored by AIA-AK. To enter the competition, students must provide a design solution to a specified “design problem” on a 24’x 36’ sheet of paper. For the 2007 competition, students were tasked with providing concept designs for a small visitor/game management facility for the Delta Junction Bison Herd on behalf of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. They were given a set of building requirements and information about the site. High School faculty members provided guidance and oversight to students entering the competition. Entries were judged by a panel of AIA-AK members.

Any student (grades 9-12) presently enrolled in Alaska high school classes are eligible to submit an entry. This year, AIA-AK received 41 entries from six high schools around Alaska for this design competition: Chugiak High School (6); Juneau-Douglas High School (12); Kodiak High School (9); Palmer High School (10); Service High School (2); and South Anchorage High School (2). “The AIA Alaska Chapter expresses our congratulations and appreciation to ALL the student participants for their hard work in this effort. We would also like to recognize the teachers for their effort and we extend our appreciation to them,” said Harley Hightower, Chair, AIA Alaska Chapter High School Design Competition Committee.

Frank Maier, a Juneau Architect, started this program in 1965 and managed it personally for 20 years. Following his death in 1991, the AIA-AK elected to name the competition in his honor. Now, in its fifth decade of success, this competition continues to expose Alaska high school students to architecture and the profession.

About The American Institute of Architects: For almost 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. The Alaska Chapter of the AIA was established in 1961.

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  87     June 14, 2007 - 3:57pm | hometown

Alaska students graduate from OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The following Alaska students graduated from Oregon State University on June 17, 2007, during the university's 138th-annual commencement.

ANCHORAGE: Eric A. Brunelle, Bachelor of Science, Biology; Jeffrey G. Chamberlain, Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy (4-year); Kari A Christensen, Master of Public Health, Public Health; Evelyn A. Hall, Bachelor of Science, Natural Resources; Vivian L. LaRonge, Bachelor of Science, General Science; Valentina M. Sasieta, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, General Science; Shannon S. Warren, Bachelor of Arts, History; Travis L. Wilson, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Applied Visual Arts.

BETHEL: Ina M. Jenkins, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies; Stephanie E Wisniewski, Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing.

CORDOVA: Erin E. Cooper, Master of Science, Wildlife Science.

EAGLE RIVER: Andrew J. Mew, Bachelor of Science, Biology; Paula J. Smith, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science.

FAIRBANKS: Paul A. Heflinger, Honors Bachelor of Science, Chemistry; Meagan M. Sharp, Bachelor of Arts, English.

HOMER: Steven P. Stead, Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Engineering.

JUNEAU: Matthew P. Montez, Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration; Gregory R. Smith, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science.

KASILOF: Keegan R. Reilly, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science.

KETCHIKAN: Lou M. Hu, Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Sarah K. Keene, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics; Andrew S. Paulson, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering.

PALMER: Sara M. Jones, Bachelor of Science, Biology; Aurora M. Preston, Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy (4-year).

SELDOVIA: Kelly S. Hecks, Bachelor of Science, Speech Communication.

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  86     June 14, 2007 - 3:55pm | hometown

Anchorage student named to President's List

ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS-Catherine Engibus of Anchorage, Alaska was recently recognized by Ouachita Baptist University for academic excellence for the spring 2007 semester. Engibus was named to the President's List.
To be named to the President's List, a student must compile a 4.000 grade point average (out of 4.000 possible) and be classified as a full-time student, with a minimum of 12 academic hours. Two hundred and five Ouachita students were named to the President's List for the spring 2007 semester.

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  February 20, 2010 - 3:58am | nouf

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  85     June 12, 2007 - 7:48am | uaa_advancement

UAA Announces Spring 2007 Deans' List

The following students have been named to the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Spring 2007 Semester Deans’ List. To be selected for the Deans’ List, students must complete at least 12 UAA credits (only courses graded with academic letter grades qualify) and earn a semester grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Valentina A. Abaras, Eric N. Abbott, Caitlin M. Abel, David M. Abel, Jehan J. Abukharmah, Esteban D. Acevedo, David M. Adcock, Kylee G. Adelmann, Lauren D. Agostino, Kathleen L. Ahern-Karnes

Raven T. Ahmed-Kison, Ekaterina A. Aleksandrushkina, Eugene D. Algiene, Cody T. Allen, David G. Allen, Ransom J. Allison, Jessica M. Allman, Alexis G. Almeida, Chad H. Alonso, Karl L. Alstrom

Jacqueline N. Ambrus, Christopher J. Amerson, Mary J. Anctil, Ana H. Andersen, Danielle F. Anderson, Paul C. Anderson, Timon Anderson, Nathan P. Andrew, Marvindan C. Anunciacion, Robina M. Apokedak-Gibson

Melissa C. Apone, Heidi R. Armstrong, Erica K. Arnold, Ross F. Arter, Chad M. Atkinson-Adams, Sean A. Aube, Kristina Mae F. Aurigue, Elvin Aygun, Nashwa F. Azzam, Gwendolyn D. Babineau

Cari R. Bailey, Chelsea A. Bailey, Jessica S. Bain, Derrick C. Baker, Heather C. Balderson, Gary L. Baldwin, Elizabeth M. Balistreri, Donald S. Ballard, Maria A. Banic, Robert T. Banicki,**
Carly A. Barron, Christopher B. Barry, Anthony P. Barton, Efrosinya Z. Basargin, Luisito R. Baytan, Lucas E. Becker, Terryll D. Becker, Jason R. Bell, Adrian M. Bender, James B. Benedict

Joshua R. Bennett, Travis W. Bennett, Christopher I. Benson, James D. Benson, Stefan T. Bentz, Melanya J. Berg, Edward Charles G. Bergeron, Mathew D. Bergt, Keegan R. Bernier, Amanda C. Best

Chad T. Bibeau, Paul R. Bilodeau, Nancy J. Bishop, Rachel J. Bissett, Katie L. Black, Lorena R. Blair, Anna J. Blake, Pamela L. Blakley, Aggie M. Blandford, Allison B. Bly

