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The Death of Edgar Allen Poe: TBA's "everorange" production at APU. Poe (Wayne Mitchell) is tormented and surrounded by figures from his past and his dark imagination including the Shadow Women (From Top: Kristin Fernandez, Eleanor Janecek Delaney and Angela Worthy.)The Death of Edgar Allen Poe: TBA's "everorange" production at APU. Poe (Wayne Mitchell) is tormented and surrounded by figures from his past and his dark imagination including the Shadow Women (From Top: Kristin Fernandez, Eleanor Janecek Delaney and Angela Worthy.)

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'The Bodice Rippers': One fourth of "Fourplay" at ACT.'The Bodice Rippers': One fourth of "Fourplay" at ACT.
If you only need one reason to fork over $10 to see the latest incarnation of "Fourplay" at Anchorage Community Theatre, 1133 E. 40th, look no further than Kevin Bennett's wild portrayal of a whacked-out truck driver in "Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-Go-Round."

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Video preview of "A Wee Rembrandt"

"That's when I got a red flag."

Museum guards recount the robbery that has them bound in duct tape in "A Wee Rembrandt" by Schatzie Schaefers, one of four plays in "Fourplay," presented at 10 p.m. Oct. 22 and 23 and 7 p.m. Oct. 24 at Anchorage Community Theatre, 1133 E. 70th. Video courtesy Three Wise Moose.

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Video preview of 'Bodice Rippers'

"This is gonna sell!"

Or so says the character featured in this clip from "The Bodice Rippers" by Arlitia Jones, one of four plays by local authors featured in "Fourplay" at Anchorage Community Theatre, 10 p.m. Oct. 22 and 23, and 7 p.m. on Oct. 24. Video courtesy of Three Wise Moose.

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Shop locally to avoid getting ripped off by kiddie talent scams - and other creative opportunities

There's been a bit of news lately about Alaskans who spend a bunch of money to get their progeny in front of talent agents who can give the young performer a big break - only to discover that they've blown a wad for no reason. Actually, that should not be news. It's a flim-flam older than Ponzi's scheme. I try mightily to keep such solicitations out of anything we cover as arts in the Daily News.

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'Witness for the Prosecution' free tonight for students

Anchorage Community Theatre is offering free admission to high school drama students to its production of Agatha Christie's courtroom drama, "Witness for the Prosecution." The gavel comes down at 7 p.m. tonight, at 1133 E. 70th Ave., just off the Old Seward Highway between Dowling and Dimond.

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Open letter from 'Reefer Madness' director


I received this e-mail today from Christian Heppinstall, the director of the upcoming production of a musical version of "Reefer Madness." Here's Christian:

Dear Arts Community,

Now is the time to rally to the defense of Out North, our only avant garde arts presenter. The conservative funder VSA of Washington, DC revoked a large grant from Out North. The catalyst for this was the staging of "Reefer Madness," with its satirical look at marijuana, as well as the Lesbian Film Festival that ran recently ran.

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'Reefer Madness' cancelled


Out North has cancelled the production of a musical version of the 1930s movie "Reefer Madness." Refunds will be provided for any advance ticket sales. A press release containing the information instructs those holding such tickets to contact CenterTix at 263-2787 to obtain refunds.

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Third Friday at MTS

Tweet Tweet: By Rebecca Lyon at MTS.Tweet Tweet: By Rebecca Lyon at MTS.
Yesterday, I got a sneak preview of "Inspirations" at the MTS Gallery, 3142 Mt. View Dr., an invitational show of Native Alaskan artists curated by Ronald Senungetuk. The show originated at the Pratt Museum in Homer and has come to Anchorage. The opening reception will take place at 5:30 p.m. tonight.
Finial: By Gretchen Sagan at MTS.Finial: By Gretchen Sagan at MTS.

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REVIEW: Mamma Mia!

Daily News correspondent
'Mamma Mia!' cast'Mamma Mia!' cast
Crank up the music, “Dancing Queen”! “Mamma Mia!’s” in town! Life’s a disco in one of the most nonsensical musicals I have seen in awhile. The story is hokey, the sets and costumes unexciting, and the singing mediocre. But it was a lot of fun, in a silly, campy way.

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Creative Opportunities


Alaska Theatre of Youth auditions: The theatre is casting roles for two holiday productions, “Annie, Jr.” and “Toys Take Over.” Auditions will be held 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 17, and 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Monday, Oct. 18, at the Sydney Laurence Stage of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Visit for more information.

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Double signing today at UAA

Direct from the Lake Clark region, husband-wife writers Steve Kahn and Anne Coray will have his-and-hers book signings today. Anne's volume, "Violet Transparent," contains her poetry. Steve's somewhat more prosaic "The Hard Way Home" is a collection of essays about "Alaska Stories of Adventure, Friendship, and the Hunt."

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First Friday Rambles: Surprise at ANAF


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First Friday preview

The show goes on, despite photographer's passing

Balanced Rock: By Barry McWayne at APU.Balanced Rock: By Barry McWayne at APU.

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Big Stevens tribute at Kennedy Center


Directly after the burial of Sen. Ted Stevens on Sept. 28, a grand concert in his honor was in the large Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. It was organized by the Kennedy Center and its chairman, David Rubenstein, who gave the introductory remarks and emceed.

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CD cuts featured at first UAA jazz concert


The first UAA Jazz Week Benefit concert on Wednesday featured Dan McElrath and Rick Zelinsky playing pieces from their new CDs, with a few extras thrown in.

The program alternated between pianist McElrath's tone pictures of Alaska places and things ("To the Great One" - i.e. Denali - and "Ungulation" - i.e. moose) and saxophonist Zelinsky's more pithy and formal essays. The extras included McElrath's arrangments of "Amazing Grace" and "Alaska's Flag."

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Kodiak trash art photos

That's not scary - that's trashThat's not scary - that's trash
The Chiniak Talking Trash Invitational took place this month. For those who couldn't make the trip to Kodiak, organizer Gretchen Patterson sent us a link to the show, which consisted of discarded objects "repurposed" into artwork.

View pictures of the shows visit

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Alaska Theatre of Youth needs adult backstage chaperones to help out with their upcoming presentations at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Volunteers will be needed starting at 9 a.m. on Oct. 14 and going through Saturday, Oct. 23. E-mail or call 338-4901 to sign up for one or more slots.


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Rosenthal, Spatz among governor's arts awards winners

The 2010 recipients of the Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities were announced on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The awards, sponsored by the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Alaska Humanities Forum and the Office of the Governor, will be presented during a dinner event at the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge on Thursday, Oct. 21.

And the winners are:

Sonya Kelliher Combs, Anchorage, Individual Artist Award

Tom Manning, Juneau, Arts Education Award

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Aglionga joins arts council

Governor Sean Parnell has appointed Roy Aglionga of Nome to the Alaska State Council on the Arts. Agloinga, chief administrative officer of the Norton Sound Health Corporation, joins board members Benjamin Brown, Theresa John, Aryne Randall and Gail Niebrugge.

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