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(UPDATED) Bouncer, bar charged in attack on intoxicated man

Johnny Brown, a sales rep for Pepsi, after an alleged beating by Rumrunners bouncers. Police have charged one of the bouncers and the corporation that owns the business with assault and other charges. Photos courtesy of Johnny Brown.Johnny Brown, a sales rep for Pepsi, after an alleged beating by Rumrunners bouncers. Police have charged one of the bouncers and the corporation that owns the business with assault and other charges. Photos courtesy of Johnny Brown.

From Kyle Hopkin in Anchorage --

Police have taken the unusual step of charging not only a bouncer, but the company that owns a bar, in the October beating of an intoxicated man at Rumrunners in Anchorage.

Police are still investigating and believe others may have been assaulted by Rumrunners bouncers, a spokesman said.

6 p.m. UPDATE:

“If (my friend) wouldn’t have called the cops, who knows what would have happened," said Johnny Brown, the 26-year-old Pepsi sales rep who police say was attacked at the bar.

Brown said he was drunk that night. Too intoxicated to drive but not "blackout drunk." He had been arguing with a woman in the bar and preparing to leave with his friend when Lampkin, the bouncer, grabbed him, Brown said.

"He put his arm around my neck and choked me to the point where I was almost unconscious," Brown said.

Brown said he was dragged outside, where he began to fight with the bouncer. He connected with a punch, police say.

“Around seven security guards jumped on top of me and that’s when they handcuffed me and brought me back inside," Brown said.

With his wrists cuffed behind his back, Brown says he was brought inside a downstairs office. He sat in a chair. Lampkin and another bouncer began to punch him in the face, Brown said.

"They wouldn't stop assaulting me until I agreed not to press charges," he said.

Brown says he suffered multiple facial fractures, two skull fractures and a broken orbital bone. A doctor had remove tissue from his nasal cavity, he said. Eight stitches closed his wounds, he said.

Brown said he was gratified to see the criminal charges. “They just basically think they can do whatever they want because they’re security of a bar," he said.

3:15 p.m. UPDATE:

Rumrunners owners AB&M Enterprises denies the assault and evidence tampering charges, according to a statement issued to reporters today.

"These charges, personal in nature, represent the state's attempt to enlarge corporate liability in a bizarre and unprecedented manner," the company said.


Read the indictment here.

The man beaten by a bouncer or bouncers was an unruly patron, said Lt. Dave Parker, a police spokesman. Rumrunners employees told police the man took a swing at one of the men working security, he said.

The man was cuffed, taken downstairs and attacked, Parker said. During the investigation, police began to suspect that this was not the only time a bouncer roughed up a patron, he said.

“This is not the Wild West. This is not 1956 in Las Vegas, Nevada," Parker said. "This is Anchorage, Alaska, 2012, and if this behavior is tolerated, it’s lawlessness."

Check back soon for details. Meantime, here's the announcement Anchorage police sent today to reporters:

Subject: Rumrunners Bouncer and Corporation Charged in Assaul

On 10-22-11 at 01:38, Anchorage Police Officers responded to Rumrunners, a 4th Avenue bar, in reference to a complaint by a citizen that his intoxicated friend had been handcuffed and taken to the basement by a squad of bouncers and he feared that he might be mistreated. APD officers arrived and found that the friend, Johnny Brown, 26, had facial injuries consistent with having been assaulted.

On 3-15-12, an Anchorage Grand Jury returned a true bill of indictment on one of the bouncers, Murville L. Lampkin, 39, on a charge of Assault 2nd degree, a B Felony. The Grand Jury also returned a true bill of indictment for the AB&M Enterprises, Incorporated which is the corporation which owns Rumrunners. That indictment charges the corporation with Assault 2nd degree, Tampering With Physical Evidence, and 2 counts of Falsifying Business Records. Those charges arose from the alleged assault by Lampkin, the deletion of the digital video of the assault, and discrepancies in the business records kept by the enterprise.

In the State of Alaska, a corporation may be held criminally responsible for the criminal acts committed by employees of the corporation. The penalty for such crimes can be a fine up to $2,500,000 per conviction and probationary terms which may be imposed by the Court.

The APD Community Action Policing Team which is investigating these allegations believes that there may be more victims of assault by the bouncers hired by Rumrunners who have not come forward. Any information on additional victims should be reported to Ofc. Jennifer Haywood at 786-8773.

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