Christopher C. Bodziony, Alic W. Boggs, Larry K. Bohall, Kristen L. Bolding, Stephanie M. Bolger, Cadence A. Bon, Maria V. Bortikova, Edward A. Bos, Eli S. Bos, Maksat Botikov

Jessee T. Boullion, Lukas J. Bouvrie, Seth C. Bowen, Nathan A. Bower, Ivy M. Bowler, Michael F. Boyle Jr, Jacob R. Braden, Amy E. Bradford, Robert A. Bradley, Kaasan F. Braendel

Scott S. Bragg, Amanda R. Brandlen, Elizabeth K. Branscum, Nathan G. Brazington, Grant M. Breager, Randi C. Breager, Katherine E. Brennan, Larry L. Brenock-Leduc, Jennifer N. Brister, Rian E. Bristow

Constantine Broadbent, Christopher S. Brobst, Jason M. Brooke, Andrew M. Brown, Asha L. Brown, Jamie L. Brown, Trudy A. Brown, Christine E. Brummer, Stephanie C. Buck, John M. Buckland

Cindy B. Buffone, Lauren Bullock, Ryan L. Bunch, Todd A. Bunch, Sarah L. Bundy, Jessie A. Burbank, Jennifer N. Burkhart, Kenneth Burleson, Jazon D. Burnell, Jason D. Burnett

Matthew S. Bushue, Owen J. Butcher, Tom D. Butler, Trinnette N. Bybee, Samantha K. Calderwood, Brittany R. Caldwell, Suzanna E. Caldwell, Julie M. Calhoun, Patrick W. Campaign, Erin E. Campbell

Dustin I. Campbell-Hutchinson, James A. Canitz, Mariette P. Capps, Tiffany A. Carbonell, Jose A. Cardoso, Sherah S. Cardwell, Jacqueline S. Carr, Laura C. Carr, Carol L. Cartier, Irenerose P. Castillo

Kelly L. Cayler, Jesse Chang, Eric R. Chase, Casey J. Chatwell, Ali M. Cheema, Yan T. Chen, Yoo Ri Cheong, Tatyana N. Chernobrovkina, Gabriel N. Childers, Yoo Mi Cho

You Me Cho, Demonica L. Chong, Amanda L. Chriest, Benjamin I. Chriswell, Elise N. Churchill, Uliana V. Chuvashova, Gina Ciufo, Kevin M. Clark, Sabina N. Clark, Brian P. Clausson

Jennifer L. Clester, Analisa D. Clopton, Todd M. Closson, Clifford D. Cochran, Christina C. Cochrane, Kevin C. Coffey, Halena R. Cogan, Hope E. Collins, Kristie V. Collins, Julia W. Collman

Jeffrey R. Congdon, William J. Conner, Matthew S. Cook, Yvan C. Corbin, Jonathan L. Cornelius, Leanna R. Cornforth, Carmen N. Cowan, Zachary S. Cowan, Carly Craig, Ruben L. Crane

Kaeley A. Crawford, Samuel J. Crawford, Nicolette R. Creamer, Sarah J. Cross, Cynthia J. Crowley, Tiffany N. Cruthirds, Justin M. Cruz, David N. Cuffel, Janelle S. Cummings, Katherine N. Cunningham

Christopher M. Curran, Tristan R. Curry, Kimberly H. Curtis, Ashten R. Dahl, Darbi D. Daley, Michael S. Dalsfoist, Holly W. Darbous, John C. Darnall, Jessica K. Darrington, Celia A. Darrough

Breanna M. Daugherty, Flossie R. Davenport, Valorie A. Davenport, Brent C. Davidson, Crystal L. Davis, Melissa J. Davis, Susan A. Dayton, Claire A. DeHart, Blake J. Delaney, Matt M. DeLuca

Tamara A. Denisova, Rebecca J. Derry, Christian T. Deykes, Shannah M. Dickey, Richie F. Diehl, Michael A. Dierlam, Randi Dierlam, Jasper A. Dillbeck, Kathryn R. Dillbeck, Amanda L. DiMiceli

Audrey M. Diseth, Christopher W. Dishman, Billy L. Dobson, LauraBeth R. Dodd, Joseph D. Dolan, Ashley J. Doremire, Nathan M. Drake, Erica L. Dufrane, Deborah A. Duggin, Charlene R. Dullum

Gregory S. Dunlap, Juliet L. Duran, Jamie E. Durkop, Jessica R. Earp, Molly A. Eastham, Christina D. Ebersohl, Larry D. Eby, Mathew M. Echols V, April S. Eddie, Cheryl T. Edgren

Alexander C. Edwards, Laura E. Edwards, Jessica A. Edwin, Emily F. Eidam, Stephanie L. Eikum, RoxAnn M. Elliott, Ryan D. Elliott, Erin M. Embree, Brian P. Engle, Sonja A. Engle

Summer S. Engler, Kimberly M. English, Ricky D. English, Nicholas R. Ennis, Robert L. Erickson, Heather K. Ericson, Dustin L. Escalante, Jeanne E. Estabrook, Michael S. Estrella, William D. Evans Jr

William P. Fallon III, Pamela J. Fangonilo, Meagan E. Farmer, Chris R. Felker, Reid F. Fenton, Kazuko A. Fernandez, Meda M. Ferrenburg, Nicole J. Fidler, Garrison R. Field, Catherine A. Fields

Dana M. Fields, Tirzah E. Fields, Cory J. Fischer, Anita M. Fisher, Wendy D. Fisher, Michael M. Flake, Sheila L. Flister, Mariel Fonteyn, Robin E. Ford, Colleen M. Forque

Rori E. Foster, Megan C. Fowler, Joseph P. Foxley, Marcelle M. Foxley, Brandon C. Foy, Kevan H. Francisco, Amy D. Franz, Kristen R. Frederic, Michael T. Fries, Sarah D. Frost

Jeanette L. Gabryszak, Thomas G. Galovin, Nathan T. Galvas, Mariann M. Gardner, Manch G. Garhart, Jeremy C. Garner, Joshua W. Garwick, Nataliya A. Gavrish, Shawna L. Germaine, Christine A. Gibbs

