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New-style anything goes: Wednesday, Sept. 24

Use this space to continue discussing anything you'd like.

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Vote for your favorite gallery picture of the week

Gallery poll: Click to see larger imagesGallery poll: Click to see larger images

Vote in the gallery poll

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Ariel wins gallery photo contest

Ariel wins gallery photo contestAriel wins gallery photo contestIt was hard to resist this week's Dog Shots gallery contest winner. Ariel staked claim to the cat bed, and there was no room left over for the competition.

Thanks, Tina, for sharing that great shot.

Second place went to a familiar Yorkie who gets way too much attention around here anyway, so I won't include his runner-up picture as normal. ;)

Thanks for all the submissions to the gallery. Alaskans have the coolest dogs anywhere. Look for the next poll soon.

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What do you want/expect/demand out of a vet?

I love my vet. He gave Jack a new, full life by doing a difficult surgery that gave him full use of a bum leg. It's worked beautifully for almost three years now. Not an easy trick on a 10-year-old 4-pound dog.

The only thing lacking, and maybe it's just me having too high of expectations for a doctor with a busy practice, is availability. I can schedule an appointment, but follow-ups are difficult. The practice is for me to call him back and to keep calling until I reach him. I can't leave a message for him to call me back.

He works 12 hour days five days a week. He's only turned me away one time, recently, when his workload was through the roof and he was getting ready to leave town for a week. But even then, he didn't recommend anyone when I had an emergency. He just said he was too busy and I should see somebody else.

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Anything goes: Sunday, Sept. 21

Here's a new anything-goes topic to discuss anything you'd like. Well, except the blog format. No whining about the new blog format. :)

Kidding, actually I'm going to talk to our Web guru tomorrow to see if there's any way we can either add back some of the features people are missing -- editing ability, replying to topics, headlines maybe -- or to revert to the old style.

Another option that I mentioned on the last anything-goes would be to go to a format like the opinion section uses for unfiltered letters. There, everyone can create their own topics.

Check it out if you haven't seen it: Unfiltered letters

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Anything goes: Friday, Sept. 19

Here's a new anything-goes topic to discuss anything you'd like. It was annoying having to scroll down through the gallery polls to get to the last one. I'll have to remember to keep the current anything goes on top.

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Vote for your favorite gallery picture of the week

Vote for your favorite gallery picture of the weekClick thumbnails to scroll through larger versionsVote in the gallery poll

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Jack comes back from second place to win gallery photo contest

Jack wins gallery photo contestJack wins gallery photo contest
Denali and Gizmo: Second placeDenali and Gizmo: Second place
Jack, enjoying the good life as a retired racer, sprinted to the top of this week's dogshots gallery photo contest. Second in the same contest just a couple weeks ago, this week Jack left nothing to chance.

Photographed in his casual business attire, Jack pulled down six votes in a quiet week of voting. Second place went to chocolate Lab Denali, who was nice enough to serve as a pillow for Gizmo the chihuahua.

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Anything goes: Tuesday, Sept. 16

Looks like everyone behaved while I was out of town :), so here's a new anything goes topic to discuss anything you'd like. I'm still catching up with the last one.

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Has your dog ever run into foxtails?

This isn't a typical topic, but since I had a scare this weekend I thought I'd see if anyone else has had a brush with this potentially lethal sticker. And if so, did it require vet attention?

While walking Eddie onleash outside Denali Park, I heard him sneeze multiple times and looked down to see him standing near some foxtails. After about 10 sneezes, he stopped and I looked at his nose. Nothing visible and no blood. His sneezes continued about hourly until bedtime, then he slept soundly through the night.

I'd been in contact with emergency vets, but when he woke up Monday with no sneezes, I decided not to rush him to the vet. In fact, he went all day without a sneeze.

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Anything goes: Sunday, Sept. 14

The last anything-goes topic is cursed. Only 25 replies. I'm heading to Denali for the road lottery (neener, neener), so I'll start a new one now. Feel free to fill up the last one first:

Featured breed: Belgian sheepdog

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Vote for your favorite gallery picture

Vote for your favorite gallery picture of the weekClick picture to see larger images
Vote in the gallery poll

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Chase wins gallery photo contest

There's something about a dirty show dog that makes it irresistible, and Chase proved it this week. The dog who spends his workdays strutting around the show ring eked out a narrow victory over one of the happiest pooches ever to appear in the dogshots gallery. Chase, modeling a patch of pine tar, held off Skipper 7-6 in the voting.

Contratulations to the winners and all the others who contributed photos to the gallery.

Chase: Gallery contest winnerChase: Gallery contest winner

Skipper: Gallery contest second placeSkipper: Gallery contest second place

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Anything goes: Thursday, Sept. 11

Here's a new anything-goes topic to discuss anything you'd like

Featured breed: Belgian malinois

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Bonus topic: What's in your pet "apawthecary"?

A couple recent personal experiences and a couple recent tales I've come across of sick or injured dogs make me think it's imperative for dog owners to have a medicine cabinet for their dogs. We don't run to the doctor every time we have an upset stomach or a muscle ache, so why should we take our dogs to the vet for the same reasons? And while we could always run to the store to get what we need, why if your car doesn't start? Or the stores are closed? Or your dog is too sick to take or leave?

I'd be interested in what you have on hand, why you have it, who told you about it and how it works.

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Adoption Fair scheduled for Sunday

Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center is holding an Adoption Fair called Friends for Life from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 14.

Dogblogger dogworld sent me this flier. If you know anyone in search of a dog, cat or other animal, it sounds like a great time to check it out.

Adoption FairAdoption Fair

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Anything goes: Monday, Sept. 8

I'm going to be out of commission for much of the rest of the day, so here's a new anything-goes topic to keep the discussion going.

Featured breed: Bedlington terrier

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Will you ever get another dog?

At the risk of bumming everyone out having to ponder this question, I'm curious to find out if your current dog will be your last dog or if you envision more to come.

I bring this topic up because I've had people tell me just that: There is no replacing their current dog, and they don't even want to try. They've developed a lifelong bond with one dog and think it would be disrespectful to own another.

Others have told me that they just couldn't make that commitment to another dog: the housetraining, the cleaning up, the vet bills, the time commitment for daily walks ...

How about you?

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Vote for your favorite gallery picture

Click on picture to see larger versionsClick on picture to see larger versions
Vote in the gallery poll

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Jailbird pug wins gallery photo contest

Gallery contest winner: Please pay my bailGallery contest winner: Please pay my bailA pug returned to the winner's circle of the dogshots gallery photo poll, as Deb's cutie titled "Please pay my bail" won this week's contest. Pugs have been tough to beat recently, and this one was no exception. Nancy's shot pulled down six votes to edge another fine shot, "Jack Jack winking in clover," by one vote.

Gallery contest second place: Jack Jack winking in cloverGallery contest second place: Jack Jack winking in clover

Thanks to all the voters and to those who submitted the pictures to the gallery. The next contest will be coming soon.

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