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An Airports Heights family portrait - 4/13/2013 2:58 pm

Hype lessons: UAA Hip-Hop Club puts on a clinic

Adrian Patterson II, demonstrates krumping. He hears from Keeland Rowland at left.Adrian Patterson II, demonstrates krumping. He hears from Keeland Rowland at left.The UAA Hip-Hop Club held a free workshop for students in the Student Center on Thursday night, March 22, 2012. About 25 people showed up to learn some new moves. Andrew Kerosky showed them so basic slides and spins. Afterward, Josh Washington showed taught some of the foundation movements of krumping, a high-engery dance style that includes jabs, stomps and arm swings.

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Great Gray owl

This year has been a banner year for spotting owls in the Anchorage area. Five different species have been spotted, sometimes in a single day. Bob Hallinen photographed one owl hunting several times from different perches around Lake Hood. Click on the photo for a gallery of images.
A watchful owl. (Bob Hallinen photo)A watchful owl. (Bob Hallinen photo)

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Rondy fun: The Great Alaska Bed Races

Four-person teams raced mattresses down the slope at Hilltop Ski Area for the Great Alaska Bed Races, one of the many events of the Fur Rendezvous winter festival.

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Antiques on the Old Glenn

At the Forget-Me-Not Cottage on the Old Glenn Highway in Chugiak, it's easy to feel like you're being watched. There's a face in every direction. The glances aren't suspicious though. They're the curious looks of statues, dolls and figurines that are part of a collection that spans generations.

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Becca's Closet Anchorage

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Sparks fly in Midtown

Shawn Sanders and Sebastian Landry work on a beam three stories up.Shawn Sanders and Sebastian Landry work on a beam three stories up.Sebastian Landry cuts decking.Sebastian Landry cuts decking.Ironworkers from Swanson Steel climbed, cut and welded on the three-story office building under construction on the east side of A Street near East 34th Avenue on Wednesday morning, February 15, 2012.

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Office Moose

Some days all you have to do is look out the window to remember why Alaska is a remarkable place to live! This trio spent a couple days feeding on shrubbery in the neighborhood and around the Daily News building before bedding down for the afternoon, distracting and delighting reporters and editors working 10 feet away.

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A trail test for teens at the Willow Junior 100

Palakiiya Rogers holds Max.Palakiiya Rogers holds Max.Conway Seavey draws a big number.Conway Seavey draws a big number.Mattie Cobb leaves the start line.Mattie Cobb leaves the start line.Before the racing of the Willow Junior 100 got underway on Friday afternoon, Doug Ruzicka had a couple rule changes to announce to the mushers. This year, no cell phones are allowed, he warned.

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Winter on Westchester Lagoon

Clear and cold winter weather made for great ice skating conditions and beautiful views on Westchester Lagoon today. In this video I tried to capture some of the sights and sounds that make it such a special outdoor destination in the heart of the city.

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Bonnie Blair: A gold medal moment

Bonnie Blair, a five-time gold medal Olympic speed skater, spoke and signed autographs in Anchorage on Friday, January 20, 2012. BP brought Blair to town as part of the company’s USA Olympic sponsorship. Blair, who won six medals overall in her career, opened her talk by describing her first gold medal moment in 1988. She was visibly choked up at describing the scene in Calgary when saw members of her family in the audience before taking her place on the podium. It’s a story she must have told countless times. I was struck by how the emotion still resonated some 24 years later, and I had a chance to ask her about that moment about the role family plays in elite-level athletics. –Marc Lester

Blair speaks at BP's Energy Center

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Alaska Pro Wrestling entertains at the Egan Center

Brandon "Bonez" Highsmith.Brandon "Bonez" Highsmith.Mickey "AK Lightning" WhartonMickey "AK Lightning" Wharton"Shlomo the Clown," Matthew Eidem, makes his entrance."Shlomo the Clown," Matthew Eidem, makes his entrance.Brandon Highsmith slapped hands with other wrestlers backstage as he caught his breath Friday night just after his Alaska Pro Wrestling victory. The long-haired Highsmith, who wore shiny silver tights and sported a bloody lip by match's end, defeated “Shlomo the Clown” in one of the night’s early matches in the over-the-top-rope entertainment event.