Bruce A. Giles, Jennifer E. Gilhuly, Patrick S. Gingrich, Anna A. Girkalo, Amanda J. Glaser, Brian P. Glasheen Jr, Martin J. Glaves, Chelsey T. Glines, Andrew W. Goering, Tyler Goettig-Carlson

Michael G. Goins, Christina M. Gomez, Kara E. Goodness, Brenten B. Goodrich, Marissa A. Gordon, Jeffrey R. Graham, Mindy K. Graham, Robert D. Gransbury, Tara C. Grantland, Amos T. Gray

Ekaterina S. Grebenkova, Belinda K. Green, Caitlin R. Grenier, Kimber Grenier, Teuta Greva, Virginia M. Grimes, Andreanna E. Grishkowsky, Alan A. Guillory, Latoya A. Guillory, Jessica R. Gunderson

Lindsay J. Gunnarson, Brian Gwaltney, Ga Young Ha, Marion E. Hablett, Benjamin J. Haese, Brendan W. Hafele, Steven M. Halcomb, Kaitlyn M. Hale, Shoshana Hales, Lindsay D. Hall

Dannie E. Hallin, Hans W. Hallinen, James P. Halpin III, Andrew L. Halverson, Serine M. Halverson, Alyssa J. Hambright, Eric M. Hamilton, John E. Hammack III, Kara S. Hanni, Hans J. Hansen

Kari L. Hanson, Noah S. Hanson, Anna R. Harmeling, Karinne E. Harris, Thomas K. Harris Jr, Kerstin T. Harrison, Paul E. Harrison, Daniel C. Hart, Jordan T. Hartman, Janina Harvell

Jessica L. Harvey, Mandy J. Haugstad, Thomas L. Haydock, Anjuli S. Haydu, Amanda K. Hayes, Michael C. Hedrick, Lucas P. Hegg, Tiffany M. Heilman, Dyle Hein, Lindsey N. Heiserman

Rebeka A. Helfrich, Autumn N. Henley, Lewis R. Henrichs, Lindy L. Henrick, Melanie M. Henry, Daniel W. Heo,
Katy A. Hewitt, Brian M. Hibberd, Eric B. Higgins, Matthew S. Higgins

Erin A. Higley, James W. Hilbish, Anna K. Hill, Amy A. Hillenbrand, Timothy P. Hillyer, Sarah G. Hinson, Kortney A. Hintsala, Charissa D. Hobbs, Melanie K. Hoeft, Chris D. Hoepfner

Escorita L. Holder, Topaz B. Hollingsworth, Deshuria Holmes-Kadriu, Kristen L. Holmes-Perry, Jeanette M. Holt, Shane M. Holtzclaw, Josh D. Hood, Caitlin M. Hopper, Joshua D. Horvath, Gregory W. Hough

Heather A. Houston, Austin R. Hoyer, Nathan G. Huey, Kelly J. Huff, Paul D. Hufford, Kristina N. Huling, Kali M. Hulquist, Holly K. Hunt, Mac Aaron Hunter-Lyons, Aurora L. Hustad

William C. Hutchings, Danielle N. Hutka, Ashley E. Illies, Margarita A. Ingersoll, Umair Iqbal, Behnaaz S. Irani, Amanda I. Isenhour, Sherina R. Ishnook, Heidi A. Jacobo, Jacob M. Jaffa

Angela T. Janssen, Matt J. Jardin, James M. Jatho, Melissa L. Jay, Jennifer L. Jemison, Wassiliane N. Jenkins, Jens A. Jensen III, Gwyn T. Jerman, Paula M. Joe, Jonathan K. Johanson

George A. Johns, Shelly D. Johns, Cheryl F. Johnson, Clinton W. Johnson, Danyelle R. Johnson, Hannah E. Johnson, Janissa J. Johnson, Jon J. Johnson, Kaitlin A. Johnson, Libia E. Johnson

Renee E. Jones, Amie L. Joy, Brandon W. Judy, Sanghyun Jung, Melissa D. Kahler, Amanda S. Kailing, Britany N. Kaiser, Katerina M. Kalii, Bo Young Kang, Scott C. Karnitz

Peter Katsur, Brittany C. Keil, Paul D. Keller, John D. Kelley, Erin C. Kelly, Tosha J. Kelly, Ashley T. Kennell, Ruby S. Kennell, Kolin R. Kepler, Jason N. Kim

Kihwan Kim, Minhe Kim, Sunghae Kim, Richard D. Kimmons, Katrina G. Kincaid, Katey J. Kindred, Casey M. King, Rebecca G. Kingston, Andrew S. Kircher, Saksiri B. Kitchpanich

Jorin K. Klawitter, Molly G. Kline, Lori A. Klug, Julija Klukevica, Philip M. Knowlton, Jan Knudsen, August T. Knutsen, Knut H. Koeneman, Alexander F. Koepp, Tanya L. Komakhuk

Aleksandra V. Kononova, Greta J. Kopperud, Ekaterina V. Korneyashenko, Paul E. Kotelman, Sabrina D. Krischuk, Tani D. Kron, Keeton J. Kroon, Deana E. Kubosh, Meng F. Kue, Robert B. Kuenning

Marcus C. Kuhns, Chavah Kurtz, Elise C. Kvernplassen, Wesley W. Ladd, Sofia M. Lagos, Mitchell A. Laird, Mara J. Lamb, Stephanie J. Lambe, Amber R. Lampe, Stephanie A. Lanz

Justin M. Larkin, Phillip R. Larson, Zachary W. Lasiter, Kyle J. Latz, Joel T. Lawrence, John R. Lawson, Bryant W. Leader, Justin R. Lee, Timothy J. Lee, Yoon J. Lee

Patricia Lenhart, David F. Leonard, Julie A. Lesko, Claire M. Lettow, Yvonne E. Leutwyler, Candace R. Lewis, Sha Li, Andrew Liebner, Rachel L. Lim, Philip G. Lindeke

Tonya L. Ling, Autumn M. Linkins, Shelia J. Little, Travis J. Little, Bud A. Lo, Amy M. Lockwood, Shirleen J. London, Jaclyn R. Lookingland, Khalil Y. Lord, Ashley E. Lotz

