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Two-hand touch

Matt FroehleMatt FroehleMatt Froehle, left, gives instructions before the start of a two-hand touch football game on the field at Clark Middle School on Saturday afternoon, October 30. Froehle is a recreation coordinator for a program of Southcentral Foundation. He explains to his players that the quarterback can’t be rushed until a count of “five-Egegik.” “Is that like ‘five-Mississippi’?,” one of the teens asked. No, he said. There’s no Native Alaskans in Mississippi.

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Lost toy

Along Mountain View Drive.

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Waiting for the bus

Jason GreerJason Greer
Jason Greer waits for his People Mover on Mountain View Drive on October 23. Sometimes he hops on a bus just because he wants to take a ride, he said.

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Camp removed

A flag in the woods.A flag in the woods.
Police tape.Police tape.
Roadside memorial.Roadside memorial.
Many garbage bags were piled along Mountain View Drive across from Davis Park on Tuesday, October 26. It was the result of a recent cleanup effort of the small wooded area nearby. A network of trails connects the former campsites in the woods. Matted dirt and leaves showed were tents stood. Very little garbage remained on the ground. A flag and a cross were left posted on trees. There was a recently used campfire ring. Earlier this month two men were arrested for the beating death of a man at this camp.

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Muralist for democracy

Rod GonzalesRod GonzalesRod Gonzales holds his Chihuahua-dachshund mix Chico in front of his home on Price Street Tuesday morning, October 26. That wall is the canvas for his latest mural which is currently in progress. A “freedom skiff” image will be central to his politics-themed creation, which he’s working on with help from his two adult children. “I’m just trying to get the people in Mountain View to get out and vote,” he said.

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Mountain View Drive and North Bragaw Street on Saturday evening.Mountain View Drive and North Bragaw Street on Saturday evening.

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Making a change

Kevin JordanKevin JordanKevin Jordan was one of about a dozen volunteers who helped rake lawns for people who needed help in Mountain View on Saturday, October 23. His group was from New Life Development Inc., an organization that says it helps people who have dealt with homelessness or prison life achieve something better. Jordan, 34, was born and raised in Anchorage, partly in Mountain View. He spent two and a half years incarcerated for theft and was released in April.

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Smoke break

Don RobinsonDon Robinson
As Don Robinson was taking a smoke break from Sally Ann’s Salvation Army store on Mountain View Drive, students were heading home from Clark Middle School across the street. He says he’s happy to see that the school he attended in the 60s has been recently reconstructed. “It’s good to see it improve finally,” he said. Robinson, a lifelong Anchorage resident, moved to Mountain View six years ago. He left Spenard, a neighborhood he felt was in decline.

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Moving on

Maxine and SuzyMaxine and SuzyA teardown in progress next door.A teardown in progress next door.Maxine Silcott took one last look around the outside of the house she’s lived at for 36 years at 3921 Thompson Avenue on Wednesday, October 20. She moved to Mountain View from Sitka in 1974. Demolition crews were tearing down the house next door. Her house was next, she said. Maxine wasn’t feeling nostalgic or sad. “I’ve been wanting to get out of this neighborhood,” she said.

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Moose skull

A moose skull hangs on a boarded-up home at North Hoyt Street and Peterkin Avenue.

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Marc Lester / Anchorage Daily NewsMarc Lester / Anchorage Daily News

Eric Thomas skateboards on Thompson Avenue near North Bunn Street on Friday, October 8, 2010.

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