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Sand Lake family's Christmas collection spans generations

Jeanne McQueary adjusts her display.Jeanne McQueary adjusts her display.Jeanne and Fred McQueary’s home is the brightest house on Ascot Street in Sand Lake this time of year. Lighted decorations follow the roofline, fill the front yard and reach to the top of a mature spruce tree outside the home. What a passer-by can’t see, though, is the most remarkable holiday display at the residence.

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Mountain View: New sculpture reflects on journeys

"We've come from so far" by Indra Arriaga and Christina Barber."We've come from so far" by Indra Arriaga and Christina Barber.Arriaga, left, and Barber with some of the foam they used to create the concrete mold.Arriaga, left, and Barber with some of the foam they used to create the concrete mold.Three red, humanlike forms stand in a cluster on Mountain View Drive just north of the Glenn Highway. Each figure, 1,500 pounds of concrete, is anchored to the ground with a steel pipe and, in the minds of its creators, with a sense of community in Mountain View’s diverse population.

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A good party, a bad Santa

Adam Baldwin makes a bad Santa.Adam Baldwin makes a bad Santa.Bad Santa wants to know if you’ve been naughty or nice. Bad Santa isn’t passing judgment, though. Bad Santa has made his own mistakes, he says, like that thing he did on spring break to get him put on the 86 list at Senor Frog’s. Bad Santa – more leering than cheering – swapped stories and clinked glasses at the Tourism Holiday Party at the Alaska Aviation Museum on Wednesday evening.

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Beauty in Ice

Icebergs from Vatnajokull Glacier, in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland.Icebergs from Vatnajokull Glacier, in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland.From Anne Raup:
Paul Souders used to work for the Anchorage Daily News as a staff photographer. Alaska got too small, so he left to explore the world. Since I replaced him as a staff photographer, I never worked with Paul, but have gotten to know his Daily News work well, and have followed his career with great interest. Among Paul's passions is photographing icebergs. Some of his ice work was recently featured in the Daily Mail. This collection is just a fraction of what you can see at his website.Trapped air bubbles in iceberg in Fjords Terror Wilderness, Alaska.Trapped air bubbles in iceberg in Fjords Terror Wilderness, Alaska.

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Planning for Government Hill's future

A home under construction on Northpointe Bluff Drive will have a view of downtown.A home under construction on Northpointe Bluff Drive will have a view of downtown.Government Hill is a unique neighborhood. Located atop a bluff north of downtown, it is an urban island surrounded on all sides by access-restricted land.

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Ravens in Winter

RavensRavensRavens flock to Anchorage in the winter months. One of the smartest birds, researchers have observed ravens using gestures to direct another ravens attention. This is the first time it has been observed in animals other then humans and primates. In stories from Southeast Alaska, Raven released the sun and the moon into the world.

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First Friday Photo Shows

APC Member ShowAPC Member ShowDecember First Friday Photo shows around Anchorage.

APC Members show at the Carr Gottstein Gallery at APU
Opening reception 5:30-7:00 pm Friday, December 2, 2011

Rarefied Light Juror's Choice Exhibition
Garry Kaulitz, Clark James Mishler and Tim Thomas
ConocoPhillips Gallery at APU Grant Hall
Opening Reception 5:30-7:00 pm Friday December 2, 2011

5th Avenue Photobooth
West High School Photography Program
245 W. Fifth Ave.Suite 108
Friday, Dec. 2 6:00 pm

Gallery 31 Fifty

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Recovery begins in South Anchorage for malnourished horse

Luchia with Deborah Baines.Luchia with Deborah Baines.Luchia was calm as two girls brushed her hair and smoothed the tangles in her mane Tuesday. Volunteer caretaker Carla Rehm offered a big, mushy meal for the 24-year-old Arabian mare. As she was given a clean and dry blanket, the horse’s body was briefly exposed. Luchia is nearly skeletal and in dire need of the nutrition and care these hands were providing.

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How do you approach life once you've been given the news that you're dying? It's an uncomfortable question, to say the least, but it's one that Shirili Green addresses so well.

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