Breanna K. Love, Nellie K. Love, Alexandra E. Lower, Mindietta S. Lowrey, Krystal Joe F. Lumbao, Jonathan F. Macedo, Melanie M. Mach,
Branden M. Mack, Michael L. Madrid, Lauren A. Magiera

Charwin M. Mainot, Matthew I. Majoros, Beenish T. Malik, Brian A. Maller, Peter D. Malone, Jennifer L. Maness, Stephanie L. Manning, Harrison T. Marble, Matthew A. Maresh, Adrienne S. Marey

David J. Martin, Miltha R. Martinez, Avery M. Martyn, Eric B. Mathews, Dia J. Matteson, Deborah K. Mattson, Ronald J. Maurer, Kadee L. Maxwell, Joseph D. Mayfield, Dmitriy V. Mazurets

Rachel A. McCartan, Mary A. McCone, Jennifer C. McCoy, Shane M. Mccoy, Shane E. McDonald, Daniel E. McFarland, Sean R. McGrane, Larry A. McGuffie II, Shannon E. McGuire, Laurence E. McKenna

Chrystal L. McMillan, Sharon M. McMillan, Thomas E. McMire, Thomas C. McPheeters, Maximilian L. Meier-Meitinger, Natalia Mejia Alcantara, Nargis R. Mesyagutova, Amanda L. Metivier, Richard L. Meyer, Megan A. Mickelson

Teresa A. Miksch, Hannah N. Miller, Jade A. Miller, Jennifer L. Miller, Rick A. Miller, Sandy K. Miller, Sharlicia L. Miller, Katy E. Minatre, Konstantin B. Minevich, David I. Mitchell

Carla A. Modrell, Kelly A. Mohr, Allie V. Mokhantha, Cena N. Moody, Danielle M. Moore, Megan K. Moore, Shauna R. Moore, Annabel D. Morena, James T. Morgan, David M. Mork

Christopher R. Morris, Scott K. Morrison, Cory J. Morse, Elizabeth A. Moseley, Cherina C. Moser, Cathy K. Mosher, Elizabeth E. Mulhollan, Trevor Z. Mumma, Kayleigh E. Murray, Nicole C. Murray

John C. Mushett, Sheresica J. Myers, Oleg A. Nashchekin, Natalia I. Nauman, Briana Neal, James M. Neal, Cynthia K. Neff, Logan L. Negherbon, Roger S. Nelsen, Ashley L. Nelson

Taylor C. Nerland, Cory A. Ness, Emily C. Neumann, Fanny Jo Newton, Au Nguyen, CamTu T. Nguyen, Sarah E. Nichols, Ashleigh B. Nicholson, John J. Nickels III, Lindsay H. Nielsen

Maria Nilsson, Caroline M. Noel, Alan K. Noriega, Stephanie N. Novak, Jeanna M. Nuxoll, Kelley E. Oakes, Shadi O. Obeidi, Nicholas L. Oberg, Tracy A. O'Connor, Jordan Oleson

Anthony A. Oliva, Katherine Y. Oliver, Ashley D. Olsen, Jonathan A. Olthuis, Antoinette J. O'Neill, Molly J. O'Neill, Alan E. Osborn, Seth P. Ostrowski, Andrey S. Otin, Kyle J. Otto

Shannon P. Overstreet, Astrid Ovstedal, Sandy L. Packo, Rachel L. Pamplin, Jason C. Parizo, Ho Jin Park, June H. Park, Sarah M. Park, Seon-Hee Park, Steve R. Parrish

Edmund L. Pascual, Valerie S. Patson, Andrew T. Pavey, Alan J. Pawlak, Tyler J. Peerson, Limor Pelleg, Maria F. Pena, Theron A. Peplow, Jennifer L. Perry, Robert H. Pesquira

Nathan A. Peters, Robert N. Peters, Randal L. Petersen, Ashley M. Peterson, Dmitry M. Petrishak, Abby E. Petrozzi, Miranda B. Petruska, Kristian W. Pettyjohn, Brian D. Pfister, Juli A. Phelps

Ashley M. Phillips, Cody R. Phipps, Clarissa G. Piehl, Erwin V. Pilar, Kristen M. Pinard-Janisch, Ellie M. Plate, Christopher C. Pletnikoff, Ashleigh M. Popplewell, Jessica M. Portlock, Jocelyn E. Price

Roberta J. Pruitt, Jennifer J. Pugatch, Christine A. Pugh, Karen M. Pulley, Jesse M. Putman, Casey L. Pylant, Christopher Rackliff, Krista M. Rader, Sean D. Rafter, Heather C. Ralston

Joshua J. Randolph, Mark Anthony Y. Randrup, Brittany M. Raney, Rebecca A. Rauf, Jenny A. Read, Susan I. Reddaway, Jenna K. Redlinger, Jessica K. Reed, Raymond M. Reeves, Summer D. Reid

Brian P. Reith, Kendra J. Remsen, Donna L. Resnick, Chelsea J. Reynolds, Donald J. Richardson, Robin V. Richardson, Margarita P. Richman, Dustin D. Rider, Catherine H. Riedl, Ksenia A. Rigel

Joseph V. Riggs III, Brittany A. Robbins, Don G. Roberts, Sheryl R. Robertson, Heather R. Robinson, Jilleen P. Rocili, Aidee K. Rodriguez, Roman Rodriguez, Richard S. Rogers, Jackie L. Rose

Jacqueline L. Rowe, Letrica L. Rowe, Loretta S. Rowley, Jenny D. Rozak, Crystal S. Rucker, Kristi M. Ruge, Agatha G. Rutka, Dustin M. Ryan, Marguerite M. Rykaczewski, John C. Saari

Margaret A. Sage, Jeremy R. Sagoonick, Justin M. Salberg, Joanne D. Samson, Steven J. Sanders, Khristoffer C. Santos, Emmanuelle J. Sarandria, Joshua D. Satterfield, LoAnna T. Savage, Robert A. Saxton

