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Upper Copper king limit reduced

From an ADF&G press release:

Effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday, June 25, the annual limit for king salmon 20 inches or more in length in the Upper Copper River drainage is reduced from four to two fish.

No more than one king salmon of the two-fish limit may be retained from any individual tributary or main stem of the Copper River after June 24.

In addition, retention of king salmon is prohibited in all flowing waters of the Copper River Drainage upstream of the Klutina River (including the Gulkana, Tazlina and Chistochina rivers) effective 12:01 a.m., Saturday, June 25. The use of bait and treble hooks in these waters is also prohibited.

The Copper River King Salmon Fishery Management Plan directs the department to manage the Copper River fisheries to achieve a sustainable escapement goal in the upper Copper River of 24,000 or more king salmon.

A total of 17,370 king salmon have been harvested within the Copper River District commercial gillnet fishery as of June 17. This is 10,308 fish below the recent 10-year average of 27,678 king salmon.

In-river assessment projects also support that the Copper River king salmon run is less than expected. Cumulative catch rates through June 20 in the village of Eyak sampling fish wheels are the second lowest for this date since the project began in 2003.

As of June 20, a total of 180 king salmon have passed the Gulkana River counting tower. Cumulative counts from 2002–2010, through June 20, have averaged 603 king salmon with only one out of nine years observing fewer than 180 king salmon past the tower by that date.

Copper River king salmon migratory timing and five-year average harvest rates indicate insufficient numbers of king salmon to sustain the king sport fishery and still attain a spawning escapement of 24,000 or more in the Copper River drainage.

Additionally, Gulkana River king salmon migratory timing and average passage past the Gulkana River king salmon counting tower since 2002 indicate insufficient numbers of king salmon to sustain the king salmon sport fishery on that river and attain sufficient spawning escapement.

Further action to restrict or liberalize the Upper Copper River king salmon sport fishery may be required dependent on run strength as the season progresses.

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