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How About Them Apples?

I had a 3rd grade basketball player call another player a "retard" a few years ago. His parents know the incident took place and have never apologized. At this point I think it says about as much about the parents as it does the kid.

Anybody remember when Sarah Palin expressed outrage when Rahm Emanuel used the word "retarded?"

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Evaluating Postive Predictive Value

In the aftermath of 9/11/2001 my commute to work had 15-20 minutes added to it every day. There was careful scrutiny of every car at the Elmendorf gates and the gate closest to the hospital was closed.

The commute was one thing but the real frustration occurred at 3AM in the morning. I would be called in for a gastrointestinal bleeder and one of my medical technicians with security forces experience would be at the gate. The chances of getting pulled over for a search were higher in the overnight due to quotas set by the command.

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Can We Learn Anything From The US Senate Race?

The Alaska US Senate race may not be completely over. The write-in ballots need to be counted. After that, no matter how it looks it is likely Joe Miller and company will take every angle they can to legally challenge the outcome. On the outside shot there are enough ballots that do not qualify for Lisa Murkowski we will be treated to her lawyers crying foul.

There are some lessons to be learned from this fiasco.

The Write-In Laws And Other Regulations

The write-in candidate process is a mess. It needs to be fixed.

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Forget The Senate For A Second

The war going on for Alaska's US Senate seat is taking all the attention away from other statewide races and most notably the bonds and ballot measure that will be decided.

Bonding Proposition A

Proposition A is essentially the state co-signing to be responsible for $600M in bonds to help the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)to purchase mortgages made for residencies of qualifying veterans.

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The Joke's On You

I was not sure I was going to get over to see the Jo(k)e Miller town hall meeting on Sunday. It turns out call did not get in the way so I managed to slip over to Central Middle School.

There is one thing that Joke shares with Scotty Sideshow (Scott McAdams) and that is he does not seem to believe in punctuality. The meeting started late. It is hard to understand with Joke being a West Point graduate. He certainly looks he should be able to move faster than Sideshow. Then again, when has anything Joke says or does during this campaign been believable?

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Would You Like To Go To The Sideshow?

Last night it was time to go to Scotty Sideshow's (Scott McAdams) town hall meeting at the Spenard Recreation Center.

I arrived early for the 1715 meeting. I was asked to sign in and it quickly became apparent why. This was not a town hall meeting at all but more of a campaign rally and an attempt to organize supporters. "Town hall meeting" does sound better than "liberal stroke session" so the misrepresentation can be excused.

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Laugh, It Is Easier Than Crying

Joke Miller just keeps living up to the well deserved nickname.

Today Joke told us he will no longer answer questions about his personal background. Does that mean we will no longer hear about West Point? Yale Law School? The Gulf War?

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Stay Puft and 17

The Constitution is a cleverly written document that had vision well beyond its time. It set up a government with checks and balances.

Most people understand the idea of each state having 2 Senators so that a large state like California cannot just dictate policy to the rest of the country. It is a principle which has nothing to do with true democracy.

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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Specifics

Lisa Murkowski is a princess. The seat belongs to Alaska, not the Murkowski dynasty.

Joe Miller is being pushed by Californians. This seat belongs to Alaska, not Califoirnia.

Scott McAdams is sure it is all about Alaska. He can fish and he married up.

All of it must be true because it has been on the commercials. The US Senate campaign has become a three ring circus. Well, maybe a two ring circus with a sideshow named Scotty.

What ever happened to the issues?

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Same Old Situation

It has become an exercise in voting for the lesser of the evils walking into a voting booth. There are times when I look across the candidates running and wonder what the choice really is.

I watched the Lisa Murkowski announcement last night because I wanted to see what the spin of her being back in the race would be. The spin was Lisa would bring back the bacon to the Bush.

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Drawing The Line

I am often entertained with stories of the great buys to be found on craigslist. A nurse who does sedation for me regularly has a husband who will travel far and wide across the state to find the deals that have been posted.

Craigslist was the first place I went when my Super Nintendo stopped working. It turns out I was better off finding a clone system on another site for $40 which allowed me once again to play Super Street Fighter II.

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Dancing With The US Senate

What's the difference between selling out your party's values and the oldest profession?


Joe Miller claims he was not responsible for this tweet. He immediately blamed a staffer. The campaign lamely tried to later say the tweet was aimed at the Libertarian Party and not Lisa Murkowski.

Libertarians think government should not be in everybody's life and tend to think prostitution should be legal. That does not mean they like to be compared to the "oldest profession."

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California Dreaming

The city of San Diego in is in serious financial trouble. It has made serious cuts to services. This has led to claims that it may be causing tragedies.

The city is considering a 0.5% sales tax to help close the gap. The idea is meeting with significant opposition and a lawsuit has been filed to stop it from being on the ballot.

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Stay On Target

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) opened the door earlier this year for corporations and other groups to make unlimited donations to political campaigns. The clock began ticking towards a time when a corporation was going to come under fire.

It would have been reasonable to expect that the first target would be a classic liberal whipping horse. Perhaps Exxon or Pfizer or another member of the hated Oil-Pharmaceutical complex? If it was going to be a retailer how could it not be Wal-Mart?

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If You Build It

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. It has been almost 69 years but if someone wanted to build a Japanese Heritage Center right next door I suspect there would be some angry veterans around to protest.

George W. Bush used unfortunate word choice when he talked about a "crusade" just before the Iraq War. The connotations of the word still have meaning across Islam centuries after the fact.

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Can You Feel The Change?

President Obama decided to use his Saturday address to claim that his health care plan has led to Medicare solvency being extended for another 12 years. Populist pandering at its best aimed at the seniors of America.

Too bad it is not true. It is based on the recent report from the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees.

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Smile, You're On SCOTUS Camera

I am old enough to remember the days when cameras were not allowed in most courtrooms. The evening news always had artists renditions of the proceedings. The practice always seemed strange to me.

The last holdout when it comes to cameras in the Supreme Court of the United States(SCOTUS). SCOTUS has resisted requests from C-Span to bring cameras into the highest court in the lands.

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Have You Hugged Your Weeds Today?

Growing up in San Diego County there was always a park nearby. Public basketball courts and baseball fields were available for use and generally in great shape. There were playgrounds everywhere. The local cities also had public beaches that were well maintained.

All of the freeways in Southern California in urban areas had exit ramps and medians that were well maintained. It was not unusual to see workers tending to the landscaping.

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Patient Is A 41 Year Old White Male

During rounds when I was in medical school once the intern started presenting the case with, "The patient is a 67 year old African American female." The staff physician interrupted and asked, "Why does the race matter?" We then had to suffer a 10 minute politically correct speech about how race did not matter.

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Heat on King James

Lebron James and Chris Bosh will join Dwyane Wade in Miami next year and the hype has been absurd.

King James is an Ohio product and his movement away from the Cleveland Cavaliers is understandable but also distressing. The times are gone when athletes spent their entire career with a team.

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