Martin Scheffler, Anna M. Schmidt, Michael J. Schmidt, Kyle C. Schmoyer, Aaron T. Schram, David M. Schroeder, Emily A. Schrooten, Bethani M. Schruf, Michael A. Schuessler, Arthur E. Schultz

Edward J. Schwab Jr, Tara K. Scudder, Tyrell C. Sears, David J. Sepelak, Manisha N. Sethi, Melissa J. Shaginoff, Anastasiya A. Shandyga, Christina D. Shangin,
Heidi J. Sharratt, Joshua W. Sharrow

Desha M. Shaw, Jerzy M. Shedlock, Brenda J. Sheets, Brian D. Sheffield, Natalie W. Shelton, Heidi A. Shepard, Ian H. Shepard, Kayla D. Shepherd, Timothy B. Shin, Yelena V. Shiroglazova

Calvin D. Shultz, Felicia L. Sickler, Cornelious K. Sigei, Erica E. Sigurdsson, Alisha J. Silverstein, Jessica E. Simien, Oxana A. Sinyavina, David Jay R. Sison, Jordan D. Skan, Nicolette A. Skomp

Robert L. Slater, Alexander S. Slobodin, Lillian S. Sloth,
Andrew W. Smith, Brandi lee K. Smith, Caroline R. Smith, Cody W. Smith, Darren A. Smith, Jon A. Smith, Joshua A. Smith

Joy L. Smith, Leigh C. Smith, Melissa A. Smith, Sabrina A. Smith, Tana M. Smith, Timothy J. Smith, Tiffany A. Smodey, Yelena A. Sokolov, Elayne E. Soler, Kendra L. Sontag

Jessica R. Sorensen, Beta Rae C. Soriano, Doreen R. Spear, James W. Spies, Daniel J. Spindler, Cynthia K. Spivey, Cory J. Stantorf, Cassie J. Stehman, Junietta M. Steinbeck, Andrew P. Stephens

Sarah A. Stimson, Kaari E. Stockel, Terry J. Stone II, Melissa A. Stoner, Phillip W. Stormant Jr, Marc W. Stover, Kaley W. Strachan, Beck M. Strah, Cathrine S. Strand, Autumn M. Streuli

Suzanne M. Stringer, Ryan K. Suchodolski, Elizabeth J. Swan, David A. Talbot, Jade C. Taotua, Courtenay L. Taylor, Caleb M. Teel, Ricardo D. Tejeda, Francois Tembi, Michael G. Tencza II

Marie C. Terrazas, Jeffrey Teseniar, Phang C. Thach, Cathleen A. Therrien, Elisa C. Thomas, Jessica S. Thomas, Lesha L. Thomas, Nicole A. Thomas, Shamika L. Thomas, Windy G. Thomas

Evrod G. Thompson, Jacob P. Thompson, Andrew L. Tibor, Sarah E. Tillman, Nicholas J. Tittle, Whitney G. Tompkins, Paul J. Tornow, Kathleen R. Torpy, Tanya R. Totemoff, Nicole L. Toth

Melissa M. Tourtillott, Jordan N. Troisi, Megan L. Trudeau, Valerie M. Truncali, Miranda N. Turnbull, Derrick G. Turner, Grace V. Tutaan, Ashley P. Tyner, Johnny L. Tyson, Kimberly T. Uddipa

Donald R. Ulrich, Elias R. Ulvi, Rachael Uponen, Ciri W. Vail, Allison E. Vaillancourt, Jeremiah S. Van Wormer, Cody E. Vandegriff, Bao Vang, Mary K. Varner, Kai A. Vedenoja

Rachael E. Veit, Inez A. Velez, Kyle W. Venema, John M. Venhaus, Jacob P. Vesotski, Quinton A. Vincent, Jameel B. Vinoya, Jesse M. Voehl, Jessica A. Vogel, Michael J. Vogel

David G. Vought II, Richard P. Wagoner, Ryan M. Walker, Rosann M. Wallin, Michael L. Wallitner, Angela R. Walsh, Eric I. Walsh, Nicole C. Walsh, Micaela R. Wardell, Kristin M. Ware

Alex M. Wasierski, William K. Watson, Kelly A. Waughtel, John M. Weaver, Ashley E. Webber, Christina D. Weber, Joe A. Weber, Joseph R. Weber, Shawn M. Weber, Aaron A. Weeks

Alicia N. Weeks, Kirk N. Wegner, Alyssa A. Wehrli, Cassidy L. Weiland, Lisa B. Weinfurter, Marcus H. Welker, Gary L. Wells, Jasmine M. Wells, Kerston F. Welsh, Jessica L. West

Alana M. Whelan, Samuel C. Whicker, Samuel T. Whisler, Barbara J. Whitcraft, Isaiah P. White, Michael A. White, Leanne S. Whitmore, Mary E. Whybark, Richard J. Wight, Michelle M. Wilkins

Krystin L. Willburn, Daniela L. Williams, Natalie S. Williams, Tara L. Willis, Amber R. Wilson, Andrea N. Wilson, Camilla V. Wilson, Melissa N. Wilson, Tim Wilson, Colleen C. Wilt

Franklin R. Woitel, Laurie K. Woitel, Lauren A. Wolford, Caleb T. Wolfram, Marc R. Wong, Kris L. Woo, Cami L. Woolam, Amanda K. Wrenn, Amy L. Wright, James R. Wright

Keren K.Wright, Phil W. Wright, Rebekah D. Wright, Kyle P. Yan, Summer B. Yancey, Brian C. Yarmak, Savannah M. Yatchmeneff, Dimitri N. Yimga, Gerald F. Yoo, Audrey M. York

Donald L. Yunker, Olga P. Zaitseva, Cheryl R. Zehrung, Jared M. Zeuli, Heather R. Zeznock, Michael R. Zeznock, Jennifer J. Zilko, Allyson T. Zupin

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  84     June 12, 2007 - 7:29am | uaa_advancement

UAA Announces Spring 2007 Chancellor's List

The following students were named to the University of Alaska Anchorage’s
2007 Spring Semester Chancellor’s List. To be selected, an undergraduate student must complete at least 12 UAA credits graded with academic letter grades and earn a semester grade point average of 4.0.

Sara E. Aasand, Malvina A. Abaras, Eric D. Addison, Gayle E. Adkinson, Chase Agee, Sarah E. Aiken, Sabra A. Aiman, Athea M. Alabanzas, Amy J. Alford, Harrison M. Alger

Christiane J. Allison, Jared T. Allman, Melanie A. Alvarado, Steven C. Amundson, Cherri L. Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Glenn R. Anderson, James W. Anderson, Joel'lene R. Anderson, Celeste A. Angleton

Trevor G. Archibald, Heather L. Asselin, Rachel E. Atkinson, Randolph S. Bailey, Caitlin G. Baker, Jennifer K. Baker, Scott A. Baker, Chris R. Bakke, Teeka A. Ballas, Nathan S. Banbury

Carolyn L. Barnes, Zachary A. Barrickman, Andrea M. Bartel, Charles E. Bartha, Luke Z. Bartholomew, Tina A. Bartlett, Mary Ann C. Batchelder, Natalie R. Beach, Tabitha R. Beaton, Cherie L. Benbow

Richard O. Bender, Steven C. Bentti, Zanyce B. Berg, Kyle N. Berghorn, Vanessa M. Bergstedt, Jillian R. Berna, Matthew D. Blattmachr, Tamara N. Boeckman, Bruin M. Borchardt, C Elaine Border

Stephanie J. Botts, Casendra L. Bowen, Kristi N. Bradley, Lauren M. Bradley, Peter M. Bradley, Katherine E. Branch, Katherine M. Bringold, Jodi R. Brown, Stephanie M. Brown, Kyle C. Browning

Race M. Brunton, Kira E. Buckland, Michael S. Burmeister, Tracy L. Bushnell, Joseph A. Butcher, Lorie L. Butler, Jason N. Cabiness, Emily J. Callaway, Breeann Caraway, Jessica A. Carlile

Stephen R. Carnahan, Teri L. Carr, Geraldine S. Cayabyab, Steven M. Cherry, Sarah A. Chiara, Mary E. Childers, Jennifer A. Chircop, Eunhye Choi, Jessica L. Chuckran, Valarie R. Clark

Matthew C. Clarkson, Josiah P. Clayton, Laura M. Clemson, Jean A. Clifton, April D. Coggan, Tiffany L. Collinson, Cristine M. Conner, Lisa J. Conner-Marcinek, Emily M. Conway, Tammy J. Cook

Megon M. Coon, Joshua M. Coots, Robin C. Coursen, Kristopher T. Craig, Thomas C. Crandall, Ivan G. Cuevas, Jeffrey L. Daigger, Cassandra M. Dale, Rena M. Dalman, Rachel B. Daniels

Ashlee L. Daris, Adrianne M. Darnell, Elizabeth A. Davey, Eric T. Davis, Hannah A. Davis, Lisa M. Davis, Jathan E. Day, Holly M. De Land, Brit A. DelMoral, Jeffrey S. DeMille

Stephen M. Deutsch, Derek A. Dilley, Jacob A. Dilley, Robert V. Dindinger, Laura L. Dixon, Thomas B. Dolan, Lisa J. Donnally, Crystal C. Dosser, Travis T. Dosser, William E. Drake III

Stephanie B. Durand, Leah K. Durham, Rebecca M. Dushkin, James M. Dyal, Adrienne E. Eberhardt, Josephine M. Edwards-Vollertsen, Akela R. Eldridge, Heidi M. Elliott, Gary M. Ellis, Matthew A. Engles

Becky D. Erion, Sheila V. Esguerra, Michelle S. Estrella, Seth A. Ex, Micheal A. Eymann, Jessica L. Ezzell, Michelle E. Faas, Hardy D. Faircloth, Loren E. Fanter, Rachel A. Faraday

Charesa L. Faris, Micheal J. Fassler, Olga N. Fedorova, Kristi A. Fernandez, Michael J. Fernandez, Patricia J. Fisher, Shaina M. Fisher, Liesl A. Fitzenrider, Garrett J. Flanagan, Gwendolyn L. Flanary

Travis Flanders, Michelle L. Fletcher, Patrick O. Flint, Victoria A. Flint, Sarah D. Fontaine, Charlotte K. Forrest, Debora A. Forrester, Taryn C. Fraker, Caroline E. Frampton, McKenna M. France

Chad D. Francis, Oksana Franco, Michael B. Francom, Kayla J. Frank, James C. Friedersdorff, Sarah E. Fries, Michael N. Fullom, Richard A. Gabel, Susanna M. Gaines, Daniel J. Gallagher

Michael K. Garcia, Christian Garrett, Kyle R. Garrison, Aaron C. Gates, Christina L. Gee, Kathleen L. Gibbons, Ruby C. Gibbons, Robert R. Gill, Shelley Giraldo, Julia A. Gluth

Erin L. Graf, Jennifer M. Gray, Robert S. Greenberg, Brittany R. Greer, Kari L. Grenier, Tracey M. Gressel, Olga A. Grevtseva, Brian J. Grieser, Ruth A. Griess, Lanissa D. Grogan

Galina Y. Grosheva, Daniel Grunert, Hannah E. Guillaume, Shawn M. Gumbleton, Bo C. Gwin, Debbie L. Haddox, Amber J. Hall, Kyle D. Halliwill, Kristin L. Hamerski, Hyewon Han

Miranda J. Hankins-Stubbs, Tiffiny N. Hanks, Shelia M. Hansen-Guess, Lori L. Hanson, Larissa E. Harkacz, Orest M. Harkacz Jr, Richard A. Harman, Sandra B. Harne, Brynn N. Hart, Sherri D. Harvey

Joel M. Hebert, David J. Helmso, Erin Henderson, Jeffrey L. Henderson, Brandi E. Henry, Britney C. Henry, Leah A. Henry, Nelly V. Hernandez, Eric F. Hershey, Melissa C. Heuer

David T. Hill, Briana Hinrichs, Allison N. Holland, Carolyn B. Holmes, Joshua C. Hooyer, Jessica L. Houston, Meaghan R. Howard, Matthew Howell, Luci R. Hulbert, Nam Hee Hwang

Sherrilyn D. Ihde, Naho Ishiki, Cassie J. Iutzi-Mitchell, Melissa B. Jabaay, Regina N. James, Gary A. Janes, Derrek A. Jennison, Blake B. Johnson, Summer D. Johnson, Zachary H. Johnson

Cassandra M. Jones, Connie E. Jones, Daniel K. Jones, Drew J. Jorgensen, Charles M. Joynor, Zachary D. Juback, Maria E. Kartuozhnikova, Beatrice A. Katongan, Dorian M. Kaye, Kendra L. Keith

Ben M. Kelley, Anna M. Kelly, Megan M. Kenley, Jana M. Kennedy, Nancie E. Kenney, Kennaty J. Kerley, Linda Kessner, Colt M. Killian, Myungsoo Kim, Seongu Kim

Penny L. Kimball, Sassa A. Kitka, Rebecca A. Knighton, Olga P. Kochetova, Dmitry A. Korobov, Erin C. Koshiyama, Dariya I. Kostareva, Lesly R. Krome, Randy W. Kubitz, Jamie E. Kunkler

Seonja Kwon, John A. Lagoutaris, Jeffrey B. Lamb, Tiffany P. Lane, Gloria M. Lannen, Kelly A. Lanzarone, Maria A. Larkina, Sara K. Lasell, Mario Latona, Laura M. Lease

Nicole E. LeBlanc, Anthony T. Lee, Mai N. Lee, Brieanna I. Leman, Joseph A. Levitre Jr, Tara N. Liljestrand, Rebecca S. Litterer, Kathleene Joyce B. Llaneza, Natalie J. Loescher, Brian L. Logan

Stephen F. Long, Olga I. Losik, Danielle M. Ludwigsen, Heather L. Lund, Margie MacNeille, Sara A. Magwire, Rustin A. Manning, Herbert Marcher, James T. Marshall, Andrea R. Martin

Jessica A. Martin, September V. Martin, Dmitriy A. Martynenko, Thomas J. Mason, Todd S. Massie, Luke E. Mathot, Meghan S. Matteson, Scott A. Mattison Jr, Jenna L. Maurer, Brandi R. Mayfield

Riley W. McCorkell, Taylor M. McDonald, Cameron W. McFarlane, Megan McGee, Christina N. McGovney, Heather A. McIntyre, Kristin M. McKennett, Daniel M. McMullen, Jeffrey K. Meehan, Kurt A. Meehleis

Mary A. Mendez, Beckey L. Miller, Joseph M. Miller, Dustin A. Mingo, Jessica A. Mitchell, May Mitchell, Jerelyn T. Miyashiro, Carly L. Moffat, Stefanie R. Moiles, Alina I. Moldovan

Mathew D. Mollenkopf, Tami J. Monson, Abigail Moon, Bonnie C. Moore, Ryan S. Morgheim, Margaret C. Morris, Christina M. Morrison, Michael D. Mott, Siu Cheung Moy, Kelli A. Murphy

Connor J. Murray, Brittany N. Murrell, Thomas M. Musgrove Jr, Kyle A. Negri, John R. Netzel, Aslynne U. Neves, Logan E. Newby, David L. Newton, Daniel Nicoll, Maria S. Nikitina

Per B. Nolan, Reginiza P. Novero, William P. Nye, Sharmin Oathout, Nikki S. O'Brien, Eric M. Odle, Jessie E. Oliver, Suparphon S. O'Neal, Abby M. O'Neill, Megan J. O'Neill

Sunil Panthi, Alysyn D. Patotzka, Patricia B. Payne, Joseph A. Pazar, Aurora E. Pease, Elizabeth M. Percak-Dennett, Tiffany N. Pereira, Angela S. Perry, Benjamin L. Persinger, David A. Persinger

Joseph E. Person, Christon P. Petersen, Danielle R. Pettijohn, Korrie A. Pflum, Rachel A. Philemonoff, Erin L. Pikey, David T. Pine, Pepper A. Piper, Erik S. Plowman, Kelly L. Pollard

Juliana D. Prater, Bruce A. Privett, Courtney J. Procter, Tamara Quincy, Rebecca M. Quinton, Ryan D. Rabon, Anthony T. Radej, Carlee P. Ragsdale, Cody J. Rall, Severin E. Randall

Rebecca A. Rastall, Michael R. Redlinger, Blake H. Reese, Heather R. Reeves, Brooke A. Reich, Brenda K. Reid, Elena A. Reierson, Brock K. Reisdorf, Mae E. Remme, Michael J. Reusser

Kasandra D. Rice, Joshua J. Riley, Austin J. Roach, Clay W. Roberts, Rebecca J. Robinson, Rebecca V. Robinson, Joshua A. Robnolte, Kristan D. Rodriguez, Sarah K. Rogers, Christopher G. Roofe

Ginger L. Rose, Katie E. Rowell, Jerry T. Roys, Sarah L. Rugolo, Devin S. Rush, Gregory L. Rushing, Kaliska L. Russell, Elia M. Sakeagak, Lucas D. Salzbrun, David S. Sanner

Patricia M. Sauer, Jenelle C. Sauvageau, Kelly L. Sawyer, Karl J. Schauer, Anna M. Schoppert, Paul A. Schranz, Kathryn A. Schreckenghost, Katie A. Schurosky, Jennifer B. Schwebke, Christopher S. Schweitzer

Elisa R. See, Tyler J. Seibold, Ruth E. Sensenig, Tamara A. Sessoms, Joseph M. Seyfried, Cynthia J. Shangin, Dennis P. Sharp, Kelley K. Sheppard, Crystal R. Sherwood, Kyra D. Sherwood

Erin K. Shew, John R. Silsbee, Andrew J. Sims, Tara M. Sims, Jessica J. Sincich, Brian A. Slater, Natalia S. Slobodina, Michelle A. Sloper, Anastasia V. Smelova, Ryan D. Smiley

Michelle M. Smith, Marlena H. Spencer, Kristopher S. Sperry, GeorgeAnne Sprinkle, Michael A. Stanger, Jeremy N. Stariwat, Maria L. Steele, Michelle T. Steffens, Andrew P. Stevens, Timothy J. Stevenson

Leah D. Stillens Vin Zant, Brandee M. Stone, Luke M. Stowe, Alla I. Strickland, Wendy K. Strohmeyer, Roland M. Struyve', Julie M. Stutzer, Jinghui Su, Sonia A. Subani, Tesfa M. Subani

Brian J. Svabik, Joyce R. Swan, Bridget L. Swanson, Erik G. Swanson, Chandre M. Szafran, Savannah L. Tallino, Carla V. Tamondong, Patricia M. Tibor, Felicia M. Toche, Shellea R. Trammell

Paul C. Truba, Amy L. Trush-Henry, Olga Van Tets, Christine I. Van Valkenburgh, Martha E. Vasquez, Kristen E. Vega, Heather D. Villafranca, Richard J. Wakeling, Joseph F. Wald, Colleen M. Waldrip

Katie J. Walsh, Breena L. Walters, Janel G. Walton, Daniel M. Warnke, Lee E. Wasson, Ann M. Wawersik, Kari N. Wedemeyer, Sabrina M. Wedman, Erika L. Weigle, Kathryn A. Weinfurter

Paul J. Welp, Tammy J. Werbelow, Elizabeth E. White, Bristol A. Whitmore, Stanislawa M. Wierzbicki, Michael S. Wight, Patrick J. Wilcox, Lela A. Wiley, Meghan N. Williams, Sherrie C. Wilson

Wade Wilsonoff, Ryan S. Winkler, Alec M. Wister, Samuel D. Wolfe, Stephen J. Wolfe, Amanda A. Wolfinbarger, Whitney S. Wray, Pamela J. Wright, Gan Wu, Raphael Wunderle

Garrett C. Yager, Min Young Yang, Cecelia R. Yazzie, Ju Hee Yi, Chang Woo You, Javier Zapata, Andy W. Zawatski

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  83     June 11, 2007 - 2:17pm | hometown

Grove City College commencement includes Anchorage woman

Meghan Kincaid of Eagle River graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in English from Grove City College in Pennsylvania this spring. She is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Timothy Kincaid of Eagle River.

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  82     June 11, 2007 - 9:14am | lewiso


Anchorage, AK – June 8, 2007– Credit Union 1 has awarded ten $1,000 scholarships through the credit union’s Bill Countryman Scholarship Program. This is the 22nd year CU1 has offered student scholarships. Winners were selected from all communities Credit Union 1 serves. The winners are:

Renata Ballesteros of Kodiak plans to attend the American University in Washington, DC to pursue a degree in International Studies.

Michael Deterra of Eagle River plans to attend Washington State University to study Mass Media Communication at the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication.

Lucas Fried of Kodiak plans to attend Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to pursue a career in engineering.

Jennifer Kenison of Eagle River plans to attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences to work towards becoming a licensed pharmacist.

Lydia Kleine of Homer plans to attend either Lewis & Clark College, University of Puget Sound or Colorado College to purse a degree in Biology.

Dariya Kostareva of Anchorage is currently studying Russian and Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Amiee McClory of Ketchikan plans to pursue a degree in Biology and Biochemistry with an ultimate goal of becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). She will be attending American University in Washington, DC.

Rachelle Reynolds of Fairbanks will be attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with a goal of becoming a Marine Biologist.

Marjorie Tahbone of Nome plans to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage and earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

Tamara Quincy of Soldotna is currently studying to become a licensed paramedic at Kenai Peninsula College. She plans to stay in her community to give aid to her fellow Alaskans.

Credit Union 1 is Alaska's second largest financial cooperative, with a mission to help members achieve their financial goals by focusing on excellent service and value. Founded over 50 years ago, Credit Union 1 now has 13 branches, and over 50,000 members and $500 million in assets. Anyone who lives or works in Alaska is eligible to join Credit Union 1.

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  81     June 10, 2007 - 11:49am | kat_seward

Shaleen Seward graduates magna cum laude with double major

Shaleen Seward, a 2003 graduate of Chugiak High School, graduated magna cum laude from Northern Arizona University with a double major in Sociology and Psychology on May 11th, 2007. She has been accepted into the Sociology Graduate Assistant program at Northern Arizona University.

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  80     June 8, 2007 - 3:22pm | hometown

Alaska residents earn scholarships from WWU

Western Washington University awarded scholarships to the following Alaska students:
Devin Malone, son of Dru Malone and Salli Burgin of Anchorage, received a $15,000 Fairhaven College Adventure Learning Grant for travel abroad. Malone is majoring in political science and economics at WWU.
Susan Clark, daughter of David Clark and Mary Peck-Clark of Anchorage, received a $1,000 Horizon Bank Scholarship, awarded to juniors or seniors in the College of Business and Economics for scholastic achievement.
Derek Delgado, son of George and Sharlene Delgado of Anchorage, received a $1,500 Lydia S. Grover Piano/Organ Scholarship. Delgado is obtaining a master's degree in piano performance.
Abe Salmon, son of Darcie and Bettie Salmon of Wasilla, received a $1,500 Margaret Aitken Scholarship. He is majoring in physical education and health teacher education.

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  79     June 8, 2007 - 2:57pm | hometown

Alaska residents earn scholarships from WWU

Western Washington University awarded scholarships to the following Alaska students:
Devin Malone, son of Dru Malone and Salli Burgin of Anchorage, received a $15,000 Fairhaven College Adventure Learning Grant for travel abroad. Malone is majoring in political science and economics at WWU.
Susan Clark, daughter of David Clark and Mary Peck-Clark of Anchorage, received a $1,000 Horizon Bank Scholarship, awarded to juniors or seniors in the College of Business and Economics for scholastic achievement.
Derek Delgado, son of George and Sharlene Delgado of Anchorage, received a $1,500 Lydia S. Grover Piano/Organ Scholarship. Delgado is obtaining a master's degree in piano performance.
Abe Salmon, son of Darcie and Bettie Salmon of Wasilla, received a $1,500 Margaret Aitken Scholarship. He is majoring in physical education and health teacher education.

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